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Weird Diseases

Weird Diseases. By: Shelby Dupler. Vampire Disease: pain from the sun.

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Weird Diseases

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  1. Weird Diseases By: Shelby Dupler

  2. Vampire Disease: pain from the sun There are people out there who go to great lengths to avoid the sun. If they are caught in the sun, their skin will blister. Some of them have pain and blistering as soon as the sun touches their skin. Ok, so they're not actually vampires. They don't drink blood and sleep in coffins, but they do suffer from a rare disease that has vampire-like symptoms.

  3. Trichotillomania A person who suffers from this strange disease has urge to pull one’s hair out. Whether it is body hair, scalp hair, beard hair, eyelashes, nose hair or eyebrows.

  4. Cotard’s Syndrome Those who suffer from this disease feel that they are dead and non-existent. The sufferer may also feel that he/she lost his or her blood or internal organs; the patient even feels that the internal parts are putrefying. It can show up due to mental illness and is also associated with depression.

  5. Moebius Syndrome Moebius Syndrome, a rare disease characterized by the lack of developed facial nerves as well as the subsequent lack of facial expressions.

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