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Partner Program

Partner Program

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Partner Program

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  1. Partner Program

  2. Partner Program Telechoice Consulting offers a referral based partnership program, resulting in benefits to both you and your clients. Today, businesses are faced with the challenges of a volatile market place. Rising costs and economic uncertainty are forcing decision makers to constantly look for ways to reduce Telecom costs while enhancing network efficiency. Telechoice offers both. This is an opportunity for you to offer your clients convenient options and savings with a company that has a proven track record for getting results. Translation… added value and profits for your company.

  3. Partner Program When you refer Telechoice Consulting, your customers will get the attention they deserve. First, the client receives a no obligation, in-depth analysis of their current Telecom services and providers. Then, Telechoice presents a total Telecom solution recommending the providers best suited for their voice and data applications. Finally, the client is converted to the carrier of choice where they begin to enjoy the benefits of dealing with a superior Telecom solution and a reduction in monthly expenses. As a Telechoice Partner, you will now receive an up-front bonus along with residual commissions for the life of the account.

  4. Partner Program Telechoice contracts with a multitude of Telecom providers, allowing us to offer unbiased advice. We tailor our proposals to meet the individual needs of each client. Our relationships with multiple carriers result in more options, and better pricing for your clients. Additionally, your clients will have the option of utilizing Telechoice as their one point of contact. From service to billing, we manage the account so you can focus on your core business.

  5. Partner Program Another benefit of partnering with Telechoice is that we have Telecom providers who are willing to subsidize vendor equipment costs and upgrades to gain a client. This is in addition to the monthly Telecom cost savings your client receives. For example, if you have a client who wants to purchase/upgrade Phone/PBX or Network Hardware but the cost exceeds their budget, we leverage the carrier to compensate your client for part or all of the charges.

  6. Products/Services • Unlimited Local/L.D. Lines • Local/Long Distance T1 • ISDN PRI • Voice/Data T1 • Dedicated Internet T1 • Ethernet via Fiber/Copper • MPLS/VPN • Cable / DSL • Dynamic VoIP • Hosted VoIP • SIP Trunks …..many more

  7. Benefits Summarized • Diversify revenue and services. • Upfront bonuses and monthly residuals. • Vendor Equipment cost compensation. • Reduction in client Telecom costs help offset PBX/Equipment upgrades = Increased Sales. • Value added service to your clients. • No time sacrificed from your business.

  8. Client Process

  9. Telechoice Carriers

  10. Contact Ed Curcio Telechoice Consulting, Inc. 877-924-TELE(8353) ext 101 877-816-6710 fax 631-974-6039 mobile