Hnes support services what you need to know about pass express boh
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hNES Support Services What you need to know about PASS, Express & BoH - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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hNES Support Services What you need to know about PASS, Express & BoH. Frankfurt training session April 5-6, 2011. Training Summary. Quoting & Configuring PASS & Express. Order Submission & Entitlement. Services Strategy & Co-Delivery Eligibility. T&M Support.

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Hnes support services what you need to know about pass express boh

hNES Support ServicesWhat you need to know about PASS, Express & BoH

Frankfurt training session April 5-6, 2011

Training summary
Training Summary

Quoting & Configuring PASS & Express

Order Submission & Entitlement

Services Strategy & Co-Delivery Eligibility

T&M Support

Finding Info on Services Offers

PASS & Express

Required Attach & Intellectual Property

Lifecycle Management

Data & SME Support

Services strategy go to market support options

  • Avaya provides Customer

  • 1st & 2nd line support

  • Onsite Labor

  • L3 Tech Support / Corrective Content

  • Advanced Hardware Replacement

  • Software Upgrades (SRS)

  • Avaya provides Partner

  • L3 Tech Support / Corrective Content

  • Advanced Hardware Replacement

  • Software Upgrades (SRS)

Services Strategy Go To Market Support Options

Avaya NES Express

Partner support backed by Avaya PASS

  • Services sold to partners to support their customer offerings

  • Customer contact owned by the partner

  • Service delivered to partner by Avaya




  • Services sold through partners and delivered by Avaya

  • Reduce partner investment in training/ infrastructure

  • Customer contacts Avaya directly

  • Partner provides Customer

  • 1st & 2nd line support

  • Onsite Labor

Support Delivery


Product Sales Authorisation

APSS Avaya Professional Sales Specialist

APDS Avaya Professional Design Specialist

PA – Product Authorisation, Sell & Design

* Vintage certification varies by product


Product Services Authorisations

ACIS Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist Required now where available

ACSS Avaya Certified Support Specialist Launching from June 2011

ACS Implement Avaya Certified Specialist Extended to 31/12 (new valid for 2 years)

PA – Product Authorisation, Sell & Design Extended until 31/12 for Co-delivery



Onsite service assessment maintenance authorisation co delivery
Onsite Service AssessmentMaintenance Authorisation – Co-Delivery

  • The On-site Implementation and Support Assessment must be completed, whether you are of Authorized, Silver, Gold or Platinum partner status.

  • The Assessment focuses on your operational structure and processes used to provide effective customer service to our joint customers.

  • The Assessment will cover:

    • Front-line Customer Service

    • Field Service

    • Installation and Project Management

    • Operational Performance

    • Spares Management and Logistics

  • There is an Assessment Fee of 2,500$ billable for Silver and Authorized partners. This can be refunded for 50% using your Marketing Funds.

  • Travel costs are additional for Silver and Authorized partners.

    For further information on the assessment please click on the following link:


  • Pass overview
    PASS Overview

    Partner Assurance Support Services (PASS) Co-delivery annuity service

    • PASS is available on the core product sets listed below*

    • Each partner requires a unique PASS contract

    • PASS contracts are per products for multiple sites

    • PASS is sold only to Sales authorized (Sell/Design) Avaya Partners

    • Criteria to be Eligibale to buy PASS:

      Roadmap solutions ACE / AACC / Data 1 ACSS per product

      Vintage Products CS1000/Call Pilot 1PA Maintain

      BCM 1PA Implement

      Onsite Service assessment – Implement & Maintain

      Partners must hold and maintain the assessment which is valid for two year period and will need

      to be renewed for it to remain valid.

      *some older legacy product are available with PASS

      (PA = Product Authorisation)

    Pass portfolio introduction
    PASS PortfolioIntroduction

    • PASS is available for NES Voice, Data and Contact Centre solutions

    • Avaya Partner Assurance Support Services back the partner’s maintenance offer, providing access to patches, updates and Tier III and IV support for your solution.

    • Partner Assurance Support Service offers can include:

      • PASS Basic: Remote Tier 3 Technical Support , Tier 4 if applicable (see Lifecycle Mgt for further details) and Corrective Content (patches or updates)

      • SRS (Software Release Subscription): like for like software upgrades

      • Advanced shipment of replacement hardware

      • Onsite Labor

      • Return to Factory Repair Services

    Additional Sources of information

    For PASS collateral including Partner Presentations, Customer Presentations, Customer Talking points, customizable e-mails, etc visit the PASS Offer Management site at:

    Express portfolio introduction
    Express PortfolioIntroduction

    • Express Support Services are Heritage NES Wholesale Maintenance services enabling partners to sell maintenance to customers without up front investment.

    • Express is available for NES Voice, Data and Contact Centre solutions

    • Express Support Service offers can include:

      • Remote Tier 1,2 & Tier 3 Technical Support , Tier 4 if applicable (see Lifecycle Mgt for further details) and Corrective Content (patches or updates)

      • End-users calls are accepted if the Partner wishes

      • SRS (Software Release Subscription): like for like software upgrades

      • Advanced shipment of replacement hardware

      • Onsite Labor

      • Return to Factory Repair Services

    Pass express portfolio order codes
    PASS/Express PortfolioOrder Codes

    While the specific order codes are too numerous to list (i.e. over 2,500), they follow the model Gx4300aaa (PASS) or Gx6300aaa (Express)

    • The “x” represents one of the following characters; E, U, L, F, G, H, J, K, N

    • Technology Support Basic (L, F, G, H) services include HW remote technical support, corrective content, and a hardware service such as repair & return or managed spares.

    • Technology Support Plus (J, K, N) services include remote HW technical support, corrective content, managed spares, and managed spares with on-site support

    • GEx300aaa includes remote SW technical support and corrective content; referred to as PASS Basic

    • GUx300aaa service includes remote SW technical support, corrective content, and software upgrades (SRS); referred to as PASS Plus SRS

    • aaa represents the Service Line Number (SLN)

    • GEx303aaa & GUx303aaa order codes are available for certain products. These are special 3 year service order codes that have the multi-year discount already built into the price. Generally, these codes are available for high volume voice products (CS1000, CP, CC, and BCM)

    What are the PASS/ Express order codes and how do they align with PASS / Express Basic & PASS / Express Plus SRS

    Pass express order codes in detail
    PASS & Express Order CodesIn detail


    The SLN s a unique code used to define the support price. SLN can be found using the SLIRG available under GPPC

    3 is selectable with CS1K, CC & CP . It triggers a multiyear discount.

    Pass portfolio availability by product family
    PASS PortfolioAvailability by Product Family

    While the PASS/Express downloadable pricebook available on Global Product & Pricing Catalogue (GPPC) should be referenced for PASS availability by product, the following table can be referenced for primary products.

    Which PASS services are available on the various NES heritage products

    Asia only

    1 CRQM only available as GU4300

    All Part replacement and on-site labor options may not be available based on location; accordingly, EC Services should be used to configure service quotes

    Express portfolio support options
    Express PortfolioSupport Options

    * GW :Plan for elimination in May 2011

    Express portfolio availability by product family
    Express PortfolioAvailability by Product Family



    Not available

    Planned in EC in May 2011

    * GW Plan for elimination in May 2011



    Emea parts onsite offer availability product restrictions apply
    EMEA Parts & Onsite Offer Availability (product restrictions apply)

    • To qualify for same business day or next business day or 4 hours Part replacement the end-user site must be located in one of the below countries and the end-user site must be located in a:

      • 80km Radius from the below cities for same business day or 4 hours Part replacement

      • 400km Radius from the below cities for next business day part replacement

    Pass express portfolio lifecycle management
    PASS & Express Portfolio Lifecycle Management

    While PASS service offers do not change until a product reaches End of Service Support, the availability of PASS Plus SRS (GU4300) and corrective content is affected by a product’s Lifecycle status.

    Additional Sources of information

    PASS Life Cycle Management Guide

    Avaya Lifecycle Management policy

    How do PASS deliverables change as the product lifecycle status changes?

    Lifecycle status service deliverables offer availability

    Current Status as of March 25, 2011

    Lifecycle Status Service Deliverables & Offer Availability

    SW support:

    GU 1 year orderable

    SW Support:

    GU 2&3 year orderable

    SW Support:

    Only GE orderable

    SW Support:

    T&M only

    Pass express availability by release

    As of March 25, 2011

    PASS/Express Availability by Release

    Minimum Qualified Release

    • R7.5 becomes the min release for PASS Plus 1 yr on April 21

    • Avaya Lifecycle Management policy


    * Express alignment planned in MAY

    Data product family service availability
    Data Product FamilyService Availability


    M – minimal attach

    O – Optional service

    Data Support for Partners

    *A Blocks of Hours based offers that provides access to operational software upgrades and corrective content is available for product that are not under required attached

    Sme product family service availability
    SME Product FamilyService Availability

    • BOH SME Support for PASS eligible Partners

    • Provides access to Avaya backbone support & corrective content for PASS qualified partners

    • PASS continues to be available as an optional offer (onsite support discontinued)

    Sme data block of hours boh technical support for partners
    SME & Data Block of Hours (BoH) Technical Support for Partners

    Is there an alternative to attached services for SME & Edge Data products?

    • Avaya SME Support for Partners and Data Block of Hours are a global offers available to co-delivery authorized Partners

    • The SME Support offer supports the IP Office communications solution and NES heritage SME products (i.e. BCM, Norstar, CallPilot mini, SCS)

    • The Data Block of Hours offer supports higher volume Edge Data equipment.

      • A list of Enterprise Data minimum required service attach PECs has been added as a separate file in the Enterprise Data Full Price List (FPL) available on GPPC

    • The offer is designed to be purchased at the Partner organization level and cover the partner’s SME/Data base.

    • Note: These offers are not available in APAC

      Additional Sources of information

      • For the SME Support for Partners offer page on the Partner portal


      • For the Data Block of Hours offer page on the Partner portal

    Data technical support for partners service delivery options
    Data Technical Support for PartnersService Delivery Options




    Data Tech Support BOH






    • Fixed price – planned cost

    • Provides co-delivery options beyond basic L3 support

    • Eliminate the need to carry spares inventory

    • Access to HW & Onsite support labor

    • Provides Operational Software updates & upgrades

    • Cost Effective – partner controlled

    • Provides L3 technical support to the partner only

    • Partner provides L1/L2 and all HW & Onsite support

    • Provides Operational Software updates & Upgrades

    • No need to invest in support resources

    • Resell Avaya full support

    • Remote Tech Support with HW & SW support options

    • Provides Operational Software updates & upgrades

    Avaya Inc. – Proprietary. Use pursuant to the terms of your signed agreement or Avaya policy.


    Data boh support offer details
    Data BOH SupportOffer Details

    Manufacturer Support Offer

    Support Hour Usage

    • Base offer consists of 5 hours of Remote Technical Support. Additional 5, 15, and 30 hour increment options are available

    • Individual Partner Purchase

    • BoH can be used to support Partner’s existing customers Data Product as well as new installs

    • Purchased by partners direct from Avaya or through Distribution, globally

    • No requirement for capturing installed base serial numbers

    Support Hour Usage

    • Base offer consists of 5 hours of Remote Technical Support. Additional 5, 15, and 30 hour increment options are available

    • Support hour life span of 24 months after SAP order upload

    • Min. decrement: 30 min/per request.15 Minutes thereafter

    • No decrement for product deficiencies during warranty period

    • Support hour life span of 24 months after SAP order upload

    • Min. decrement: 30 min/per request.15 Minutes thereafter

    • No decrement for product deficiencies during warranty period


    Enhanced Tools

    • Global availability October 1, 2010

      • No variations between theatres

    • Applies to GA, MD and EOL Supported Products

    • Pricing available within GPPC globally since September 1, 2010

    • Web-based ticketing and monitoring

    • Status review of known operationaland application software problems

    • Download of operational and application s/w products major releases & updates

    • Access to technical documentation

    • Ability to log a case

    Data boh support pricing summary
    Data BOH Support Pricing Summary

    Vivid discount is applicable

    Order Codes and pricing are Specific to heritage Nortel Enterprise Partners and are subject to applicable Service Support discounting

    Price Architecture


    Data boh support order process

    Service OrderProcessing time: 5 business days

    All Partners requiredto have anAvaya Sold To

    Data BOH SupportOrder Process

    • Business Partners:Order with Avaya or via Stocking Distributor

    • Pricing Availability: BOH Base Service Offer & Incremental Hours in Global Product Pricing Catalog (GPPC)

    • Services Orders:Submitted through standard regional process

    More information:

    Avaya Partner Portal > Services A-Z > Data Networking Services

    Sme service offer options hnes bcm norstar callpilot mini
    SME Service Offer Options (hNES)BCM, Norstar, CallPilot Mini

    SME Technical



    Partner Assurance Support Services(PASS)

    • Single purchase applies to all SMEC Products:

      • IP Office

      • BCM

      • Norstar

      • CallPilot Mini

    • Remote Avaya Backbone Engineering support

    • Onsite support option not available

    • Continued availability

    • Onsite support option post July 1, 2010

      • USA will continue to be available

      • Rest of World (ROW) will not be available for purchase

    • Available for BCM

    • Continued availability

    • Optional offer for scenarios including but not limited to:

      • Customer’s with a mix of CS1K & BCM who wish to have a single service support structure

      • Partners wishing to renew their existing PASS offer

    • Onsite support option not available

    • Available for BCM

    Sme service offer options comparison summary
    SME Service Offer Options Comparison Summary

    Sme technical support for partners available features
    SME Technical Support for PartnersAvailable Features

    1 SME Expert Partners

    2 Available to all Authorized Partners

    Sme technical support for partners pricing
    SME Technical Support for PartnersPricing

    *These are indicative ranges only – discounts through Distributionare subject to negotiation between Partners and Distributors

    Sme technical support for partners order process

    Service OrderProcessing time: 5 business days

    All Partners requiredto have anAvaya Sold To

    SME Technical Support for Partners Order Process

    • Business Partners:Order with Avaya or via Stocking Distributor

    • Partners authorized for direct ordering:SME Base Service Offer: Global Product Pricing Catalog (GPPC)

    More information:

    Avaya Partner Portal > Services A-Z > Small and Medium Enterprise Technical Support for Partners

    T m for end of life products
    T&M for End of Life Products

    How are End of Life products supported?

    • For Nortel heritage products, Time & Materials (T&M) support is available for products with a lifecycle management status of End of Service Support (EOSS), formerly known as End of Life (EOL).

      • Release status of the software, as indicated in the Enterprise Software Lifecycle Plan of Record contained within the applicable product Life Cycle Management Policy, is EOL or EOSS

    • T&M support rates for partners are:

      • $400 per hour, one hour minimum

      • $100 for each additional 15 minutes

    • To cover each case or incident under this non-contracted offer, a minimum $5,000 pre-payment is required (Order Code A0816992). Once the service case has been closed, only the actual charges will be calculated and invoiced.

      • Any charges beyond the minimum requirement will require a supplemental payment equal to the actual incremental charges incurred.

      • This offer is not subject to discounts, including any programmatic or special discount considerations.

        NOTE: This offer will be replaced by Limited Lifetime Support (LLS). Details to follow pending LLS availability

        Additional Sources of information: For more information, please refer to “EOL Remote Technical Support for NES Products” on the PASS Offer Mgt Page

    Required attach qualified products
    Required Attach Qualified Products

    • Effective July 1, 2010, a “Required Point of Sale Attachment of Maintenance Services” went into effect for NES products. This policy will require a corresponding Services order for each product order.

    • This policy applies to all NES products with the following exceptions:

      • SME portfolio (BCM, SCS, IP Office, Norstar, CallPilot mini)

      • ERS Stackables

      • Routers VPNR 17xx, 2700, 5000, SR 100x, SR 3120

      • Mobility AP 233x, MP432, WLAN Mgmt upgrades

      • NES products not supported under PASS/Express services (product with a Life Cycle Management status of End of Life prior to January 1, 2010). These products will be supported under T&M

        Additional Sources of information

    • For more information, please refer to “Required Attach Policy for Data Support ” on the PASS Offer Mgt Page

    Document available as attachment to this presentation


    Required attach policy
    Required AttachPolicy

    • The required attach policy applies as follows:

      • All Enterprise Configurator (“EC”) Voice Quote Types (i.e. new, upgrades, expansions, Independent Apps, etc.) shall have a maintenance service attached.

      • Either PASS or Express services may be applied to meet the service attach requirement.

      • For expansions, if there is not a service contract on the base system, services must be added to both the base system & the expansion.

      • EC Voice Quote cannot be made Ready to Order without an accompanying Services Quote.

      • This process will generate two distinct quotes – one for product and one for services.

      • Implementation Services are not impacted by the minimum attach requirements.

      • The product order will be placed on hold until a service order is received.

    • Required Attach at POS proceeded with the following exceptions:

      • Products purchased as merchandise (i.e. not configured in EC)

      • For systems covered under a bulk contract, through Dec 31, 2010 CS1K, CallPilot, & Contact Center expansions and upgrades will not require PASS attach at point of sale.  

      • One clarification to the upgrade exemption, when SRS or PASS plus SRS is used to upgrade a switch, the service attach exemption does not remove the requirement that all license be under a SRS or PASS plus SRS agreement.


    Intellectual property
    Intellectual Property

    Is a service contract required for access to the patch library?

    • A customer warranty or manufacturer support coverage is required on Enterprise products for use of Avaya Intellectual Property, including distribution of software patches and updates to customers.

    • Following industry best practices, Avaya ensures our Intellectual Property is only available to authorized partners by:

      • Conducting regular audits

      • Putting technical measures in place to ensure compliance, including protecting access to patches behind a firewall

      • Stopping NES patch library access for non-service authorized partners

      • Ensuring partners requesting access have a minimum level of coverage

    • Distribution of Avaya software to customers or others not entitled to receive them is a violation of the Channel Agreement, the End User License Agreement, and the Sales Engagement Principles. Violations may cause the partner to be subject to restriction of certain benefits and/or partial or complete termination of partner’s participation in the partner program.

      Additional Sources of information

    • For more information, please refer to the Avaya Intellectual Policy portal

    Pass express quote configure pricing methodology
    PASS & Express Quote & ConfigurePricing Methodology

    • Hardware Maintenance Contracts

      • Pricing based on the specific configuration of hardware

      • Particular product model numbers (PEC’s) map to given Service Order Codes which have fixed prices

      • Hardware maintenance pricing is driven directly from the product configuration.

    • CS1000, CallPilot, & Contact Center Software Maintenance Contracts

      • Pricing based on the count associated with the total ISM licenses and/or Software licenses

      • Software support services for CS1000, CallPilot, & Contact Center are quotable directly in EC

    • All PASS pricing is annual

    How is PASS/ Express priced?

    Pass express portfolio accessing gppc
    PASS & Express PortfolioAccessing GPPC

    Additional information on GPPC Pricebooks

    • All GPPC users have visibility to the GPPC price book download page. The Maintenance Services pricebooks are automatically generated based on GPPC data and are now available for all regions.  The Pricebooks are in the appropriate local currency with the maintenance services codes available in their region

    • The Pricebooks are available either as single ZIP file for all Maintenance Services, or as individual downloadable pricebooks for PASS, Express, and Partner Managed (5500).

      Additional Sources of information

    • PASS SOWs:

    • GPPC Americas & APAC:

    • GPPC EMEA:

      If you are not a registered GPPC user, GPPC access is available through the following options:


    • The On-boarding team will provide our welcome kit (attached).

    What is the GPPC Pricebook and how do I access it?

    Pass express quote configure ec services
    PASS & Express Quote & ConfigureEC Services

    • Enterprise Configurator Services (EC Services) configures maintenance quotes for most enterprise products and services.

    • Sales Engineers and Channel Partners are able to generate a PASS/Express quote from a variety of inputs..

      • EC Voice (ECV) – New, Upgrade/Expansion/Application quotes

      • EC Data (ECD) – New and upgrade quotes

      • Order Center (OC) –Order Center Shopping List(requires access to OC)

      • Excel BOM – Structured Excel worksheet product inventory BOM

      • Software History – for CS1000, CallPilot, and Contact Center software maintenance services utilizing data from the software history database (KRS)

    • The resulting maintenance quote incorporates applicable standard discounts to which each partner is entitled. Individual users will view the appropriate pricing levels as set up in their EC user profile.

    • EC Services quotes start with an “S”, followed by country incoterms (2 letters), and 7 digits

      Additional Sources of information

    • Comprehensive training material is available for EC Services, including User Guides, videos, webinars ,and details of regular leader-led training classes. To access this information go to the Global Commercial eBusiness Tools page off the Avaya Partner Portal. It may also be access directly via the following link

    What is EC Services?

    Keycode access request distributor of record change
    Keycode Access RequestDistributor of Record Change

    • The Keycode Access Request process may be used to change the ‘Distributor of Record’ information for certain hNES products (BCM, CS 1000/Meridian 1 and applications such as CallPilot, Contact Center) on KRS.

    • This change process allows Partners to be proactive with future keycode installations and will alleviate emergency support requests for keycode downloads or generations due to incorrect distributor of record data in KRS.

    • Per KRS 11.2 Release Notes Page 5 of 15

      • Select 'Report an Incident'

      • Select 'Service Family' <Corporate Applications>

      • Select 'Service' <Keycode Retrieval (KRS) - Service>

      • Provide the following information for your case:

        • Partner Name

        • Site/System ID

        • Reason for Change

      • Please allow up to 2 business days for the request to be processed.

    • KRS is accessible by selecting “Keycodes” from the eBusiness portal:

      • Americas & Asia:

      • EMEA:

      • Users may also access KRS directly from:

    Pass quote configure multiyear discounts
    PASS Quote & ConfigureMultiyear discounts

    Additional Sources of information

    • Please reference the “Multiyear Support Global” DN for further detail on the discounts and processes associated with quoting and ordering multiyear services

    • Add DN to PASS Offer Mgt page

    • Three-year discounts are applicable to PASS & Express.

    • Three-year discounts applied in addition to the PASS transition discounts.

    • Three-year discounts and PASS transitional discounts are both reflected in the MSRP & WPP when a GE4303 or GU4303 order code is available.

    • Manual application of the three-year discounts to the one-year price is required for service offers where discrete three year order codes are not available.

    Changing partners while under an active contract
    Changing partners while under an active contract

    • PASS or Express is a contract between Avaya and a partner and cannot be transferred from partner to partner,

    • What we can support is to cancel the existing contract with partner A and open a new contract with partner B to take effect the day after partner A's contract expires (or is terminated).

      • Partner A sells a support contract to an end customer which includes manufacturer support from Avaya in addition to whatever services they add on top (help desk, parts, dispatch, monitoring, MACs. etc.)

      • The end customer becomes dissatisfied with Partner A and shops for a new support provider and Partner B is chosen.

      • Partner B determines the level of manufacturer support they require and creates a service quote. EC Services software history or Excel BOM loader may be used by Partner B to generate a quote

      • Partner B works with the end customer to establish date of when the transition will take place and the customer must notify Partner A that they will terminate their arrangement 1 day earlier.

      • Partner A places request for early cancellation of their PASS contract, including last date of support and notation that cancellation fees are to be waived as Partner B is submitting a replacement support contract. The replacement contract must not lapse, be at least as long of a term, and at least at the same level of service

      • Partner B submits PO which will take effect the day after Partner A's contract terminates.

      • Avaya will provide credit to Partner A for the pro-rata amount of any prepaid PASS support.

    • It is also important to note that the information about the existing arrangement between Avaya and Partner A is confidential and cannot be shared with Partner B. This includes, but is not limited to; level of service purchased from Avaya, term, price, system ID information, ISM or port counts, etc.

    • Partner B needs to work with the customer to obtain the information needed to allow them to quote their offer and determine the level of manufacturer support they require from Avaya. 

    Quoting pass express through an alternate partner
    Quoting PASS/Express through an alternate partner

    • KRS works off of DoR (Dist of Record = last order placed on a Site ID) so one partner or another will not see their contract data.

    • EC quoting is also limited by 'contract DoR' in that only the 'contracting' partner can view contracts during quoting and they would have to quote any free upgrades to receive them ... but that already occurs today on a total Site basis.

    • If a contract is found and the partner on that contract DOES NOT MATCH the partner Account ID under which the user is logged in, then the user is free to quote a new, total or partial contract dependent on the type of the existing contract.

      • EC is will not allow partner to compete with Avaya – Direct vs. Express. If an existing Direct contract is in place, a partner cannot quote Express, but can quote PASS or 5500 (where available).

      • If the existing contract is Express, then any partner is free to quote a new partial (delta) contract

    • The Software History function or BOM upload is available to Partner B to generate a quote

    Pass express basic to pass express plus srs
    PASS/Express Basic to PASS/Express Plus SRS

    How can I purchase PASS plus SRS (GUx300) for a switch that is under a PASS Basic (GEx300) contract?

    • EC Services has the capability to quote GU4300 using EC Services Software History function. Once quoted, send the following information to EMEAhelp:

      • PO and quote for GUx300

      • Contract id of existing GEx300 contract

      • Request to cancel the GEx300 and entitle the GUx300

      • Request for an account credit on the remaining balance of the GEx300 contract

    • If the request is accepted, a new GUx300 contract is established that starts the day after the GEx300 is terminated

      • The new GUx300 contract would have to extend at least until the original contract end date.

      • The new GUx300 contract term cannot be less than the minimum term defined for the considered product

    Reducing the number of equipped licenses
    Reducing the number of Equipped Licenses

    • For CS1K to reduce the number of licenses requires two things: 

      • Complete attached form; reference Step # 3.

      • Provide a PO to Avaya for PEC NT8R80AD per GPPC prices. 

      • NT8R80AD has an MSRP of $1502  WPP of $862; fee is per System ID

      • This fee is not charged if the change is included with another order, such as an upgrade.

    • For Call Pilot it depends on what release they are at.

      • Release 4.0 is not capable of being simply "reduced“, a two step process is required:

        • Order PEC code NTZE65AA (which is a reduction of 10 voice seats each) for the entire license counts (if 400 licenses then order qty 40).  this PEC is at $0. 

        • Re order the desired quantity of licenses for which you will receive Release 5.0 code buy ordering NTZE59CA for the quantity under a special upgrade price (MSRP = $19, WPP = $13 each).

      • Release 5.0 is capable of a simple reduction by ordering the same NTZE65AA in reduction quantity increments of 10 at $0. (to reduce by 50 then order quantity 5)

        Additional Sources of information

    • This is a PLM process. Please work into the appropriate PLM contact

    Special bid processes
    Special Bid processes

    Leverage the Special Bids process if necessary through the Deals Desk to ensure both PASS coverage and customer retention

    • Lab Systems

      • Partner’s receive 50% discount off of WPP for Lab and Demo equipment

      • Proof of use as a Lab/Demo system is required. The partner’s approval for programs for Lab/Demo product purchase, such as 3-D Demo, may be used

      • Request are submitted to the Deals Desk for approval

    • Required Attach

      • All exclusions of Required Attach service offers require approval from Services Special Bids. See attached procedure

      • The approval letter from Special Bids to the account team and the partner includes a provision that information on the risks of excluding be sent to the customer.  See attached example

      • The special bid approval letter also includes the name and contact information of the partner or customer who agreed to the exclusion and received the information.

      • Legal/offer management has determined that a customer signature for excluding is not required.

    Special bid process
    Special Bid process

    • Expected results from Special Bid process

      • Consolidated Deals Desk tasked with enabling flexible options for partners that will enable them to ensure that the customer is retained

      • Partners that accept the special bids flexibility from Avaya are expected to successfully ensure PASS coverage for that customer

    • Partners contact their CAM for any Special Bid opportunity

    • Special Bid Contacts (for CAMs) are available through the following link:


    1 on the partner portal select services a to z
    1. On the Partner Portal Select « services A to Z »

    2 select the services portfolio
    2. Select the services portfolio

    All aboutData including BoH

    Everything on PASS

    SME (Including BoH)

    Pass tool kit
    PASS Tool Kit Services example)

    All what you need to in one page

    Pass collateral
    PASS Collateral Services example)

    Visit the PASS Partner Portal for Scope of Work documents, FAQs, End Customer Messaging, OM & Engineering KTK, etc

    PASS email support for program and process questions available to Partners, Distributers, & Avaya CAMs at [email protected]

    and via the web at

    Multilingual phone support contact numbers are listed on this web site