lifecycle of frogs
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LifeCycle of Frogs

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LifeCycle of Frogs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LifeCycle of Frogs. By Jaimee Gibbons, Olivia Sproat and Jessica Humphrys. Introduction. Subject: Science Topic: The Lifecycle of the Frog Year Level : 4 Time Duration : Twelve weeks. Overview.

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lifecycle of frogs

LifeCycle of Frogs

By Jaimee Gibbons, Olivia Sproat and Jessica Humphrys

  • Subject: Science
  • Topic: The Lifecycle of the Frog
  • Year Level: 4
  • Time Duration: Twelve weeks
  • Wikispace consists of 4 pages, these help to provide information to teachers and students of the task at hand.
  • Aim: Teach students the lifecycle of frogs
  • The students will be able to watch and learn in a hands on environment how the frog becomes to be and then present their findings.
  • This is an authentic learning task because students are able to watch and learn through self discovery.
wikispace home page
WikiSpace – Home Page

Our home page consists of information about the task.

Links to the home page, task, teachers information and resource page.

Introduction to the task and the task overview

Curriculum allignment

wikispace task
WikiSpace - Task

This page consists of information that will help the students to complete the task, links to different YouTube videos are provided as well as a link to a social networking sight that will enable students to upload their progress on the task as completed there is also an image of the lifecycle of a frog.

wikispace teachers info
WikiSpace – Teachers Info

On this page we have provided the teacher with information of what their lesson schedule should look like, also a word document with a question sheet is also provided to assist the teachers with finding information about what their students have gained.

At the very bottom of this page are some links that will be useful for teachers to gain and provide more information to their students.

wikispace resources
WikiSpace - Resources

Our resources page provides teachers with valuable sites go explore in order to expand the knowledge of their students. - Interactive whiteboard - Documents- Websites - Social Networking Sites- YouTube Videos

the authentic learning task
The Authentic Learning Task
  • Over the next twelve weeks you will be learning about the life cycle of frogs and observing and documenting how this life cycle works. Imagine yourself as a scientist forthis journey, discovering the life cycle of frogs.You will learn about the different species of frogs, the environments frogs live in and the life cycle of frogs. This knowledge will then be useful for when you start to observe a frogs life.When you begin to watch this life cycle you will be using a recording device to narrate your observations and a camera to photograph your visual observations. You are also required to upload your findings to the class social networking page 'edmodo' to share and compare information with your classmates.At the end of this twelve week period each student is required to present there findings to the rest of class through a PowerPoint presentation which will include there narrations and photographs that were undertaken through the twelve week period.