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  1. METASOFTSOLUTIONS PVT LTD Truly dependable Highly appreciable

  2. Metasoft was established in the year 2003 with a clear vision to be a significant player in IT Services And Software , unified communication solutions business in India and Middle East. Established Corporate Profile Solutions End To End IT Solutions Managed Services Hosting ,Colocation, Storage ,Back up ,Operating Services , Video Conference Bridge Services Server Virtualization, Build Private Cloud Public Cloud, DR ,DR Back Up Cloud Services Unified Communications E- Learning, Tele Medicine, Virtual Class Room AV Integrations, Video Conference Bridge Services

  3. Data Center Build & Maintain Services • Cloud Services • Hosting Infrastructure Services • Managed Video conference Bridging Services • Video Conferencing Services • Unified Communication Solutions • E- Learning Solutions • Telemedicine Solutions • AV Integrations Area Of Businesses

  4. Line Of Business Managed Services Unified Communication Data Centers • Managed Audio/ Video Conferencing • Remote Infrastructure Management. • Security & Application Management • Total End to End IT Solutions • Managed hosting • Shared hosting • Dedicated hosting • Collocation • Disaster Recovery • Data Center Build & Maintain • Backup Services • Private ,Public Cloud • Datacenter On Demand • Server Virtualization • E- Learning • Digital Studio • Tele- Medicine • Virtual Class Room • Video Conference • Visual Integrations • Audio Conferencing

  5. Cloud Platform

  6. Application Services (services on demand) • Software As a Service (SAAS) • Ex: Gmail, Google Calendar ,HR ,CRM Etc Cloud Services • Platform Services (Resources on demand) • Platform As A Service (PAAS) • Middleware, Integration, Messaging, Information, connectivity Google App Engine etc • Infrastructure as services(physical assets as services) • IAAS ( Infrastructure As A Service) • IBM Blue house, VMWare, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure Platform, Sun Para scale and more

  7. commercial Individuals Non-Commercial Corporations what is a cloud? Cloud Middle Ware SLA(monitor), Security, Billing, Payment Storage Provisioning Service(apps) Provisioning Network Provisioning OS Provisioning Resources Services OS Network Storage

  8. Private Cloud Private /Public/Hybrid • Public Cloud • Hybrid Cloud

  9. Private Cloud • Open for use by general public • Exist beyond firewall, fully hosted and managed by the vendor • Accountability is e-commerce based • “Pay-as-you-go” and flat-rate subscription

  10. Public Cloud/Hybrid Cloud • Public Cloud • Within the boundaries(firewall) of the organization • Sold to the public, mega-scale infrastructure • Reduce operation costs • Has to be managed by the enterprise • Ideal for apps related to tight security and regulatory concerns • Hybrid cloud • composition of two or more clouds

  11. IT Infrastructure services • Co location services • Shared hosting • Dedicated hosting Manages Server hosting Our Services Service Oriented Infrastructure • Network management • Data base • Managed security • Software As A Service (SAAS) • Plat-form As A Service (PAAS) • Infrastructure As A Service(IAAS) • On demand Private Cloud • Disaster Recovery & Data Backup • DC Build and Maintain Data Centre

  12. Multi Point Video Conference • Recording & Streaming • Digital Signage Bridge Video Conference Services

  13. Availability • Highest levels of service availability. Cost Savings. • Endpoints: Require basic endpoints per location. • MCU: No requirement of a MCU. • Infra components: No requirement of video infrastructural elements. • Pay as you go service. Monthly price model Scalability. Why video bringing as a service? • Scalability to hundreds of multipoint ports, without changing any equipments. • Ability to scale 1 port at a time. Flexibility. • On demand recording, streaming. • Dedicated or scheduled. Hybrid. • Works across all MPLS networks **

  14. Branch Office The Bigger Picture Corp Office Branch Office Video Network Customer Office Web streaming to thousands of participants, with “ Raise Hand” feature. Users joining in from Cell phones

  15. Video Cloud Services

  16. Day to day operations. • Employee trainings. • Product Launches. • Interviews, town halls and other HR activities. • Company Events. • Customer meetings and events. • Investor Calls. One platform/Multiple Locations Integrated, fast and simple. Faster Decision making and improved productivity.

  17. End to end managed service encompassing all aspects of video conferencing Managed Video Conference Services Video Endpoint OEM Customer Video/ IT / admin teams. Customer Web Streaming/ Streaming/ Recorder Setup Provider Video Endpoint implementation partner Network provider Maintenance Services

  18. One Room Many Services Bridge Video Cloud

  19. No MCU required. • No Video infrastructure required in terms of video firewall, streaming servers etc. • Ability to scale up, one port at a time. • P2P video endpoints at all locations for a any to any conference. • No need to invest and maintain a high capacity central aggregation link. • No need to hire costly MCU experts and video moderators. Operational Efficiency

  20. Bridging Services • SD Bridging: Unlimited usage per month. • HD Bridging: Scheduled usage. • SD Bridging: Scheduled usage. • HD Bridging : Unlimited usage per month • Audio Conferencing • Recording / Storage and Archival solutions. Recording on going conferences, storage in high availability facilities and provide archiving services. • Webcast/ Streaming Solutions Live or on demand streaming of conferences. • Video QOS enabled Networks to enable customers gain best quality conferencing. • End to end Video Outsourcing Managed Video Services Portfolio

  21. Requires a dedicated MCU. Nearest MCU point available is 40 ports. Lot of infra required too (Firewalls, ISDN, recording, streaming etc) Video Outsourcing Service Relevance Requires a dedicated MCU. Nearest MCU point available is 20 ports. Lot of infra required too (Firewalls, ISDN, recording, streaming etc) Video Outsourcing/ Dedicated ports SD/HD with a scale up feature using scheduled services. Requires a dedicated MCU. Nearest MCU point available is 10 ports. Dedicated ports SD/HD with a scale up feature using scheduled services. 1+3 MP integrated options available. 1+5 MP integrated options available. Scheduled conferences when wanting to connect more locations.

  22. Services 1 Video Endpoints 6 Partner Integration 2 Conference Bridge 3 Video Firewall Security & NAT/FW Traversal Video Recording, Streaming Content Management , interactive streaming Management &Scheduling 4 5 Global Data Connectivity | Managed services | Data Centers

  23. Building Blocks

  24. Cont….

  25. Metasoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd nLeague, Northwest Hall, NAC Campus, Hitex,Hyderabad-500072 Tel/Fax: 040-23117802/ 3/ 4 URL : Registered & Admin Office: Metasoft Solutions Pvt Ltd # 8-3-673/302 302,Saidatta Residency Shardanagar, Yusufguda, Hyderabad. CONTACT US