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Sustainability Appraisal. SA process. Stage A (Scoping) complete – Scoping Report consulted on from the 7 th April to 12 th May 2008)

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Sa process l.jpg
SA process

  • Stage A (Scoping) complete – Scoping Report consulted on from the 7th April to 12th May 2008)

  • Stage B and C started - Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report (ISAR) documenting the assessment of the options and Draft SA Report - documenting the appraisal of draft policies.

What are the issues l.jpg
What are the issues?

  • Flood Risk

  • Deprivation

  • Climate Change

  • Vulnerable groups

  • Cumulative effects

  • Equality

What were the options l.jpg
What were the options?

  • Gypsies and Travellers:

    • Option A - Use the results from the studies to distribute new provision

    • Option B - Modify (a) to ensure a minimum level of pitch provision in every district

    • Option C - Work to agree a more balanced share of meeting need across districts

Interim sa findings l.jpg
Interim SA findings

  • A number of important sustainability trade-offs to consider

  • Unequal distribution throughout the region

  • Location dependent upon:

    • Proximity to friends and family

    • Economic reasons

    • Opportunities elsewhere on an authorised site are rare

Interim sa findings6 l.jpg
Interim SA findings

  • Sensitive location of authorised pitches means that many effects may:

    • be insignificant or non-existent

    • decrease over time

  • Gypsy and Traveller population within a given area will always be relatively small

  • However, new pitches must come forward quickly and in areas where there can co-exist.

Interim sa findings7 l.jpg
Interim SA findings

  • Option C works with the G&T community to determine exact allocation, but:

    • A ‘balanced’ premise, so could result in ‘fine-tuning’ at best??

    • Requires genuine engagement

  • Option B is an intermediary option

    • Some G&T families could become isolated

  • Option C could achieve a more sustainable outcome for all, but only if developed and implemented well

  • Interim sa findings8 l.jpg
    Interim SA findings

    • Recommendations:

      • Develop the approach by which the statement in Option C would be achieved, in agreement with sub-regional authorities, and taking in to account points raised in the options assessment

      • Options B and C require a precautionary approach to ensure that relocated Gypsy and Traveller families do not become isolated from the wider Gypsy and Traveller Community

    Draft sa report findings l.jpg
    Draft SA Report findings

    • The provision of additional pitches, with the requirement for better access to health, education and employment facilities should alleviate environmental and social conditions.

    • The policy identifies and provides for the needs of ‘hidden’ households

    • It is difficult to determine the precise nature of this impact given the siting and design of sites will be at the LDD level.

    • There is provision in para. 10 for the identification of sites suitable for mixed use development which may encourage business start-ups.

    • The policy makes provision for allocation of pitches beyond the review timescale.

    Draft sa report recommendations l.jpg
    Draft SA Report Recommendations

    • The explicit requirement of employment access to be considered when locating sites.

    • Explicit mention of coexistence should be made for all locations.

    • In order to not perpetuate the locating of pitches in areas unsuitable for habitation, consultation and engagement with the gypsy and traveller community should be a pivotal point in this policy.

    Next steps l.jpg
    Next Steps

    • Draft policies will complete consultation.

    • Responses will be considered by 4NW.

    • There is an opportunity for draft policies to be finalised before the publication of the pre-submission plan.