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In Locality. All About InLocality Blue. (A Business Unit of Radioactive Networks Pty Ltd). InLocality. InLocality is a Strategic Business Unit of Radioactive Networks Pty Ltd.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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in locality


All About InLocality Blue

(A Business Unit of Radioactive Networks Pty Ltd)

  • InLocality is a Strategic Business Unit of Radioactive Networks Pty Ltd.
  • InLocality is being set up to commercialize technology developed by Radioactive Networks
  • InLocality is in the business of tracking people as they move inside an organization.
  • Our aim is to do this in a cost effective manner without expensive infrastructure, providing tracking but maintaining privacy.
  • We aim on the business need, not the technology.

InLocality Blue WhoNearMe

  • Allows you to see the location of :-
    • Everyone
    • Friends
    • Workmates
    • Team members
inlocality blue
InLocality Blue
  • InLocality Blue tracks people inside an organization using their mobile phone or PDA. It does not rely on GPS or even cellphone coverage.
  • Badges and Tags may be tracked too
plasma screen
Plasma Screen
  • Automatically display if your staff are in the office...
inlocality blue the boss is in
InLocality Blue 'The Boss Is In'
  • ‘The Boss Is In’ is a graphical application along the line of the old Snoopy cartoon noting that the ‘Doctor is [IN]’.
  • Show the location of staff on a map
inlocality blue1
InLocality Blue
  • Custom Avatars are available within the standard User Interface
  • They humanize the concept of tracking indoors.
contact us
Contact Us

POBox 169

Ingleburn NSW 2565


V: 0412 929 634

F: 02 8569 1753

I: +61 412 929 634