interview question and answer for fire and safety n.
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Interview Question and Answer for Fire and Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Interview Question and Answer for Fire and Safety

Interview Question and Answer for Fire and Safety

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Interview Question and Answer for Fire and Safety

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  1. Interview Question and Answer for Fire and Safety

  2. Top 10 Interview Question and answer for fire and safety course

  3. What Is Accident? It is a startling or impromptu occasion which could conceivably bring about damage or harm or property misfortune or passing 2) What Is Incident? It is an occasion which speaks to deviation from the proposed succession of composed advances.

  4. 3) What Is Attitude? State of mind might be portrayed as ceaseless conduct. on the off chance that man's conduct is great, at that point his activity will be either right or safe. 4) What Is Manual Handing? The way toward lifting, conveying and stacking materials by men is called manual giving.

  5. 5) What Are the Duties of a Safety Officer? Prepare tool kit talk Prepare month to month insights Prepare the agenda Accident reports Management gatherings Arrange the safety classes/preparing Arrange month to month security notice Inspection of flame douser Arrange emergency treatment instructional courses Arrange security rivalries like test, trademark, notice rivalries show

  6. 6) What is JSA? The system of dissecting work for the particular reason for finding the perils and creating. 7) Reason for mischances in manual taking care of? Improper lifting Carrying too substantial burdens Improper grasping Failure to utilize PPE Lifting oily, slick and unpredictable articles Poor physical make-up

  7. 8) What are the obligations of a chief? He needs to teach this specialist about the safety work strategies and systems. He needs to keep up teach among the specialists He needs to supply essential materials He needs to control quality and cost of the activity He needs to direct has specialists in completing a vocation in the right and safety way He needs to supply appropriate individual defensive hardware to his specialists He should lead periodical wellbeing gatherings. He should lead security investigation of his working territory He should think about the fire battle gear He should know examine the mishap and discover the reason for mischance

  8. 9)Depict about vehicles and plants? All vehicles requiring safety vehicles pass All drivers ought to have substantial driving permit Drivers ought not utilize fork lift trucks for conveying travelers All activity controls and speed breaking point ought to be entirely followed inside the plant zone All vehicles region in a street commendable condition Vehicles stop in the activity territory should constantly opened with in start enter in position

  9. 10) What is tool kit talk? Job related safety viewpoints Job related perils/hazard Control/preventive measure Adequacy of PPE's/condition Following wellbeing rules/strategies Safe work systems/strategies