grammaire le pass compos n.
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Grammaire – Le passé composé

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Grammaire – Le passé composé - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grammaire – Le passé composé. Français 2. Le passé composé. 1. In French, you use the passé composé to talk about an action completed in the past . It is ” composed ” of two (2) words. Regardez …. __________________________________ Le Le Le

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le pass compos
Le passé composé

1. In French, you use the passé composé to talk about an action completed in

the past.

It is ”composed” of two (2) words.




Le LeLe

Passé PrésentFutur

(Happened in (Happening now) (Will happen)

the past)

2 la structure
2. La structure --
  • The passé composé of most French verbs is formed by using the present tense of the verb avoir and the participe passé or past participle of a second verb. Here are the rules for forming this tense:

Avoir functions as the auxiliary verb and it must be conjugated… (as you learned in French 1).



B. Le participe passé or the past participle for regular –ER verbs is formed by…

  • 1. Dropping the -ER ending from the infinitive and…
  • 2. Adding é to the stem.
par exemple
Par exemple --
  • parler→parler→ parlé
  • téléphoner→ téléphoner→téléphoné
  • danser→ danser → dansé
3 mod le la conjugaison du verbe parler au pass compos
3. Modèle – La conjugaison du verbeparler au passé composé…

parler (to talk)

  • SingulierPluriel

1stj’aiparlé nous avonsparlé




en anglais
En anglais…
  • J’aiparlé = I spoke./I have spoken./I did speak.
what about regular ir and re verbs
What about regular –IR and –RE verbs?
  • A. You will continue to conjugate avoir to match your subject.
  • B. You will also continue to use a participe passé or past participle, but its formation is slightly different…

For -IR verbs, delete the –ir and add -i to the end.

  • Ex. – choisir → choisir→ choisi
  • Ex. – finir→ finir→fini

For –RE verbs, delete the –re and add –u to the end.

  • Ex. – vendre→ vendre →vendu
  • Ex. – attendre→ attendre → attendu
mod les
Modèles --
  • Tuaschoisi le CD de James Brown.
  • J’aifini les escargots.
  • Nous avonsvendunotre chat.
  • Ellesontattendu le train.
5 au n gatif
5. Au négatif…
  • Place ne and pas around the form of the verb avoir.

subject + n’ + form of avoir + pas + participe passé

par exemple1
Par exemple --
  • Tun’aspasparlé.
  • (You did not speak.)

Je n’aipasacheté la voiture.

  • (I did not buy the car.)

Elle n’apasvendu la motocyclette.

  • (She did not sell the motorcycle.)

Vousn’avezpaschoisice CD.

  • (You all did not choose that CD.)