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Pilot Program 2013-2014 Report Presented by Krystal Kubichek at ACL Institute, College of William & Mary, June 27, 2014. What is Classics Club?. Classics Club was created over 20 years ago to provide a club atmosphere for elementary students

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What is classics club

Pilot Program2013-2014 ReportPresented by Krystal Kubichek at ACL Institute, College of William & Mary, June 27, 2014

What is classics club
What is Classics Club?

  • Classics Club was created over 20 years ago to provide a club atmosphere for elementary students

  • It is being revitalized to provide a place for K-6 students to develop experiences similar to those in NJCL

  • We call it “parva” NJCL

  • Classics Club is designed for students in public, private, and homeschool groups

  • It is an enrichment activity, for in the classroom or after school

What is included
What is included?

  • Members receive an activity

    packet, with activities in

    • Ancient Geography

    • Classical Art

    • Classical Mythology

    • Greek and Roman Culture

    • Greek and Roman History

    • Latin Grammar

    • Latin Vocabulary

    • Olympics – Greco-Roman Sports

  • Students chose 2 activities from 6 of the categories to complete to earn stickers for their standard

  • When 6 stickers have been earned by the students, they receive a certificate of completion & ribbon

Sample activities
Sample Activities

  • ART Challenge Activity: Mosaic

    • Students create a mosaic.

  • LATIN VOCABULARY Challenge Activity: Picture Dictionary

    • Students create a picture dictionary with animal and nature words from the Exploratory Latin Exam

  • ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY Challenge Activity: Make a Travel Brochure

    • Students create a travel brochure advertising visiting locations in Ancient Greece which were important to heroes (Hercules, Theseus, Perseus)

  • OLYMPICS -- GRECO-ROMAN SPORTS Challenge Activity: Olympic Games II

    • Students develop and celebrate their own set of Olympic games, creating modern equivalents (ex: Friscus for Discus)

The pilot program
The Pilot Program

  • Groups who had shown interest from across the country were invited to participate

  • 9 groups participated

  • 81 students were members

  • In June, surveys were sent to those who participated and those who did not

Non participants

  • Reasons for not participating

    • lack of school/district support

    • lack of time

    • lack of student interest

    • confusion on part of sponsor about the program

  • All who responded to this survey indicated they would like to participate in the future


Public schools – 2 Private or Parochial schools – 1

Homeschool groups – 3 Homeschool family – 1

What is classics club

Participants were asked to provide their opinions of activities
Participants were asked to provide their opinions of Activities:

Ancient Geography

Classical Art

One group felt activities were too difficult. (grades 4-6)

Another recommended incorporating changes over time and utilizing Google maps.

One group felt they needed more direction for activities.

What is classics club

Classical Mythology Activities:

Greek & Roman Culture

One group commented that while the topics varied, students felt they spent more time researching than applying skills

What is classics club

Greek & Roman History Activities:

Latin Grammar

One group felt activities were too difficult. (grades 4-6)

One group felt there were not enough activity options.

One group felt activities were too easy.

Another group did not complete because not all students study Latin.

What is classics club

Latin Vocabulary Activities:


One group felt activities were too easy.

Another group did not complete because not all students study Latin.

One group said not enough activity options.

3 groups did not complete this activity.

Additional feedback
Additional Feedback Activities:

  • Monthly meetings were not sufficient for a club to complete activities

  • More details and directions, especially in Classical Art.

  • Offer some cooperative learning activities, more application activities (ex: acting out Latin Grammar sentences)

  • Integrating parents more fully into the program

    • This is difficult, as some Classics Clubs involve one sponsor and many children

  • Working with the community

    • We are thinking about an optional “Community Service” Badge

  • Students want more competition.

    • One school created a school competition and judged activities based upon Academic Merit, Creativity, and Overall Presentation.

    • The website was never fully implemented. We plan on incorporating competitions through the website.

Additional comments
Additional Comments Activities:

  • The club helped one student gain interest in Latin and go from a D to a B the next quarter. He loved the activities. 

  • The students really liked the opportunity to demonstrate their skill sets without the pressure of grades! 

  • Great ideas for activities with learning ideas nicely embedded. 

  • The kids who did attend were so excited and went around saying "Salve!" to everyone. They love mythology!

Summary Activities:

  • Overall, Pilot Program members seemed pleased with the program

  • Areas to work on: Olympics, Latin Grammar, Latin Vocabulary, & Greek & Roman History

  • Providing additional resources, clarifying directions, website

  • Community involvement

  • Competition

  • Food for thought:

    • Several groups seemed interested in using the program to help revitalize Latin programs in danger of closing

    • Several pilot program groups mentioned using older students to help facilitate the program

Some finished projects
Some finished projects! Activities:

Photo courtesy of Courtney Hasner, Sponsor for J.P. Stevens High School & SubRosa Latin Academy

These students were able to enter projects into the NJJCL State Convention – look at all their awards!

Thank you to
Thank you to… Activities:

Pilot Program Sponsors

Yolanda Belton

Courtney Hasner

Donna Metler

Dana Miller

Susan Rohrbach

Catherine Stancil

* While we had other Sponsors, these are the ones who responded to our survey. Without them, this presentation would not be possible!

Classics Club Committee Members

Zee Poerio, Classics Club Chair

Penny Cipolone

Christine Pham Hahn

Krystal Kubichek

Lexie Phelan

Kris Tracy

Mary Weaver