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  2. CLUB CARETHE CLUB IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Q: Why have such a Program? A: To lift the satisfaction level of members which in turn leads to better retention

  3. CLUB CARETHE CLUB IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Q: How does it work? A: Members anonymously complete a Club Care Survey form – the answers enable the club to identify the areas that may need strengthening

  4. CLUB CARETHE CLUB IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Q: When should members complete the Club Care Survey? A: (a) Just before the start of each Lion’s Year (b) At least 9 weeks before undertaking a planned Club Membership Growth campaign (this enables you to strengthen any weak areas prior the arrival of your new members)

  5. CLUB CARETHE CLUB IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Q: Where can I obtain the Club Care Survey Form? A: From mid February you will be able to download the 2008 survey form from the MD Website –

  6. CLUB CARETHE CLUB IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM Q: Is the Club Care Survey form different to the 2006 – 2007 form? A: Yes it is – changes are made as a result of answers provided in the previous year – some new questions are asked, while others are deleted – your responses are also helping fine tune how Clubs, our District and our Multiple District can better meet the aspirations of Lions in the early years of this century

  7. CLUB CARETHE CLUB IMPROVEMENT PRORAM Many Clubs participated in the 2006 – 2007 Survey – We thought it may be helpful to you, to revisit the questions in that survey, and as well to provide recommendations for consideration should one or more of the areas surveyed need attention to further improve the satisfaction level of your members


  9. BOARD MEETINGS Does your club hold it’s Board Meetings: As part of a Dinner Meeting As part of a social activity Separately – only as a Board Meeting Other

  10. RECOMMENDATIONS Regardless of current scheduling of Board Meetings, review with full membership if the current scheduling remains the preferred option It is recommended this review take place on an annual basis

  11. BOARD MEETINGS How often does your club hold a Board Meeting? Monthly More Often Less Often Not Sure

  12. RECOMMENDATION If held other than monthly, consider changing to monthly


  14. RECOMMENDATIONS Is the starting time appropriate for members? If not change to a time that suits the majority If the majority favour a different day or night make the change

  15. BOARD MEETINGS Do Board Meetings usually finish on time? Yes No Not Sure

  16. RECOMMENDATIONS If not finishing on time because of a late start, see recommendations 2 slides back If not doing so, use an agenda with a copy given to everyone at the meeting – Chairman to firmly, but gently, keep to it Encourage members to speak only once to each agenda item

  17. RECOMMENDATIONS CONTINUED Encourage those reporting to the meeting, to prepare concise reports, preferably in writing, in advance of the meeting – this includes President, Secretary and Treasurer Have Board members agree to a finish time and endeavour to stick to that time

  18. RECOMMENDATIONS CONTINUED Prior commencement of the meeting the secretary to open correspondence and make a written numbered listing showing each sender and the subject matter – the listing is given to each person present In consultation with the President determine what will be read and what will be referred to – ensure however each member has, if required, access to all correspondence, along with the opportunity, where sought, to have the meeting discuss any item or items

  19. BOARD MEETINGS Does every member present at the Board Meeting receive a copy of the agenda? Yes No Not Sure

  20. RECOMMENDATION If not – Please arrange an agenda for each person in attendance

  21. BOARD MEETINGS How do you prefer to handle correspondence in Board Meetings? Everything must be read in full Everything must be read, but in summary form Use a written and numbered summary Don’t read it, just table it Secretary can exclude non Lions advertising You really don’t mind how they do it

  22. RECOMMENDATIONS If answers given suggest members would like correspondence handled in a manner different to that currently used – make the change If you make a change revisit the issue after 3 months to see if in reality members are happy with the end result

  23. BOARD MEETINGS The level of formality in Board Meetings is:About right Too formal Too informal

  24. RECOMMENDATIONS If considered to be either too formal or too informal, adjust accordingly If adjustments are made, after 3 months check to see if the right adjustment has been made

  25. BOARD MEETINGS The atmosphere in debate during Board Meetings is: About right Could be better Must be improved

  26. RECOMMENDATIONS If of concern, openly discuss with Board Members how the atmosphere can be improved Generally a firm, yet gentle chairman, using an agenda and keeping to it will aid a polite atmosphere, as will an understanding that members speak once to each matter under discussion – once that is, unless the mover of a motion or where further comment is sought – All discussion to be through the chairman

  27. CLUB MEETINGS At non Board Meetings which would you prefer: Meals for everyone No meals for anyone As an individual you can choose to dine or not Only serve a light snack or supper Everyone brings something to share Tea/coffee only

  28. RECOMMENDATIONS Should a majority wish for a change, make the change After 6 months, resurvey members – they may be fine with the changes made – or having tasted change, they may wish to revert back or make some other modification

  29. CLUB MEETINGS What would be your level of concern if your club had only one meeting per month (other than Board Meetings)? You only have one meeting now You would welcome the change You would not be concerned about it You would have minor concerns about it You would have major concerns about it You don’t have an opinion about it

  30. RECOMMENDATIONS Should most members welcome the change, have no or only minor concerns and where no member has a major concern, we recommend you change to one meeting per month, providing you monitor the outcome by resurveying members after 3 to 4 months Where a small minority have a major concern, providing they do not intend to resign, we again recommend the change be implemented If a large number have major concerns, do not make any change

  31. CLUB MEETINGS If you have a partner who is not a Lion would they be more or less likely to join if club meetings were once monthly? Yes, more likely Maybe, not sure No, unlikely to Does not apply to you

  32. RECOMMENDATIONS Where a number of partners are likely to join, we recommend the change to monthly meetings be made, providing you’re not going to lose a similar or greater number of current Lions

  33. CLUB MEETINGS Your system of welcoming visitors and introducing guests to meetings (other than Board Meetings) is: Handled well Could be better Must be improved

  34. RECOMMENDATIONS If answered could be better or must be improved: For a known visitor have a pre determined Lion meet, greet and host for the meeting, including: one on one introduction to all Lions, if able purchase a drink and at conclusion give thanks for attending

  35. RECOMMENDATIONS CONTINUED For an unknown visitor: Whoever is on the door to quickly arrange for another member to do the hosting and introductions etc as just previously outlined for greeting and hosting a known visitor

  36. RECOMMENDATIONS CONTINUED Where the visitor is the guest speaker: In addition to the introductions etc for both known and unknown visitors as previously outlined, ensure the speaker is formally introduced early in the meeting – also, before the meeting obtain a suitable profile, so at the appropriate time, a professional introduction can be made (print in bulletin too) – give thanks following the address and at the conclusion of the meeting

  37. CLUB MEETINGS Keeping Club Meetings interesting Is: Handled well Could be better Must be improved

  38. RECOMMENDATIONS If answered could be better or must be improved: Refer to the many interesting concepts in the Pride in Growth Manual in the Club Care section (on the MD website early March) and in Particular, the sections containing: The Dinner Meeting Kit & The Tail Twister’s Kit

  39. CLUB MEETINGS The number of guest speakers is: About right Not enough Too many

  40. RECOMMENDATIONS If necessary, adjust the number of guest speakers in accordance to answers provided by members If you need to increase the number and you have difficulty sourcing speakers, Contact other clubs in your zone to learn of suitable speakers who have addressed their meetings

  41. RECOMMENDATIONS CONTINUED Ask your District to set up a central guest speaker list, to which all clubs contribute by forwarding to District the names and contact details of each guest speaker they have District officers are a resource base for imparting information while doubling as guest speakers

  42. RECOMMENDATIONS CONTINUED If concerned about not having a large enough group of members to address: - Invite neighbouring clubs to join you and/or - Invite groups within the community who are likely to be interested in the speaker’s address, to join you (you may get new members from doing this) If no guest speaker chairman, appoint one

  43. CLUB MEETINGS The Activities of the Tail Twister are: Handled well Could be better Must be improved

  44. RECOMMEDATIONS If answered could be better or must be improved see the Tail Twister’s Kit in the Club Care section of the Pride in Growth manual (on the MD website early March) If the Tail Twister continues to struggle appoint an assistant

  45. CLUB MEETINGS At meetings, keeping members informed about club activities and decisions is: Well handled Could be better Must be improved

  46. RECOMMENDATIONS If could be better or must be improved: Arrange for Vice Presidents and or committee chairmen to give timely, but short informative reports both prior and after activities When those persons know they’ll not be in attendance, have them provide the information to another Lion to report

  47. CLUB MEETINGS The venue for the meetings is: Satisfactory Could be better Must be improved

  48. RECOMMENDATIONS If could be better or must be improved, investigate other options

  49. CLUB MEETINGS The number of visits to other clubs is: About right Not enough Too many

  50. RECOMMENDATIONS If necessary increase or decrease – if increasing select dates and appoint a visitation chairman to arrange visits to other clubs, and visits by other clubs to your meetings Offer to host a combined meeting with other clubs in your Zone