kent health safety group meeting
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Kent Health & Safety Group Meeting.

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Kent Health & Safety Group Meeting. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kent Health & Safety Group Meeting. Delphi Diesel Systems Courteney Road Gillingham Kent. Session. Assessment and control of hand-arm vibration. What is in this session?. HAVS risk assessment Hierarchy of control Examples of practical control of risks from hand-arm vibration.

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kent health safety group meeting

Kent Health & Safety Group Meeting.

Delphi Diesel Systems

Courteney Road




Assessment and control of hand-arm vibration.

what is in this session
What is in this session?
  • HAVS risk assessment
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Examples of practical control of risks from hand-arm vibration
risk assessment

‘An assessment is adequate if it provides enough information to enable you to decide whether your employees’ exposures are likely to be above EAV or ELV and to take the most appropriate action to control the exposure.’

Helps to target the highest exposure processes (biggest gain)

rules of thumb
Rules of thumb?

High risk

Medium risk

More than 1 hour

More than 15 minutes

More than 2 hour

More than 1 hour

what do employers need to do to estimate vibration exposure
What do employers need to do to estimate vibration exposure?
  • Need vibration emission from the tool(s)
  • Also time of exposure
  • Combine to obtain daily exposure A(8) in m/s2
getting more realistic vibration data
Getting more realistic vibration data!
  • Employers should check if manufacturers’ emission data is representative of tool use?
  • If not they can;
    • Ask their supplier
    • HSE Guidance
    • Trade Associations, consultancies, government
    • Measurements (ISO 5349 parts 1 and 2)
hse website exposure calculator
HSE Website Exposure Calculator.

hse exposure points method
HSE Exposure Points Method.
  • Alternative equally effective method to using the calculator;
  • Straightforward to use – especially, by employees;
  • Exposure Action Value = 100 points
  • Exposure Limit Value = 400 points
control measures
CONTROL Measures?

Think creatively about the job.

Put systems in place early.

hierarchy of control
Hierarchy of control!
  • Elimination;
  • Substitution;
  • Engineering control;
  • Exposure management;
  • Information, instruction and training.



elimination continued
Elimination continued…

Foundry furnace lining removal

New: Hydraulic push-out

Safer process with shorter down time

Old: Pneumatic pick

Slow process with exposure to noise, vibration, dust, heat

elimination by design
Elimination by design ….

Eliminating the need for fettling

Green sand casting

Lost foam casting

elimination by design continued
Elimination by design continued…

In construction the biggest reduction in exposure can be achieved in the design stage – i.e., Construction (Design & Management Regulations 2007).

Choose the right powered hand-tool – i.e.:

Is it the best tool for the job (suitability and efficiency)?

Ask the tool users?

Is it low vibration?

use manufacturers’ data to make first estimate of exposure;

Implement purchasing / hiring policy.

Substitution ….
engineering control
Engineering control?

Benefits include:

  • Reduces and/or eliminates vibration exposure;
  • Good ergonomics;
  • Increased productivity.
exposure management
Exposure management!
  • Specify maximum exposure times:
  • Job rotation
    • Share exposure
    • Non-vibration tasks
  • Need to take account of:
    • Productivity – what are you asking the workers to do?
    • Communication
    • Supervision
    • Bonus
anti vibration gloves
‘Anti-vibration’ Gloves.
  • Potential loss of dexterity and/or control;
  • Unlikely to reduce the A(8);
  • Assume they offer no protection.


  • Use gloves to keep hands warm.
  • Regular maintenance program;
  • Return tool policy;
  • Raise awareness of the risks from poorly maintained tools;
  • Attachments:
    • Suitability
    • Sharp
    • Replacements.
examples of vibration reduction
Examples of vibration reduction.
  • Demolition without vibration
    • Use crushers instead of demolition hammers
remove the need for hand tunnelling
Remove the need for hand-tunnelling.

New liner fitted by expanding and bursting old pipe, which eliminates manual excavation and back-filling.

bursting concrete
Bursting concrete

Initially, core holes are required in the concrete, to install the Burster wedge to begin the cracking process.