agroecommerce network pvt ltd n.
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Agroecommerce Network Pvt. Ltd.

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Agroecommerce Network Pvt. Ltd.
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  1. Agroecommerce Network Pvt. Ltd. …..enabling rural India 1

  2. Agroecommerce Network Pvt. Ltd. • A Soft-Infrastructure providing company • Works on BOO(Build-Own-Operate) model • Is a process of bringing buyers and sellers of agroproducts on a common technological platform • Focus is to bring communities of farmers on net through Krishi Pragati Kendras (KPK) placed at the grass root level • Aims at the Best Agriculture scenario by means of…. • Availability of the best quality input at lowest possible rate • Knowledge dissemination of the best farming practices • Giving the best possible price to the farmer for their produce 2


  4. To do all that ANPL is equipped with…. • World class IT-infrastructure which not only provides various security measures for your database but also provides a platform for the transaction of agroproducts • A profitable network of Krishi Pragati Kendras (KPK), where each KPK is self supporting and self duplicable • Expertise in providing customized solutions as an ASP (Application Service Providers) company. Already enabled Schools, Colleges, NGOs, Govt., SME’s, Network Marketing Company and other organizations operating in the non-corporate sector under the name of • Has filed various patents in USPTO for Global Thought Leadership in providing web based solutions to the non-corporate sector 4

  5. Need of a KPK • Rural segment is somehow made to feel that their own development is somebody else’s responsibility and not their own. They have to come out of that mental-block • To put emphasis on their own empowerment for the overall rural development • To enable the farmers for self-development in such a way that a part of their increased earnings can be deployed into developmental activities also • To get one facilitation center from where a group of farmers can be facilitated with various inputs starting from fertilizers to knowledge • To have a physical set-up for the training of farmers and to communicate with them for their queries 5

  6. What is a KPK? • A registered body of ANPL • A net enabled kiosk at the village level • An interface between the village community and the outside world • A facilitation center for farmers registered with KPK • A profitable center that can provide various services to the farmers on the platform created and developed by ANPL • A complete solution shop for farmers • A place from where the group buying and group selling concept can be initiated • A knowledge dissemination center for farmers • A village office and a center for communication with farmers 6

  7. KPK Operations • Provider of all quality inputs at the lowest possible price • Operates in an area of 4000 acres of land or 5-7 villages • Every KPK to have a customer base of 1200-1500 farmers • A center to keep providing value added services to farmers • All KPKs will be on a common platform developed and created by ANPL to avail various services • To help farmers in discovering better rates, by increasing their customer base from mandis to consumers • To connect the farmers with the outside world, to avail services offered by various organizations and institutions 7

  8. Benefits for an Organization... • To give an alternative platform to organizations to sell their products and services • Networking of an Organization with KPKs on net • Organizations will get the forecasted demand of farmers for the current year at • Organizations can now target their ready customers • To give a technological approach to organizations to market their products • An Intranet / V.P.N. can be made for the organizations to keep a track of its working and activities on a Technological Backbone • Customized dedicated home-page with a backend to enable you to make necessary changes on your own 11

  9. Benefits for an organization…contd.. • Registered organizations will be equipped to generate most accurate MIS reports for its transactions on our portal. • To enable organizations to transact on net with the group of farmers at KPK. • A network in the making with no exit liability • Organizations now can share a better customer relationship with farmers • Various training's camps can be organized at the KPK’s • Various transaction, communication and information tools for your activities on net 12