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First…what is SitePropeller Display Network? PowerPoint Presentation
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First…what is SitePropeller Display Network?

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First…what is SitePropeller Display Network? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First…what is SitePropeller Display Network?. Site Propeller Display Network is a targeting and optimization technology platform that maximizes the efficiency and scale of online display campaigns.

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First…what is SitePropeller Display Network?

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    1. First…what is SitePropeller Display Network? Site Propeller Display Network is a targeting and optimization technology platform that maximizes the efficiency and scale of online display campaigns. “Founded by industry veterans that helped build Google’s Extended Distribution Network program (EDN) – more than a quarter-Billion dollar business for Google!”. Our platform is comprised of two core technologies Automated bidding technology:efficiently acquires the right audience across the leading data and ad exchanges. Automated optimization technology: learns what worksas your campaign runs, optimizing to your campaign goals in real time. Use call tracking to see who’s calling!

    2. Our platform has the horsepower to digest and correlate tons of data to discover and engage relevant audiences Comprehensive Ad Context Eligibility Rules Response Prediction Optimization Site Propeller Network Ad Request • Demographic • In-Market • Lifestyle • Search Intent • Interests • Social Data • Contextual • Geographic • Past Purchases • Objective • Engagement • CTR(%) • Conversions • Constraints • Pacing • Frequency caps • Creative Optimization Audience Data • Dynamic Segmentation • Propensity scoring • Engagement • Clicks • Conversions • Continuous learning • Site Quality • Targeting rules • Soft preferences Site Propeller Platform User engagement, clicks, conversions & other beacons

    3. How Site Propeller works Site/Page Geo/Weather Time of Day Brand Affinity User [ + ] [ + ]

    4. Identify Data that WorksData, data everywhere but what data really matters? Data Source Legend Continuously Track High Performing Data Sources Marginal Impact on Performance Positive Lift (X% influence) Currently researching dress options 2 Negative Lift (Y% influence) 7 No College Degree 6 15 12 Y Perfectionists 10 X 4 12 18 2 6 Performance From Data Sources Changes During Campaign Lifetime Automatically Scale Against High Performing Sources & Their Lookalikes Rural Dwellers

    5. Campaign Methodology

    6. Overview C Scale 10. Drive High Quality Traffic & Engagement 9. Scale Against High Performing Segments 11. Optimize for Purchases Learn B 8. Build on Learnings 5. Tailor Audiences 1. Target Designer Audience Segments in Relevant Contexts 4. Continuously Learn 6. Fine Tune Context A Launch 2. Drive Awareness & Consideration 7. Promote Engagement 3. Track Responses 12. Generate Insights

    7. Boosted ReTargetingDon't settle for "vanilla" retargeting that treats all visitors as being equal. We focus on your most valuable prospects and their lookalikes -- those most likely to come back and take action. Retargeting Maximize conversions by differentiating visitors Search Display Email Other Win-Back campaign Web Site 3 Landing Page Web Site 1 Web Site 2 Leakage Site Propeller Network Web Site 4 Intermediate Page Leakage Conversion Page Increase reach & scale by finding “look-a-likes” Our technology finds the people that matter to your brand – and brings them back to your Web site. Site Propeller Platform

    8. InSync Campaigns™ Across Phases (1 & 2) Initiative Funnel Stage Phase 1 Awareness Booster Awareness Insights Generated Connected Funnel Optimization Insights automatically bootstrap next phase Consideration Favorability Purchase Intent Phase 2 Purchase Intent Booster Sales Leverage insights across different stages for an integrated campaign strategy to optimize the funnel

    9. Audience

    10. Tailoring Designer Audiences Demographics Big Box Shoppers Women with Kids Digital Moms Skew Female Cosmetics Homeowners Income Context Social 25-54 Designer Audience Segments Social Graph Small Appliances Past Purchases In Market Intent Small Appliances Personal Care Items Children’s Product Buyers Electronics Clothing Grocery Clothing & Accessories Electronics

    11. Frequent Online Users High Spenders Owns Audi A4 & Lexus RX 350 Homeowner 1 child – Toddler Fast-Rising Family Male, 35 to 44 Corporate Exec Blackberry User Digital Mom Socially Active Heavy Texter Consumers Are More Than Their Clickstream Online Activity Browser Data Search Keywords Site Actions In-Market Purchase Intent Ready to buy online or offline Interests and Social Psychographics Preferences, hobbies, and inter-personal social dynamics Demographics and Lifestyle Data Individual and household specific data Offline Purchase Data Consumer segments based on SKU-data from many transactions Site Propeller data driven targeting goes far beyond behavior and clickstream to paint a Rich Portrait of the Consumer

    12. Site Propeller Booster Family • DR Booster • Brand Booster • Social Amplification Booster • Multi – Channel Booster • Search/Traffic/Audience Boosters Available

    13. DR Booster™ Suite Audience Booster 1 2 Re-targeting Booster Deep Insights 6 Powerful insights on campaign and audience • All users are not the same • Lookalikes for high performers Creative Optimization 5 Search Booster 3 4 Progressive Optimization • Dynamic Assembly • ADISN & PointRoll • Boost SEM/SEO • Search intent targeting • Launch • Learn • Scale

    14. Brand Booster™ Suite Designer Audiences 1 6 2 Brand Measurement Precision targeting for high execution efficiency Powerful insights on customer segments, brand health, and relevance Measure and track brand metrics & equity elements for visibility into brand health 5 Audience Verification Real-Time Brand Optimization Offline Sales Impact Deep Insights 3 • User transparency • comScore AdEffx 4 • Measure bottom-line impact • Influence Marketing Media Mix Model • Maximize brand impact • Dynamic Logic & Dimestore

    15. Optimize for Targeting or Ad Effectiveness Brand Audience Awareness Demographics? Interests? In-market? Message Association Consideration Others Lifestyles? Purchase Intent Other Ad Effectiveness Targeting Effectiveness

    16. Measuring Brand Impact with a Single Question Survey 2 Survey Question* Brand Metrics 3 Response 1 Recruitment • Are you aware of XYZ Product? • Did you know that there is a new location launching in your market? • Do you intend to buy XYZ product in the next 30 days? User is served a single question survey User completes survey and submits response * Representative questions for single question survey

    17. Social Booster Overview Fan Booster 1 2 6 Social Ads Drive Traffic to Social Destinations Promote Ad Sharing Track Brand Health & Connection with Audience 5 3 Message Seeding Influencer Targeting Social Amplification 4 Brand Sentiment Analysis Intelligent Message Scaling Activate Key Users High impact organic dissemination

    18. Fan PropellerPromoting Social Initiatives Target Audience Fan Propeller Campaign • Target socially active users within target audience • Boost buzz & awareness • Drive high quality traffic & engagement for social initiative P&G Ad P&G Ad P&G Ad P&G Ad P&G Ad P&G Ad P&G Ad P&G Ad Social Destinations Others

    19. Social AdsPromote Ad Sharing • Turn transient ads into persistent messages • Ads become widgets for digital content distribution • Simple and efficient ad sharing • Leverage existing ad assets • Drive users to distribute message across their social networks, Twitter, email etc. • Facilitate stronger user engagement with the brand • Measure sharing activity and earned media impact

    20. Social AmplificationIntelligent Message Scaling High Leverage Campaign Initiatives Social Ads Influencer Targeting Message Seeding Acquainted Audience Users exposed to the campaign message via leveraged initiative Blog Exposure Facebook Post Tweet Other Received Social Ad Influencer Referral Target Acquainted Users Auto-Optimize for Amplification Promote Engagement & Sharing Track User Behavior Drive Awareness & Buzz Learn & Identify High Performing Segments Social Amplification 1 2 3 4 6 5 Leverage acquainted audience to further amplify campaign message Amplify

    21. Brand Sentiment Analysis • Measure brand sentiment and share of conversation • Track where conversations are happening • Evaluate tone and emotional connection with audience • Integrate learnings back into campaign

    22. Our Platform make buying digital audiences easy And we leverage your learnings to make every campaign perform better Advertiser Site Propeller Platform Video Mobile Online

    23. Site Propeller Multichannel targetingUsing online results to drive cross-channel targeting Mobile Weather Geography Intent Psychographics Time of Day 3rd-PartyData Retargeting Video Online

    24. Our Video Network delivers premium content, broad reach and device diversity • Innovative & scalable ad units • In-stream and linear • Pre-roll • 15 & 30 second spots • Support for multiple video formats • User-initiated video ads • Precision targeting • Companion banner available • Mid-view and end-view tracking • Over 4x lift in impact versus flash ads* * Doubleclick research report, June 2009

    25. Who put video in my mobile? Leverage video assets directly into the mobile world. • 15- or 30-second full-screen iPhone & iPad. • Use existing video creative with no modification. • Runs before free apps. • Includes companion ad with video reload option.

    26. Our Mobile Network delivers premium content, broad reach and device diversity • Premium Content • Over 8,000 publishers • Mobile web environment (WAP) • On-deck & off-deck applications • Large Scale Mobile Access • Access to all major platforms (Apple, Android, Blackberry) • Over 5 Billion monthly impressions • Over 80 Million monthly uniques

    27. Our Mobile Network delivers premium content, broad reach and device diversity • Rich Device Diversity • Support for more than 4,000 devices • All key industry protocols & configurations • Ad Units • 6:1 MMA Standard: 300x50, 216x36, 168x28, 120x20 • 4:1 MMA Standard: 300x75, 216x54, 168x42, 120x30 • 300x250 (Interstitial, Expandable) • 728x90, 160x600, 300x250, 468x60 (iPad standards)

    28. Appendix / Insights Examples

    29. Sample insights that help us target the right consumers, in the right context, with the right message more effectively Most Productive GeographiesNew York and California generate impact most cost effectively Hour of Day InsightsEvenings perform 15% better than mornings Audience Insights Users with cooking interests were five times more likely be aware Optimizing by IAB ad unit size(160 x 600) performed 40%+ better than (728 x 90)

    30. The team that will drive your campaign Kelly Hagen, Sales Director • 619-846-3451 Mark Crowson, Account Manager

    31. Our data partnersprovide a wealth of purchase intent, search intent, past purchase, demographic, lifestyle, interest, behavioral, psychographic, and social data Site Propeller Platform

    32. Finance Technology Comm Retail/Fashion Travel Food/CPG Media Automotive Education Giving Social Home Business Svcs Govt Attractions Energy