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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics. Kodigo ni MaSKay.

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Code of Ethics

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  1. Code of Ethics KodigoniMaSKay

  2. MalayangSining- Kayumanggi is a voluntary performing arts institution where freedom to express is always a choice, however, boundaries has been set to safeguard and maintain outcomes with good precision which encompasses all that is meant by “Right Attitude, Good Effort, Better Institution”. A code of ethics while tacit, will be observed, belonged and will be continued by all the members, amateur or professional. It will be neither just a myth, nor dogma, nor a decree enforced by law. This will be the attitude towards craftsmanship, respect for all the members and dedication to improve talents and skills. The code summarizes a self- discipline which, far from robbing one’s individuality, boosts personal esteem and dignity through cooperation and common purpose.


  4. 1. Though the organization is voluntary, I will render my service to the best of my ability, regardless of how small my position or big my personal problems are. 2. I shall look upon the projects or productions as a collective effort demanding my utmost cooperation, therefore, I shall understand the definition and weight of task /position given before reaching an agreement. I shall take full responsibility on each position and task given to me, which means meeting the deadlines and not leaving any assignments, events, projects and productions without proper endorsements or until I have completed them. 3. I am a disciple of the arts, I will remember that my goal is to promote and develop talents and skills for communal growth and not only for own personal intention. 4. I shall never lose my enthusiasm for the arts and organization because of disappointment and failure nor blame other members. I will address or raise problems properly and accordingly as soon as possible to avoid bigger troubles. 


  6. 5. I shall respect all the members regardless of their position. I shall promote other member’s right to make their own choices and decisions, irrespective of their values and life choices, provided not to threaten the rights and legitimate interests of others.  6. I shall act with integrity which includes, not abusing the relationship of trust with other members of the group, recognizing the boundaries between personal and professional life, and not abusing the position for personal benefit or gain. 7. I shall inspire other members to respect me and my craft by accepting both praise and constructive criticism with graciousness and to direct efforts in such manners that even if it’s time to leave, the organization will stand to be a better one. 8. I shall promote full involvement and participation of everyone in the group, be concerned with the fellow member, within the family, community, societal and natural environments, and seek to recognize all aspects of a person’s life. 


  8. 9. I shall not put the organization’s name in vain. I am expected to maintain the confidentiality of the plans, scripts, ideas, and upcoming events and will not represent or use the group alone without the permission from all of the members, unless for promoting or for good cause. 10. I will never miss or cause delays of any MaSKay events or production. I am expected to advice my availability or schedule, notify attending members if I cannot make it to the meeting at least 24 hours in advance and/ or will be late. 

  9. OATH

  10. Be it sworn that being a member of MalayangSining- Kayumanggi, I will commit myself to comply with the Code of Ethics of the groupand to promote its mission and vision with due respect, humility, effort, passion and generosity. With the arts, I intend to improve myself in a positive manner, develop self- discipline in order to bring out the best in me and the others. I will also share knowledge with those who may benefit from what I have learned and continue to inspire and encourage others to cultivate and hone their talents and skills to help nurture the Filipino culture and values. Shall this oath be not to be broken for it may give us enjoyable life while improving our arts and crafts, thus for violation, may the reverse be my lot. May God bless us!

  11. NaniniwalasaKakayahanngbawat Pilipino!

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