Using the mesocard method for brainstorming
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Using the Mesocard method for brainstorming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Mesocard method for brainstorming. Jörg Meyer-Stamer. 1 idea per card. Write legibly. 3 - 4 lines per card. Three basic Mesocard rules. What materials do you need?. The fancy option. ... and the affordable & effective option. 2. Distribute cards. 1. Define a

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Using the mesocard method for brainstorming

Using the Mesocard methodfor brainstorming

Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Three basic mesocard rules

1 idea per card

Write legibly

3 - 4 lines

per card

Three basic Mesocard rules

What materials do you need
What materials do you need?

The fancy option...

... and the affordable & effective option

The standard sequence of a mesocard exercise

2. Distribute


1. Define a

question (consult

with group)

3. Participants

write cards

4. Collect and

mix cards

5. Show and

read cards

6. Pin / fix the

cards to panel /


The standard sequence of a Mesocard exercise

Defining a question

The phrasing of

the question deter-

mines the result!

Discuss the phra-

sing with the group

to avoid confusion

In Miniworkshops:

Use the pre-

defined phrases

Defining a question

Distributing cards

1 colour of cards

and markers

= anonymity!

Distributing cards

Collect and mix cards

Collect (almost) all

cards before

reading them

Mix the cards =

more anonymity!

Collect and mix cards

Show and read the cards

Showing while read-

ing makes it easier

to understand cards

Show and read the cards

The next steps in a mesocard exercise

7. Clarify content

of cards

8. Eliminate


9. Cluster the cards (similar /

related topics)

Engage participants

in the clustering


10. Option:

Pareto (prioritizing

cards - 20 % rule)

The next steps in a Mesocard exercise

Don ts in a mesocard exercise

Never ask:

“Who wrote this?”

Respect anonymity

Don’t comment on

cards - no

ironic remarks

Never give the

impression that

you’re manipulating

Don’t “explain”

cards - ask partici-

pants for clarification

Don’t hide or drop

cards (or give

this impression)

Don‘ts in a Mesocard exercise

What is wrong in this picture
What is wrong in this picture?

At least one facilitator must face the group at all times!

Do s in a mesocard exercise

Try to involve

every participant

Encourage unusual

/ innovative ideas

Stick to the

method -

discourage talking!

Do‘s in a Mesocard exercise

Mesocard material

the simple


... and the

very simple


The sophisticated version,

Mesocard material