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2009 WA-FACS Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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2009 WA-FACS Conference

2009 WA-FACS Conference

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2009 WA-FACS Conference

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  1. 2009 WA-FACS Conference Wenatchee, Washington

  2. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… 2009-2010 Resource Updates • FCCLA…The Handbook to Ultimate Leadership • A comprehensive tool for all, which includes: • Information about FCCLA • Getting Started (organizing and managing) • National Programs and Projects • Student Leadership • The FCCLA Adviser • Membership • Finance and Fundraising • Communications and Marketing • Public Relations, and much more!

  3. Member Services –Get Connected Chapter Advisers Email Listserv The Chapter Adviser listserv is now available to advisers, and it's FREE! The purpose of the listserv is to facilitate and disseminate information to and from chapter advisers. If you are interested in becoming a member please email Chuck Hoffman, please provide your chapter ID number. In the subject line of your email please write:  Chapter Adviser Listserv Membership Request

  4. Resources

  5. www.fcclainc.orgResources   Download your copy of The Adviser National Blog for FCCLA Advisers NEW!  Check out for the chapter adviser blog! A new entry is posted every Monday. We welcome your feedback and questions in the comments section. FCCLA E-Adviser newsletter! Receive additional updates from the national headquarters twice a month through the FCCLA E-Adviser newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter and other updates by joining the Chapter Adviser Listserv. Instructions on how to be part of this group can be found on the chapter adviser section of the website.

  6. Share Your Expertise: Do you have a lesson plan or a tip you would like to share with other chapter advisers?  Then put your ideas down on paper and send them to The Adviser!  Simply fill out the 2009-2010 Adviser Checklistfor your chance to share your experience with other teachers in your field.  FCCLA Lesson Plan Template (WORD) FCCLA Activity Template (WORD)

  7. Member Services The National FCCLA magazine, Teen Times, is a tremendous resource for members and advisers. USE IT to stay up-to-date, gather new ideas for activities and projects, and gain NATIONAL recognition for your chapter.

  8. FCCLA’s New Social Alumni & Associates Network Member Services The alumni program has moved to an online forum. Members receive the A&A newsletter, are able to participate in discussion forums, and can reconnect with past friends and chapter members by going to and registering.

  9. National Meetings November 13-15, 2009 Washington, DC Registration Closed November 13-15, 2009 Louisville, Kentucky November 13-15, 2009 Salt Lake City, Utah

  10. Individual Leadership • Dynamic Leadership • Japanese Exchange (Families First) • Leaders At Work (Career Connection) • Power of One • Competitive Events National Programs Group Leadership Career Connection FACTS Families First Financial Fitness STAR Events STOP the Violence Student Body

  11. National Program Awards 2010 National Program Award Applications can be accessed at Most applications are due to NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS Postmarked by March 1, 2010. Be sure to check program descriptions for specific details High School Award $1,000 Middle School Award $1,000 High School Runner Up Award $500

  12. Competitive Events STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition) is a national program consisting of competitive events in which members are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. Check regional competition dates with your regional officers. State STAR Events here in Wenatchee April . Members must be affiliated by March 1, 2010 to participate in the national level of STAR Events

  13. NEW COMPETITIVE EVENTS • Family and Consumer Sciences Knowledge Bowl

  14. COMPETITIVE EVENTS New STAR Events • Environmental Ambassador • Fashion Design • Food Innovations

  15. Major Changes in the 2009-2010 STAR Events Manual The following is a listing of the major changes in the 2009-2010 STAR Events Manual. It is in no way inclusive and participants and advisers should continue to read the event rules carefully to ensure eligibility and successful event completion and presentation.

  16. • Please note the language change under eligibility for all events except Culinary Arts: “The __(event name)__ project must be planned and prepared by the participant(s) only. Supporting resources are acceptable as long as participants are coordinating their use and resources are cited appropriately verbally and/or in print during the presentation to avoid false credit for unoriginal or non-participant work.”

  17. • The stacking/overlapping rule has been eliminated. • All specifications pages were aligned with rubrics to clarify event expectations.

  18. • States may now submit up to two entries per category for national competition in the following events: o Career Investigation o Chapter Service Project Display o Chapter Service Project Manual o Chapter Showcase Display o Chapter Showcase Manual o Job Interview o National Programs in Action

  19. • Recycle and Redesign language was revised to allow the use of materials beyond fabric for projects. • Teach and Train Career Exploration and Self Assessment questions were revised based on focus group feedback. • Three new events were added: o Environmental Ambassador o Fashion Design o Food Innovations Please read event rules carefully to ensure eligibility and receive the highest possible points on your project.

  20. COMPETITIVE EVENTS • Applied Technology • Career Investigation • Entrepreneurship • Focus on Children • Illustrated Talk Interpersonal Communications Job Interview Life Event Planning Parliamentary Procedure Recycle Redesign

  21. COMPETITIVE EVENTS • Chapter Service Project Display • Chapter Service Project Manual • Chapter Showcase Display • Chapter Showcase Manual • National Programs in Action • Promote and Publicize FCCLA!

  22. COMPETITIVE EVENTS • Culinary Arts • Early Childhood • Fashion Construction • Hospitality • Interior Design • Teach and Train

  23. Membership Success The 3 R’s Recruit Retain Recognize

  24. Perfect FACS Participation Recognizes: FCCLA Chapters Requirement: Affiliate on the state and national levels 100% of those students enrolled in the adviser’s own FACS classes at your school. Procedure:1. Affiliate by March 1, 2010.2. Submit by April 1, 2010.3. Verify that names submitted are 100% of those enrolled in FACS classes. Recognition: Name on membership section of the FCCLA website and at the 2010 National Leadership Meeting and a Certificate. Be Part of It! Recognizes: FCCLA Members Requirement: Recruit members Procedure:1. Current members recruit at least three new members who attends at least two local, state, regional and/or national meetings, events, or activities.2. Submit by April 1, 2010 Recognition: Name on membership section of FCCLA website and at the 2010 National Leadership Conference and a lapel pin. Best Use of a National Program as a Membership Recruitment, Retention and Recognition Activity Recognizes: FCCLA Chapter Advisers Procedure: 1. Using the planning process, demonstrate how one national program was used to incorporate the 3R’s of membership.2. Submit application by April 1, 2010.3. Applications will be judged by a panel of peers.Winners announced May 1, 2010. Recognition:One adult registration reimbursement to a nationally sponsored meeting. The winner and runners-up names and ideas posted on the FCCLA website and will receive a lapel pin. Membership Recognition

  25. National Program Award Applications • All National Program Award Applications are available, and must be submitted online only. Chapters will need to enter their ID number to sign-in, and then create their unique profile. Other highlights include: • -Ability to save work and return to application later • -Review application before submitting • -Able to upload up to three photos per application • -Submit application instantly to national headquarters • -View and print submitted application • Email for questions.

  26. Award Application Due to national postmarked by Adviser Awards Adviser Mentor April 1, 2010 Alumni Achievement Award December 15, 2009 Distinguished Service Award December 15, 2009 Integration of Core Academics April 1, 2010 Master Adviser April 1, 2010 Spirit of Advising Award February 1, 2010

  27. Adult Awards Application Due to national postmarked by Award State Adviser of the Year Award April 1, 2010 Honorary Membership December 15, 2009 National School Administrator Award April 1, 2010 National Outstanding Media Award March 1, 2010

  28. Application Due Award Youth Scholarship Awards April 1, 2010 Beth Middleton Memorial Scholarship April 1, 2010 National Chapter Public Relationship Award April 1, 2010 National Technical Honor Society Scholarship April 1, 2010 Raye Virginia Allen State President’s Scholarship

  29. Application Due Award Youth Scholarship Awards April 1, 2010 Enjoy the City Promotions April 1, 2010 Leaders at Work April 1, 2010 Witey Publishing Inc.

  30. FCCLA National Headquarters 1910 Association Dr. Reston, VA 20191-1584 703-476-4900 Fax: 703-860-2713 E-mail: Website: National Contact Information