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SAULA LIBRARY INNOVATION PROGRAMME; Enhancing Skill & Capacity Of Handicraft Person & Students Through Computer Literacy .

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Enhancing Skill & Capacity Of Handicraft Person & Students Through Computer Literacy .

Nepal is a south Asian country with frontiers adjoining India & China. It extended with an area of 1,47, & population about 2.6million.Nepal is a country of highly diverse & rich in geography, culture , religion & the exotic variety of art work. Geographically it is divided into Himalayan, Hill & Terai . The Himalayan north has 8 of the world’s top ten mountain including the highest one Mt. Everest(8848m.) this is the secret land where Gautam Buddha “the light of Asia was born.
Nepal has unmatched beauty in art& architecture descended from generation to generation . The variety of art work scattered around Kathmandu valley are enough to summarized the affluence of whole Nepal.

Barely 10km. South from the heart of Kathmandu stands a small but graceful ancient village (Bungamati) which comes into existence in early seventh century.

The original township of bungamati is said to have been established with 100 people from Kathmandu, 100 from Patanand 100 from Bhaktapur . It covers 4.03 with about 6000 people.
The settlement is based around the temple of ‘Bunga-dyo’ which is popularly known as “Rato Machhendranath”.
Machhendranath Temple

Traditional Gate of Temple

There are numerous ancient temples, monasteries stupas, ponds & other architectures. Various ethnic group such as Newar, Chhetri, Tamang, Dalit &Brahman reside here.
Newar are pre-



with rich

language, script,

art &

architecture .

They are hard working & cheerful who make most of farming and utilize the spare time with masonry, carpenter & other manual works.
Apart from this

woodcarves from

bungamati is gaining popularity as

outstanding wood

carvers. The tremendous potentiality of woodcarving expertise are spokes of by about 300

individual workshops in

small village.

Saula Library

Saula library is located

almost at the center of bungamati village. It is the first library of

bungamati which is

established in 1964A.D. Now a days, this library is directed by active involvement of local youth to fulfill the necessities of the students and local people.

Student participating in Drawing Competition

which is conduct by Saula Library.

It is the informational, educational and recreational centre for village.

It has more than 2500 books and are listed in DDC method (Dewey Decimal Classification). It is also providing mobile library facility in a collaboration with National Library.

It is conducting various activities like health camp, chess tournament, literacy class, different competition, fair management, &get involved in different social activities.
Recently library has conducted basic survey in the community

In Bungamati, at least one person from each family are involved in handicraft.


In this chart we can see that only 25% handicraft person have computer knowledge & 15% have Art training. The number of people having both computer & Art training are only 8%.
which shows that people of bungamati has limited access & knowledge about computer & highly involved on handicraft especially wood carving. Even with high potentialities they lies behind due to lack of trainings & modern technologies. So, this project ”Saula library innovation program; Enhancing Skill & Capacity of Handicraft Person & Students Through Computer Literacy” was formulated
Comparison between trained & untrained handicraft worker

indicates highest level




The community has low access on computer. They don’t know that Internet is the easy & cheap way to get informed about latest knowledge. The number of internet users are very few, most of them use it for communication purpose . They are unaware about the educational part of internet . E-Library is totally new & attractive concept for this region . So this project “Saula Library Innovation Program; Enhancing Skill & capacity of Handicraft person &students through Computer literacy. ”will help to elaborate human knowledge easily &quickly.

Students are using conventional educational materials only so this project will mainly focus new generation’s knowledge procedure as it facilitates to search new books, new ideas, innovative movies & update with the new technology. The net facility provided in library increase their access on books published abroad & helps to participate in various events held at different places. The exchange of learning can be possible through the communication between students of foreign countries.

“Saula Library Innovation Program Enhancing skill & Capacity of handicraft persons & students through computer Literacy” has its main objectives to enhance the library resources by introducing computer & internet facility & capacity of existing handicraft persons through training. The mission of Art training is to preserve, protect & contribute towards Nepal’s cultural significance in the arts by training youth in both traditional techniques & creative thinking to compete in global market.

The training helps to foster personal & professional development as it include- basic sketch art including traditional newari patterns & symbols, still life, realistic portrait drawing & shading techniques.
It also include study of the philosophy & historical significance of the symbols, god’s jewelries, dress & decorative backgrounds, iconography drawing & the theory of god’s faces.
project result
Project Result

The training will be applicable for fundamental drawing, theory of painting, metal art, sculpture, stone & wood carving. The integration of traditional art with computer through training in 3-D & graphic design application, helps to merge the use of technology with traditional techniques to minimize the time necessary to prepare & develop designs. The internet facilities available in library will be used in creating innovative, quality product &find out the information about global economic market & helps them to reach there.

In this way they will be able to enhance their creativity leading towards the quality production of goods & increase their income which ultimately support for improving their livelihood & social status. This project will make Saula Library a resourceful library as it increase access to the information through computer & internet service for the student & community people.