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What is the PSBA Network?

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What is the PSBA Network? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is the PSBA Network? . PSN Workshop Edinburgh January 21st, 2011 Andy Williamson – Office of the CIO Welsh Assembly Government. What is the PSBA network?. A Welsh Assembly Government sponsored programme to develop a best value platform for shared telecommunications services

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what is the psba network

What is the PSBA Network?

PSN Workshop


January 21st, 2011

Andy Williamson – Office of the CIO

Welsh Assembly Government

what is the psba network1
What is the PSBA network?

A Welsh Assembly Government sponsored programme to develop a best value platform for shared telecommunications services

A single, integrated, pervasive, secure, service oriented ‘Next Generation’ communications infrastructure

Designed to foster collaboration within a secure working environment

A ‘private’ Internet for Wales

Addressing the various special, security, resilience, service and availability required by the public sector

Managed gateways into other UK ICT infrastructure and networks – Janet, N3, GCSX, and the Internet

A secure Intranet for the Welsh Public Sector

the psba vision
The PSBA Vision

The effect of having a single, Welsh Public Sector network, enabling:

The efficient and secure availability of information, with sharing where appropriate

Collaboration and co-operative working and to be the catalyst for ‘shared services’

Access from anywhere in Wales, based on who a person is, NOT where they are or what device they are using

Scalability, resilience and Information Assurance

Removing infrastructure constraints, enabling:

More for less; So far saving £2M per annum over historic network spend

Improved working agility

Business change rather than ICT change

AND - to be the Direct Network Service Provider (DNSP)

for Wales by April 2011

Every Welsh Public Sector Organisation choosing to use PSBA services by 2014

what does it enable
What does it enable?

The implementation of changing technology to support the delivery of better public sector services and the transformational government agenda

Through the adoption of common, open, standards, a customer-centric operational model and a flexible approach

End-to-end service assurance, management, agreements and guarantees

With detailed reporting

A platform for additional shared services

Voice and Video services

Home and remote working services

Data Centre services

Simplified, collaborative procurement

shared infrastructure networking hypothesis
Shared Infrastructure Networking - Hypothesis

Niche Services

No real



Local Services



Increasing scope of PSBA leverage across resources, assets, tools and processes, etc, drives individual organisational costs down


Shared Services



Utility Services




Degree of customisation



what does it look like
What does it look like?

Network Access Points (NAP’s)

“PE” Routers

22 are in Unitary Authority HQ’s

Customer site

“CE” devices

ISP “CE” devices

ADSL “Cloud”

Core Network

GSR P Routers




176 NAP’s (to date) in BT exchanges

Local Loop Unbundling to provide Ethernet First Mile services over SDSL (copper)

Evolving OFCOM rules and BT Ethernet pricing may make it cost effective to co-locate a NAP at ALL

exchanges throughout Wales to deliver both copper and fibre based connectivity services to end users

  • Connectivity Services
    • ADSL
    • Ethernet First Mile (over LLU SDSL)
    • Fibre based 10 – 1000Mbps
    • All with Service Level Agreements/Guarantees
  • Internet connectivity and content filtering
  • Shared Service VRF’s
    • GCSX
    • PSBA Extranet
  • Multi-Cast
  • DNS
  • Data Centre facilities and services – an ongoing program
  • Voice and Unified Communications
    • Siemens made supplier designate to supply a PSN compliant VoIP/UCC service
  • Video services being planned
    • Will utilise UC platform
  • All with a ITIL defined Network and Service Management wrap
the benefits at a glance
The Benefits at a Glance

Reduced cost of procurement, products and services

Opportunities to share the use of common infrastructure across the public sector

Increased opportunity for cross-sector cooperation and collaboration

Reduced cost of service management & integration across organisational boundaries

Increased responsiveness to organisational change

Greater assurance of common standards, interoperability and security across the public sector


The PSBA network is:

A Secure version of the Internet for the Welsh Public Sector

Accredited to carry IL3/RESTRICTED traffic

A true shared service infrastructure

Something that utilises common, open, standards, with a customer-centric operational model and flexible approach

Increasing responsiveness and opportunity for cross-Public Sector cooperation and collaboration

Reducing costs and simplifying procurement

And is Public Sector Network Ready