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Dragon, Dragon

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Dragon, Dragon
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Dragon, Dragon

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  1. Dragon, Dragon

  2. Problem • A kingdom is upset by a dragon. • This is not unusual. • What is unusual is that the dragon instead of killing people and setting things on fire, is stopping up chimneys, turning clocks back, and changing all of the roads around.

  3. The king claims he is not a tyrant. What is a tyrant? • A tyrant is a cruel and unjust ruler. • Who is a tyrant today? • Ghadaffi • Hugo Chavez

  4. The first Son • Most eager to fight. • The most hungry for the reward. • Is clever and plans to out wit the dragon. • He thinks his fathers advice is foolish. • He is unsuccessful in slaying the dragon.

  5. The Second Son • Was almost as eager to fight as the first son • Planned to use his strength to slay the dragon. • Was almost as hungry for the reward as the first son. • Thought his father’s advice was ridiculous.

  6. The Third Son • Really does not want to fight. He only goes because he feels obligated. His brothers go and die. He must try. • This suggests that even though he does not have much self-confidence, he tries to do the right thing. • Does not have any special talents. • Listens to his father’s advice. When the dragon makes fun of his father’s advice he gets angry. He believes in his father and his own quest. • Succeeds against the dragon.

  7. The Dragon • The dragon thinks the poem is so ridiculous that he falls down laughing. • This is probably not what the reader thinks will happen. • In a traditional fairy tale the dragon might kill the 3rd son in some way.

  8. The knights and wizard • The knights are too afraid to fight. • The wizard has lost his book of magical spells • They are both incompetent when it comes to fighting the dragon.

  9. The turning point of the story • The turning point of the story is when the 3rd son recites the poem and the dragon falls down laughing. • This is the turning point because the 3rd sons faith in his father’s advice finally catches the dragon off guard. • The dragon dies because the sword falls on its own and cuts the dragon’s head off.

  10. Now that the dragon is dead. . . • The two other sons are rescued. • The wizard gets back his book so he can change the queen back to normal. • The queen is returned to her original form. • The 3rd son marries the princess and gets half the kingdom.