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www.hsmagazine.net. 1960’s Project. By: Jessica Burk F Period 3-14-13. Political Issues.

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1960 s project


1960’s Project

By: Jessica Burk

F Period


Political issues
Political Issues

In the 1960’s there were many political issues. One political affair was the assassination of President Kennedy. Another issue prominent in the news was the firebombing of the freedom riders buses. Many key political figures were in power during these years. President Kennedy was favored by numerous. Another figure during this time is Shirley Chisholm. She was a prized African- American women.




The economy in the 1960’s was the longest uninterrupted period. Many Americans income increased by the end of the decade. In cause of this Americans started spending money in enjoyment instead of buying what they needed. Many common goods, such as bananas, cost as low as 10 cents per pound. Other products like car seats, bikes, and scooters ranged between 5 to 10 dollars.


In the 1960’s culture was different than today. Music was centered around top star, Elvis, and groups such as Acid rock. The television shows that were watched were The Addams Family and The Twilight Zone. The popular movies were the Sound Of Music and James Bond movies.


Fashion and fads
Fashion And Fads


The 1960’s had many different fashion trends and fads. For one, many men had crew cuts, and women has bouffant hairstyles. Miniskirts, go-go boots, turtlenecks, bellbottom jeans, and afro’s were all a part of these decade. Some fads, were Barbie Dolls, Troll Dolls, and Slot Cars.


To this day there is various ways to say things. In the 60’s, there were also many different sayings, called slang. A female biker was called a birdie biker. If you were hurt your injury would be referred to as a Bogart. If you hade a sore throat, you would have “bad pipes.”


Interesting facts
Interesting Facts

There are many interesting things about the 60’s.

Here is a few:

Minimum wage was one dollar.

The number of people unemployed was 3,852,000.

The Flintstones became the second cartoon on primetime.

Teacher’s salary was 5,174 dollars.


I could not have done this project without
I Could Not Have Done This Project Without…

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