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The Business Plan and Other ‘Riveting’ Documents September 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Business Plan and Other ‘Riveting’ Documents September 2012

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The Business Plan and Other ‘Riveting’ Documents September 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Business Plan and Other ‘Riveting’ Documents September 2012. Jim Poage President and CEO. Pop Quiz. I want to start a new venture because : My invention/discovery will help mankind. I want to build a company dominant in the market. I want to get rich. All of the above.

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Presentation Transcript

The Business Plan


Other ‘Riveting’ Documents

September 2012

Jim Poage

President and CEO

pop quiz
Pop Quiz
  • I want to start a new venture because:
    • My invention/discovery will help mankind.
    • I want to build a company dominant in the market.
    • I want to get rich.
    • All of the above
the elevator pitch
The Elevator Pitch
  • Origins in “.com” period around 2000
  • Short pitch which tells potential investor about the deal
  • Objective is to get an invite to present the deal
  • Could be investors ‘first cut’
key elements
Key Elements
  • Early ‘hook’
  • Brief description of the product or service
  • Revenue model
  • Management team
  • Competition
  • Competitive advantage
  • Call to action
coaching tips
Coaching Tips
  • This is “one-on-one”
  • Show passion
  • Show confidence
  • Minimize hyperbole
  • It’s a business deal not an invention
  • Google “elevator pitch”

Practice, practice,


the elevator pitch1
The Elevator Pitch
  • Turn to someone you don’t know
  • Right now:

Most important person in the world

  • 60 second pitch

Recommended Documents

Sales Exercise

  • (In order of importance)
  • Investor Presentation
  • Elevator Speech
  • Business Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • One Page Summary
  • Customer Brochure

Recommended Documents

  • (Probable Chronology)
  • Elevator Speech
  • Business Plan
  • Investor Presentation
  • Executive Summary
  • One Page Summary
  • Customer Brochure





Venture Investment 101

  • What they want to know
  • What is the technology?
  • How big is the market?
  • Who is on the Management Team?
  • Is this a good deal?
investor presentation
Investor Presentation
  • Single most important aspect of fund raising
  • Play to your audience
  • Be respectful of time
  • Business attire
  • Objectives:
    • Not to close the deal
    • Invitation to ‘talk’
    • Build investor confidence in you
typical pitch timing
Typical Pitch Timing
  • Presentation: 20 minutes
  • Q&A: 20 minutes
  • Investor discussion: 20 minutes
    • You’re not in the room
  • BTW: This is a ‘somewhat’ universal format for angel groups
content elements
The problem?


Value proposition



Competitive advantage

Management team

Revenue model

Revenue received

Funding request

Uses of funding

Funding milestones

Pre-money cap table

Content Elements

Not an outline

content timing


Content Timing
  • Every deal is different
  • It’s your message and your deal
  • However,
    • Management
    • Technology
    • Market
    • Financials
coaching tips1
Coaching Tips
  • Show passion
  • Show confidence
  • Demonstrate knowledge
  • Minimize hyperbole
    • Name dropping
  • It’s a business deal not an invention
  • Presentation Team members
  • Consistent team attire
more coaching tips
More Coaching Tips
  • Graphics, color, & photo’s
  • No hard to read slides
    • 10-20-30 rule
  • Do not read the slides
    • Watch the audience
  • Well choreographed
  • Numbers all ‘foot’
  • Copies for audience
  • “show & tell”
  • Practice timing
q a coaching tips
Q&A Coaching Tips
  • Short direct answers
  • No ‘piling on’
  • Backup slides
    • Cheat sheet
  • Curve balls
    • May be asked for a term sheet
    • Avoid technical discussions
    • Don’t get defensive or angry
apr s presentation
  • Do a post mortem on each presentation given
  • Build an inventory of slides
  • Be prepared to give many presentations
  • Remember you are only looking for a few investors
  • Expect ‘stay in touch’
why a business plan
Why a Business Plan?

Business Strategies

Product Development

Sales & Marketing



Management in sync

(Equity Funding World)

Sell the venture

Due Diligence

preliminary remarks
Preliminary Remarks

No proprietary warnings

About 20 pages without exhibits

About 6500 -7500 words

10 or 12 pt Times New Roman


Flesch-Kincaid Readability <30

Table of Contents and page numbers

Sell the Deal!


Detailed description of the problem

Set up the Value Proposition

What is the solution

5th grader rule

Product Description


Intellectual Property

State of Development


Great Place for Graphics


Market Need

Market Size


Direct & Indirect


Pricing Strategy

Sales Strategy and process

Revenue sources

management team

Many investors bet on the

jockey not on the horse

Management Team

Who is on the team

Domain Expertise

Entrepreneurial Experience

Board of Advisors

attractive investment
Attractive Investment

Pro Forma P&L – To Exit (5-7 years)

Assumptions driving the numbers

20X N5

Pro Forma Balance Sheet

Cap table

Funding Request

Pro Forma Cash Flow

The ‘Deal’ and Liquidity Events

Use of Funds

Integrated timeline

integrated timeline k




Hire Sales

1st Sale

Sign 1st Distr










Integrated Timeline ($K)

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


Sales & Mkting

Continued Sales



cosmetics presentation
Cosmetics & Presentation

Lots of graphics and color

Puppies & Kittens

Professional binding with heavy paper

Double sided printing

May want to consider a Marketing Communications advisor

The objective is make it easy to read

title options
Title Options

1. Title is the TOPIC

2. Title is the answer to the question:

So What?

Sums up the slide

what really happens
Read the first paragraph

Look at the financials

$ Revenue line

Look at the Management Team

Is there a ‘hook’?

How much &

20X N5?

Can they pull this off?

What really happens

Biggest Mistakes by Entrepreneurs

  • Too much on the technology
  • Too little on the Management Team
  • Failure to abide by the ‘5th grader rule’.
  • Failure to articulate the Value Proposition
  • “There is no competition.”
  • “This assumes only a 1% market penetration.”
  • Too much or too little detail on the Pro Forma
  • Does not state ‘The Deal’
the elevator pitch2
The Elevator Pitch
  • Lets go back
  • Turn to the person that you pitched to
  • Tell them one word (no hints)
  • Your name is ______
jim poage president and ceo startech 210 458 2523 jbp@startech1 org
Jim PoagePresident and