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Dragon Awards

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Dragon Awards
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  1. Dragon Awards 11 June 2009 • How to Apply Workshop

  2. Overview • What you want from this morning? • Why apply for an Award? • What work Qualifies? • Applying for an Award • What happens next? • Questions

  3. What do you want from this morning? • Think of two things you hope to get out of the session • Discuss what you have written with your table • Report back to the one thing that your table feel you must learn today

  4. Why Apply for an Award? • Internal Recognition • Senior Management • Staff and volunteers • External Recognition • National and local press coverage • Profile within CCI and CSR networks • Profile with current and potential clients or customers • Profile with community partners • Other • Dragon Statuette • Invitation to annual dinner • It is free!

  5. Award Categories • Education Award • Economic Regeneration Award • Social Inclusion Award • Heart of the City Award • Lord Mayor’s Award • Volunteer of the Year Award

  6. What Qualifies for an Award? • Activities that are above and beyond the core business of the applying organisation • Activities that have an impact on the community • Activities that are already running; that are beyond the planning stage • Activities taking place in London

  7. Examples • A London borough maintains a park that lies within the boundaries of the borough. • The borough council have just built a new playground in the park that is open to the public free of charge. • Does this work qualify?

  8. Examples • A London borough maintains a park that lies within the boundaries of the borough. • The borough council runs a weekly gardening club for ex-offenders to come and work in the garden. • Does this work qualify?

  9. Examples • A football club has a community charity trust that is funded by the football club. • The footballers work with the trust on a project looking to decrease knife crime in the local area. • Does this work qualify?

  10. Examples • A law firm runs a pro bono service at a local community centre on a Tuesday night. • The firm state that all trainee lawyers have to work a set number of hours a year on pro bono work at the centre. • Does this work qualify?

  11. Examples • A housing association provides housing for those excluded from the housing market. • They have a successful scheme at one of their sites which assists older people with their weekly shopping. • Does this work qualify?

  12. Application Forms • www.dragonawards.org.uk

  13. Application Forms • www.dragonawards.org.uk

  14. Application Forms • www.dragonawards.org.uk

  15. Application Forms • www.dragonawards.org.uk

  16. Tips for filling in the form • Read the Guidance Notes • Explain why the programme is needed and the difference it has made • Be explicit about what your organisation actually does • Keep your answers to the point • Answer every question • Judges will only look at information on the application form

  17. Filling in the application form • Question 3 – Community Benefits • The difference your work has made to the community • 3a)Quantative • - Try and use statistics • 3b)Qualitative • - Quotes from community partners or service users

  18. Filling in the application form • Question 4 – Business Benefits • Benefits to your staff and organisation • 4a)Quantative • Try and use statistics • -Don’t worry if you don’t have any • 4b)Qualitative • - Any feedback or quotes you from volunteers or clients

  19. Filling in the application form • Question 7 – Why should you win this Award? • - Showcase the best of your project or programme • - Talk about why it is unique • - Refer to challenges you have overcome

  20. A ‘Bad’ Example • Look at the example and see what you think would have made it stronger.

  21. The voice of experience! • Ama Afrifa-Kyei • Deloitte • Social Inclusion Award Winner 2008

  22. What the judges say The application left me without a sense of what the business actually does with the school. This looks like a great project, but it is still in too early stages to judge. They should definitely apply again next year. The application is really strong, but it doesn’t clearly show what parts of the project are in London.

  23. What the judges say The application didn’t stand out from the other projects for me. It needed something to make it more exciting. It seems as though this scheme is only supported by a few members of the organisation. The business seemed to have a great programme in place, but I was left wondering how useful it actually is to the community organisations.

  24. What happens next? • Deadline: Monday 5pm on 20 July • Shortlist announced on 18 August • Filming for shortlisted applicants • Final Judging panel

  25. Annual Dinner • 15 October, The Mansion House

  26. Annual Dinner • Thursday 15 October

  27. Contact Details • Telephone: • 020 7332 3608 • Email: • dragonawards@cityoflondon.gov.uk