Starving for success the dangerous world of eating disorders
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Starving for Success The Dangerous World of Eating Disorders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Starving for Success The Dangerous World of Eating Disorders. Reproduced with permission (1). Amy Peterson MS RD Extension Educator Polk County Cooperative Extension. Reproduced with permission (2). “ Both bulimics and anorexics are obsessed with

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Starving for success the dangerous world of eating disorders
Starving for Success The Dangerous World of Eating Disorders

Reproduced with permission (1)

Amy Peterson MS RD

Extension Educator

Polk County Cooperative Extension

Both bulimics and anorexics are obsessed with

their weight, but bulimics believe they can’t

stop eating and anorexics won’t start.”’

-- Bulimia/Anorexia – The Binge/Purge Cycle and Self-Starvation

What are your feelings about food
What Are Your Feelings About Food?

  • Family traditions

  • Preferences

  • Stress

  • Dieting

  • Fasting

Reproduced with permission (1)

The pursuit of thinness
The Pursuit of Thinness

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    • Relentless pursuit of thinness

  • Bulimia Nervosa

    • Diet-binge-purge disorder

  • Binge Eating Disorder

    • Compulsive eating

Reproduced with permission (2)

The histories and mysteries of eating disorders
The Histories and Mysteries of Eating Disorders

Reproduced with permission (1)

Who gets eating disorders
Who Gets Eating Disorders?

  • Women account for 95% of those diagnosed:

    • 1 out of 100 women between the ages of 10 and 20 have anorexia

    • 4 out of 100 women have bulimia

    • 50% of those with anorexia

      become bulimic

Legs to die for
Legs to Die For

Anorexia Nervosa….

Reproduced with permission (2)

A song no longer sung karen carpenter
A Song No Longer SungKaren Carpenter

Reproduced with permission (2)

Someone with anorexia

May refuse to maintain weight for age/height

Weighs 85% or less of ideal body weight

Denies weight loss at dangerous levels

Is terrified of being fat or gaining weight

Feels “fat”

Becomes depressed, irritable, and withdrawn

Exhibits peculiar behaviors and performs compulsive rituals

Has strange eating habits and food diversions

Someone with Anorexia …

What does the mirror show
What Does the Mirror Show?

Reproduced with permission (2)

The three phases of anorexia before during and after
The Three Phases of AnorexiaBefore, During, and After

Reproduced with permission (2)

Bulimia nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa.…

Reproduced with permission (2)

Eating Without Tasting

Someone with bulimia

Binge eats

Feels of out of control when eating

Uses vomiting, laxatives, or exercise to try to prevent food absorption

May shoplift

May have promiscuous behavior

May abuse alcohol/drugs, and/or credit cards

Weight may be normal or near normal

Cheerful, but often depressed, lonely, ashamed

Someone with Bulimia…

Carefree to crisis what happened to being a child
Carefree to CrisisWhat happened to being a child?

Reproduced with permission (2)

Dangers of dieting
Dangers of Dieting






Reproduced with permission (2)

Inside myself i am
Inside Myself, I Am ..

Hiding my body and my mind…

Reproduced with permission (2)

Through the looking glass eating disorders from the inside out

Irregular heartbeat

Loss of bone mass, fractures

Kidney damage

Liver damage

Teeth and mouth problems

Menstrual and fertility problems

Weaken immune system

Esophagus ruptures

Icy hands and feet

Swollen glands and puffy face

Excess hair

Dry, blotchy skin

Anemia and malnutrition

Fainting spells, sleep disruption

Chronic constipation

Muscle weakness

Through the Looking GlassEating Disorders from the Inside Out

Binge eating
Binge Eating …

Reproduced with permission (1)

Dining with Depression

Binge eating vs overeating
Binge Eating vs. Overeating

A binge episode usually includes at least three

of the following behaviors:

  • Eating much more rapidly than normal

  • Eating until uncomfortably full

  • Eating large amounts of food when not hungry

  • Eating alone because of embarrassment about how much is eaten

  • Feeling disgusted with oneself, depressed or feeling guilty about eating

Bad effects of binge eating
Bad Effects of Binge Eating

  • Tears in the stomach lining

  • Stomach pain and bleeding

  • Rupturing of the stomach

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart attack and/or strokes

  • Obesity

Reproduced with permission (1)

Trapped forever
Trapped Forever?

Reproduced with permission (2)

Where do you find help
Where Do You Find Help?

  • Hospital emergency rooms

  • Family physicians

  • Trusted family members, friends, school counselors, or teachers

Reproduced with permission (2)

Successful treatment strategies

Group counseling

Family counseling

Nutrition counseling

Support groups



Dental work

Individual counseling

Successful Treatment Strategies

The rewards of recovery

Maintaining normal weight

Regular menstrual cycles

Diet of “normal” foods

No food fears

Improved relationships

Awareness of cultural demands

Good friendships

Better problem-solving skills

Involvement in outside activities

The Rewards of Recovery

One step at a time
One Step at a Time…

Reproduced with permission (2)

Food for thought
Food for Thought…

Reproduced with permission (1)

Be a friend
Be a Friend …

  • Let your friend know you think there is a problem

  • Encourage him/her to seek professional help

  • Don’t try to rescue or fix the problem, but DO give support and reassurance

Reproduced with permission (2)

What are healthy eating habits
What Are Healthy Eating Habits?

  • Giving yourself permission to eat because you are happy, sad, or bored

  • Eating three meals a day, or maybe just munching through the Food Pyramid

  • Leaving some cookies on the plate because you know you can have some tomorrow

  • Eating foods for enjoyment and enthusiasm

  • Eating to satisfy hunger

  • Being able to eat when you are hungry and continuing to eat until you are satisfied

  • Being able to choose food you like and eat it and truly get enough of it – not just stop eating because you think you should

  • Being able to use some control of your food selection to get healthy food, but not being so restrictive that you miss out on pleasurable foods

Reproduced with permission (1) until you are satisfied

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