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Team Manager Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Team Manager Training

Team Manager Training

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Team Manager Training

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  1. Team Manager Training Saturday 24th September 2016

  2. Team Leader Role • Administration of Team • Attendance at Team Leader Meeting • Submission of Team Sheets • Submission of Protests

  3. Event Conditions • Know the promoter’s conditions in advance • Who can swim? • What are the age groups? • Are there specific warm-up procedures? • Are there particular signing in/withdrawal procedures? • Team Sheets and Declarations • When and where do swimmers report?

  4. Technical Meetings • Held in advance of National and International Competitions • To ensure all teams understand the procedures required to aid the smooth running of the meet as laid down in the Event conditions.

  5. Protests

  6. Learning Objectives By the end of this session you should understand: • What a protest is • How to make a protest • When to make a protest

  7. What is a Protest?

  8. Protest • FINA General Rule 9.2 • ASA Judicial Rule 101 • SASA C15 • WASA as FINA

  9. Protest (ASA) • A protest is an allegation that the ASA Laws, Regulations, Technical Rules or the Promoter’s Conditions governing a competition have not been complied with or have been misinterpreted. ( ASA Judicial Rule 101.1) • A protest may not be made against a decision of the referee or any other officials regarding placing, fouling or any other facts of a competition ( ASA Judicial Rule101.4)

  10. Protest (FINA) • If the rules and regulations for the conduct of the competition are not observed • If other conditions endanger the competition and/or competitors • Against decisions of the referee; however, no protest shall be allowed against decisions of fact (FINA General Rule 9.2.1)

  11. Protest (SASA) • Promoter • Health and safety • Technical rules • C15.1.1 If the rules/regulations for the conduct of the competition as organised by the Company are not observed. • C15.1.2 If other conditions endanger the competition as organised by the Company and/or competitors. • C15.1.3 Against a decision of a Referee appointed by the Company. However, no protest shall be allowed against decisions of fact.

  12. Question of Fact? (1) No protest may be allowed against decisions of fact So what are facts?

  13. Question of Fact?(2) A Protest CANNOT be made against a decision of the Referee or any official regarding: • placing • fouling • any other facts of a competition (eg. observed Stroke violations)

  14. Question of Fact?(3) The Referee’s interpretation of the following must be accepted at the time (but may be the subject of a protest): • Law • Technical rules • Promoters conditions

  15. Who can make a Protest? A Protest may be made by: The Responsible Team Leader (FINA GR 9.2.2) Homecountry meet conditions may allow athletes, coaches, clubs and/or officials taking part in the competition to make a Protest

  16. To whom is a Protest made? • The Referee

  17. How is a Protest made? Must be submitted in writing, • to the Referee • with the appropriate deposit • within 30 minutes following the conclusion of the respective event or match

  18. How is a Protest made? UNLESS The reason for the protest is known before the event Such a protest must be made as soon as reasonably practicable before the event starts.

  19. conclusion of the respective…? • The conclusion of the 30 minutes is not defined in FINA or Home Country Laws nor can definitive guidance be given • In an Open Water event the circumstances may not become known for well over 30 minutes after the incident • In pool events the Referee has to consider whether, for instance, disqualifications are announced, or does everyone have to rely on published results to know the outcome of an incident? THE REFEREE HAS TO DECIDE, BASED ON ALL KNOWN INFORMATION

  20. Appropriate fees? • FINA 100 Swiss Francs or = • GB £25 • SASA 100 Swiss Francs or = (£50) For SASA accredited events £25 (general advice 4.23) • WASA 100 Swiss Francs or = (£50) • ASA No fee payable

  21. Points to Note (GB Discipline Code) If material facts are brought to the attention of a competitor or a club, body or official taking part in the competition which if they had been known during that competition a protest would have been likely to have been made; a post-event protest may be made to the Referee and the Referee may in his discretion deal with it

  22. Points to Note (GB Discipline Code) provided he is satisfied that it would be in the best interests of the sport to do so and provided further that the individual or other person making a post-event protest did so as soon as was reasonably practicable after acquiring knowledge of those material facts.

  23. Points to Note • If a protest is made before the appointment of a Referee then it should be made to the Promoter who shall refer it to a Referee when appointed

  24. Progress of a Protest While the protest is being dealt with: If the outcome could have an effect on awards or results, the event should continue ‘under protest’ be announced as such and results and awards withheld until the Protest is resolved

  25. Protest - resolved When all parties are satisfied that the Protest has been resolved continue with the competition, completing all results and awards for the affected event(s)

  26. Protest – not resolved It is the Referee’s duty to consider all Protests If the Referee is not able to resolve a Protest before the end of a competition the Promoter should be informed and arrangements made with all parties with regards to the resolution

  27. Protest – right of appeal If a party to a protest does not agree with the Referees’ decision they have the right of appeal to a Jury of Appeal (if appointed) If a JoA is not appointed: an Appeal may be lodged with the Judicial Administrator (ASA) No Further Action (SASA & WASA)

  28. Question of Fact? A Protest CANNOT be made against a decision of the Referee or any official regarding: • placing • fouling • any other facts of a competition (eg. observed Stroke violations)

  29. When to make a protest • Before an event if you observe a swimmer ineligible to compete • Query the reason for every disqualification with the Referee • If dissatisfied with explanation you can ask to see the disqualification report • Check all details on the report form for accuracy

  30. Disqualification Report Form • Event Number • Heat Number • Lane Number • Reason • Length or Turn Number • Rule number • Signatures

  31. Scenario 1 • In a Backstroke race a swimmer is disqualified for failing to surface within 15m of the start. The coach protests that he believes a mistake has been made and he has video evidence to prove it. • Is the protest accepted or rejected? • Why?

  32. Likely Outcome Scenario 1 • Protest Rejected – a matter of fact • Video evidence is inadmissible • Check the DQ report form. • Who submitted the report? • Were they in the correct position to observe? • Is the correct rule referenced?

  33. Scenario 2 • During the second heat of the 200m Backstroke, the turning flags break and fall into the water. The judges of stroke on each side quickly pullthe flags clear of the lanes before they physically interfere with any swimmer. At the end of the race the coach of the swimmer placed second makes a protest stating his swimmer was at a disadvantage because he couldn't properly judge the distance to the end of the course.

  34. Likely Outcome Scenario 2 • Protest accepted • Swimmer offered re-swim

  35. Scenario 3 • Your swimmer in lane 5 is disqualified for an incorrect turn in the 100m Backstroke which was observed by you and not queried at the time. • 1.5 hours later it is observed that the backstroke flags have been positioned incorrectly placing them 5.10m from the wall. Pool staff relocate flags correctly. • Can you submit a protest?

  36. Likely Outcome Scenario 3 • Yes - incorrect pool set up • Time Factor- within 30minutes of the re-positioning • Protest accepted by Referee • Swimmer offered a re-swim

  37. Scenario 4 • Following a 100m Breaststroke event your swimmer in lane 3 is disqualified for a “technical infringement”. You ask to see the referee to ascertain the reason for the disqualification. You are advised that the swimmer was disqualified for a incorrect turn. • What questions can you ask?

  38. Questions • What exactly did the swimmer do incorrectly? • Touch. Does the report say “one handed touch” or “non-simultaneous touch”. • Left before right or right before left? • Legs. More than one butterfly kick? • Body. Not on breast. • Head. Not breaking the surface of the water before the hands turn inwards after attaining the widest part of the second stroke.

  39. ? Any further questions or queries on Protests