Water crisis arises when there is lack of enough water . Increased in population . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water crisis arises when there is lack of enough water . Increased in population . PowerPoint Presentation
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Water crisis arises when there is lack of enough water . Increased in population .

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Water crisis arises when there is lack of enough water . Increased in population .
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Water crisis arises when there is lack of enough water . Increased in population .

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  1. Q .1. Reasons for water crisis & suggest different steps so that the ground water level can be maintained • Water crisis arises when there is lack of enough water . • Increased in population . • Over exploitation of water . • Amount of precipitation (Annual & seasonal) • Rising of standard Living . MAINTAINING GROUND WATER :- • Rain water harvesting . • Deforestation Should be stopped and more n more trees should be planted . • Use drip irrigation system (means little ground water level should be maintained) • By the maintaining of water cycle process .

  2. Q.2. Different types of e- waste . Utilization of e waste material Making our environment pollution free . Rules framed by government for e- waste management E-waste :- Electronic waste are the biggest Garbage of the Society . This can be discarded Electronic equipment like Computer, television. etc. The recycling of e-waste Circuit board is a very major problems . Types of e- waste :- • Discarded Computers , office electronic equipment , Entertainment electronic device , mobile Phones , television sets . Etc . Utilization of e- Waste :- 1. As E waste Board contains precious metal like Silver , Gold etc & these can be reused only by melting process . • Mechanical Shredding & Separation . • Cryogenic Decomposition .

  3. Rules framed by Government :- • It Should be banned . • Government give order to company to make disposable electronic equipments • Company making eco-friendly electronic equipments .

  4. Q.3. Origin of mathematics and its importance in our studies and in daily life .Suggest methods to improve your calculation . Origin of mathematics • The area of study known as history of mathematics, the origin of discoveries in mathematics and, to a lesser extent .An investigation into the mathematical methods and notation of the past .New mathematical developments have to come to light only in a few locales .The most ancient mathematical texts are available are the Rhine papyrus, etc, are texts concern the Pythagorean theorem, which seems the most ancient mathematical development .The study of mathematics as a subject in its own rights beings in the 6th century BC with the Pythagoreans .Greek mathematics greatly refined the methods and expended the subject matter of mathematics .Greek and Arabic texts on mathematics were then translate into Latin, which led to the further development of mathematics in medieval Europe .Bursts of mathematics creativity were followed by centuries of stagnation .New mathematical developments, interacting with new scientific discoveries, were made at an increasing pace that continues through the present day .

  5. Importance in our studies and in daily life . • The importance of mathematics in daily life cannot be questioned . • It helps in the man progress in the field of science and technology . • This fields may be advanced applications for the layman . • It helps us to understanding exactly how our universe works . • For the common man, knowledge of mathematics helps him in his personal development, not just at his workplace but also in enhancing his mental abilities . • It is also importance in calculating environmental statistics and for make decisions that affect public in general . Methods to improve your calculation • To improve your calculation increasing problems solving ability . • Think more with our mind for calculation . • Practicing mathematics more n more times .

  6. Q.4. Demonstrate the method to increase the fertility of land to increase crop production . Method to increase the fertility of land and increase crop production • Use manure like (farmyard, compost, green. Etc .) for soil . • Protect upper layer of the soil from erosion by (wind, and water. Etc .) . • Use fertilizers like (urea, NPK, and calcium ammonium nitrate. Etc.) for soil fertility . • Nutrients supplied to the soil like (nitrogen, phosphorous, and calcium. Etc .) . • Selection of seeds like (hybrids), sowing by using seed-drill . • Control on weeds by using hoe, and harrow, etc . • Give proper amount of water for plants . • Crop protection (control of pests and plant diseases) by using pesticides . • Using crop-rotation method to maintaining the fertility level of soil . • Using tools such as herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Etc, reduce crop losses .

  7. Q.5. What is space pollution ? Precautions to be taken to control it ? Space pollution:-It is the collection of defunct objects in orbit around earth, this includes everything spent from rocket stages, old satellites, fragments from disintegration, erosion, and collisions . • Overlap with new spacecrafts, debris may collide with operational spacecraft . Precautions to control it • Safety from debris over comes from maneuvering a spacecraft to avoid collision . • A runway Kessler syndrome would render the useful polar-orbiting bands difficult to use, but active to removal of space garbage or pollution . • Using runway chain reaction . • Using non-polluted fuels . • Fragments should not be used in spacecrafts . • Using lasers to slow an in to the orbits to cause it falls back on earth more quickly .

  8. Q.6.What are the steps required to develop and launched a satellites? Steps to develop and launched a satellites • The scheduled launch rocket is aimed first . • The rocket through the thickest part of the atmosphere most quickly and best minimizes fuel consumption . • After a rocket launches straight up . • The rocket control mechanism uses the inertial guidance system to calculate necessary adjustment to the rocket’s nozzles to tilt the rocket to the course described in the flight plan . • It takes a huge amount of energy to accelerate such a mass, and a significant amount of fuel . • It launching from equator makes a real difference . • The rocket reaches extremely thin air, at about 120 miles up . • The rocket’s navigational system fires small rockets . • And just enough to turn the launch vehicle into a horizontal position • The satellite is then release .

  9. Q.7.Presentation on any one of the following organizations . What steps will you take to see yourself there ? Indian institutes of science and technology • Indian institutes of technology are group of autonomous public engineering and managements institutes of India .The Indian institutes of technology was founded in 1950 at the site of the Hijli Detention camp in Kharagpur . The Indian institute of technology are governed by the institutes of technology Act, 1961 which has declared theme as “institutions of national importance”, and lays down their powers, duties, framework for governance etc. The institutes of technology Act, 1961 list sixteen institutes located at Bhubaneswar, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Mumbai, Patna, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jodhpur, Mandi, Ropar, Roorkee and Varanasi .Each IIT is an autonomous institution, linked to the others through a common IIT council, which oversees their administration .The IIT award degrees starting from B.Tech to Ph.D .The IITs have a common admission process for undergraduate admissions .It was based on IIT-JEE, replaced by JEE in 2013 .IITs also award other graduate degrees such as M.Sc. In engineering, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, MBA, and more . IIT alumni have achieved success in a variety of professions .IITs established through special acts of Indian parliament . Steps will you take to see yourself there • Firstly join the maths, physics, and chemistry institutes and do hardlabour on that subjects . • With passing (+2) give the IIT-JEE examination . • When you will pass in IIT-JEE examination then join the engineering college .

  10. Q.8.Demonstrate a method or suggest chemical to avoid seepage problem in buildings at the time of construction . Methods or suggest chemical to avoid seepage problem in building at the time of construction . • Buildings roofs should be making angular in shape . • In flat roofs adequate fall and drainage outlets should be provided to avoid ponding of water and seepage . • Overflow provisions should be devised to cater for accidental blockage of the rainwater outlets . • Proper care should be taken in designing for and use of suitable materials in the shielding or shading of openings in the external wall . • Roofs slab will also help in reduce the chance of water seepage . • Good workmanship plays a vital role in prevention of water seepage . • Roofs surface should be properly prepared . • Special attention should always be paid to the critical locations such as joints, upturns, downturns, and penetrations . • Water bar should be provided underneath window frame . • Use chemicals like (cement) at the time of construction . • Use chemicals like (J.K. wall putty, and M.seal, etc.) .

  11. Q.9.Design and implemented an engaging method to demonstrate and explain how heat consumed in the home may be conserved or better distributed throughout the house .Alternatively, you may opt to “reverse the energy flow” and demonstrate an innovative method for improving the removal of heat from your home . Method to how heat consumed, conserved or better distribute throughout the house and to reverse the energy flow • Caulking and weather stripping doors and windows will also prevent warmer outside air from seeping into your home . • Use steam energy into electrical energy . • Uses of electrical heater or gas stove . • Used solar cooker or plate for consumed and conserved heat . • Used solar plate to convert heat energy into electrical energy then it distributes throughout the houses in the form of light . • Using roofs ventilator for conserved heat . • Uses of LED, and CFLs bulbs . • Uses black clothes for heat consumed . Innovative method to improving the removal of heat from your home • Used light-colored surfaces for reflecting coming heat . • Installed radiant barriers . • The tighter the curtains is to the wall, it removes the heat . • Washing clothes hang them either on the frame of an open door or window . • Open the windows on the side from where the breeze come . • Use ventilators it also remove heat .

  12. 7. Use exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom . 8. Cover pots when cooking . 9. Uses of selling fans, cooler, A.C. etc. 10.Use barbeque at cooking it keeps the heat outside .

  13. Q.10.Demonstrate a method or device to enhance the performance of inverter with less electric consumption in charging and maximum outcome from battery for domestic use . Method or device to enhance to performance of inverter with less electric consumption in charging • Uses of Ups perform with less electric consumption . • Uses of capacitor in every electrical consumption equipments . • Solar plate inverter should be used . • Keeping inverter in non UPS mode . Maximum outcome from battery for domestic use • Always keep water level maintained in battery cell (fill normal clean water) . • Prefer to change water completely at least once in 6 months by pure battery acid water . • Don’t use more than requirement . • Never use battery after inverter’s battery . • Keeps battery clips tights .