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Fibres. Tata International Fibres wave Module: FY 04. Roadmap. Milestones Preliminary Study Implementation Plan Review & Analysis Sample Studies Linkage to ABEP FY05. Fibres: Milestones. November 2002. Tata International Investigates Need & Deployment

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Tata International

Fibres wave Module: FY 04


  • Milestones

  • Preliminary Study

  • Implementation Plan

  • Review & Analysis

  • Sample Studies

  • Linkage to ABEP FY05

Fibres milestones
Fibres: Milestones

November 2002

  • Tata International Investigates Need & Deployment

  • TIL Decides to Deploy FIBRES across Businesses

  • Creating the framework/Action Plan

  • Ferguson's Engaged : Specific Focus Areas

  • ‘Implementation’ across Businesses

  • RES deliberations: ‘Identified Businesses’

  • Replication :Across SBU’s & Location

  • April 04, May 04

    • Fibres Champions Training

    • Fibres Wave Modules for ABEP FY05

    • Focus on “x” factor

December 2002

September 2003

December 2003

February 2004

March 2004

May 2004

Fibres deployment
Fibres: Deployment

Investigate the Businesses for “FIBRES”

The Need for focus on Competitive Intelligence

Discuss with Business heads the SCOPE & Deliverables

Define Roles & Responsibility

Phase Wise Deployment plan with Assistance from FERGUSON

Focus on Setting the ‘FIBRES Process’

Creation of ‘FIBRES Cell’

Completion of ‘FIBRES Process for Test Market’ followed by REPLICATION

EMBED the PROCESS across Tata International Limited

Generate Strategic/ Tactical Inputs from the Information Analysis

Fibres application
Fibres: Application

Business Development

Demand Forecast

Regional Updates

Market Information - Vigilance






Competitor Study

Product /Price Specific


Market Specific

Benchmarking Study

SBU specific Study

International Business Best Practices

Roles responsibilities
Roles & Responsibilities

Corporate Office

Drive the Process, Implementation across TIL, Create Focus & Knowledge Sharing

Across SBUs , Result Orientation, Facilitation

SBU Role

To create the Input Template with Ferguson

Work on Creating an Exhaustive ‘Information Needs Set’

Focus on the PROCESS

Replicate the Process in ‘Other Product/ Markets’

Ferguson Role

Assist in Creating the ‘Input/Output Template’

Test Case for Product/Market

Reverse Engineer – Tactics/ Strategy Inputs


SBU Member- Onsite

CEO Center Member

Consultant Member ( Ferguson)

Test Market Study / Specific Comptt - EMBED FIBRES in Tata International Limited

‘Periodic Review of FIBRES by MD in ‘Apex Quality Council’

Fibres implementation plan
Fibres: Implementation Plan

Module 1

Generate ‘Key Information Modules’

Data Needs, Data Sources & Surrogates for Non Available Data

Development of Standardized Formats

Periodicity of Market Reports

Module 2

Test Case ‘Template’ - Product Market Segment for each SBU

Presentation Formats – Process Owner for FIBRES (Replication)

A Roll out Plan for Implementation to other SBU’s & divisions

The Focus on ‘Reverse Engineering’ – Strategic Inputs / Analysis

Phase 1 : The key focus will be on the ‘PROCESS Part’

Phase 2 : Figures “x” is critical

Fibres initial rollout
Fibres: Initial Rollout

SBU’s- Tata International Limited

  • Leather & Leather Products Business

  • Engineering Business

  • Bulk Commodity & Chemicals Business

  • Steel Business

  • Minerals Business

    Initial Focus Areas for FIBRES Roll Out

  • Leather & Leather Products Business

  • Engineering Business

  • Bulk Commodity & Chemicals Business

Implementation for selected businesses module 1 fibres cell
Implementation for selected businessesModule 1 – Fibres Cell

Leather& Leather Products Business

Focus Area : Leather Garments

Base Location : Dewas

I - Facilitator : Sheetal & Sudeep M

Engineering Business

Focus Area : CEP Business (Customized Engineering Products)

Base Location : Kolkata

I - Facilitator : Debraj & Sandeep K

Bulk Commodity & Chemicals Business

Focus Area : Soda Ash Report for Tata Chemicals ( Monthly Report)

Base Location : Pune

I - Facilitator : Debajit Shome

Focus Area : Market Report - Product Specific ( Coal , Oil) for TPC

Base Location : Mumbai

I - Facilitator : Hemant Joshi

Information flow fibres module selection
Information Flow & Fibres Module Selection


Operations Team


Fibres Champion for each SBU

Fibres Wave





Sales Team

Review Architecture

F - Champs : Monthly Meet

Review Meeting : 12th of Every Month




SBU Chief Review Meeting

Apex Meeting


MD’s Review Meeting

Fibres identified businesses deployment review progress
Fibres – Identified Businesses (Deployment) Review Progress

Engineering Business

Customized Engineering


Refractories & Rolls

Bicycles & MRO

Telco Spares

Leather & Leather Products


Leather Garments


Finished Leather


Footwear Division

Leather Articles


Bulk Commodity & Chemicals

Bulk Commodities

Coal / Fuel Oil


Soda Ash

Phase 1 – Completed & Begin Phase 2

Replication begun , and complete Implementation by March 2003

Fibres business review

Structure / Templates Progress


Population of Data

Data Aggregation

Inputs for Strategic


Engineering Business

The Test Case was for CEP Division to Embed the Process .

CEP Division

Test Case for ANZ Region

Aluminium Industry Study

( Influence on CEP )


Africa Region Study

Leather & Leather Products


The Test Case was for Leather Garments Division to Embed the


Leather Garments

( US & German Market )


Finished Leather Division

Bulk Commodity & Chemicals

The Test Case was for Soda Ash Business in China .

Soda Ash

( China Market)


( Coal / Coke Business )

Fibres: Business Review

Leather garments business buyer profile example retailer importer

30 USD Progress

per piece

2002-03 : 295

Chennai SCM

2003-04 : 284

Issue :

Retail Mgn

As on 25th FEB 04

Final TIL Plan

32 USD ??

Leather Garments Business: Buyer Profile (Example: Retailer/Importer)

Information modules update frequency
Information Modules & Update Frequency Progress

  • The above construct has to be made for each Fibres Study

  • Ownership : F Champ - SBU

  • Syndication : SBU Chief

Master Sheet – Form

Kalyani steels ltd q1 2003 04 exports
Kalyani Steels Ltd – Q1 2003-04 Exports Progress

  • Kalyani Steels Limited is our biggest competitor in Collector Bar and Anode Stub exports.

  • They exported Rs.1.7 Cr in Q1 2003-04.

  • Major Customers ---ALBA---Rs. 24 lakh @ Rs.4,752 per piece

    ---DUBAL---Rs.46 lakh @ Rs.14,500-15,000 per piece

    ---Comalco (Bel Bay),Australia---Rs.22 lakh

    @ Rs.5,092- 5,141 per piece

    ---Hydro Aluminium & Tomago,Australia---Rs.17 lakh

    ---Alcan,UK----Rs.9 lakh

    ---Europe Rotterdam port---Rs. 50 lakh @ Rs.2,709 per


  • Total 19 shipments in Q1 2003-04

Competitor Level Study

Kalyani steels ltd q1 2003 04 exports1
Kalyani Steels Ltd – Q1 2003-04 Exports Progress

Competitor Level Study

Kalyani steels ltd q1 2003 04 exports2
Kalyani Steels Ltd – Q1 2003-04 Exports Progress

Competitor Level Study

World primary aluminum production by region
World Primary Aluminum Production Progress(By Region)

  • Total world production in 2002 : 25.7 Mn. MT (24.5 Mn. Mt in 2001)

  • Growth in production : CAGR of 3.22%between 1998 and 2002

  • Major producing countries or regions: Europe and North America, but growth highest in Africa and Asia

Strategic Inputs

Focus on Venezuela Market / Deep Dive

RUSAL smelter : Reconstruction Plans


Fibres modules abep fy05 leather leather products
Fibres Modules & ABEP FY05 ProgressLeather & Leather Products

Leather business abep fy05 linkage to fibres
Leather Business: ABEP FY05 Linkage to Fibres Progress

Fibres Modules

  • Continued input for Fibres in France, Australia in Leather Garments and assistance for RES .

  • Fibres input for New markets such as Domestic china , Russia , Turkey , Italy and other EC countries and monitor RES in other countries.

  • Continued Fibres inputs for UK for Leather Footwear and New market Spain to be taken.


Competitor Data and Country Analysis

Monitoring External Environment

  • India Vs TIL performance data to be

  • provided monthly

  • Currency performance inputs

  • Competitor data bank to be completed.

  • Country analysis and News.

  • WTO impact on TIL

  • Currency fluctuations

  • Leather Industry Happenings.