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Gravity Cruiser

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Gravity Cruiser
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Gravity Cruiser

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  1. Gravity Cruiser By Emma, Julia, Layla, George, and Dean

  2. Our Crew

  3. Mission Statement • The Super Crew promises to... For this project team Super Crew wants to accomplish goals. Our goals are to get our Gravity Cruiser to go at least 12 feet. We also hope to make our Gravity Cruiser completely recyclable to the Earth. To accomplish this goal we will work as a team, be responsible, and hard working. We will also all need to contribute and give good ideas toward the project. Each and everyday we will come prepared and ready to be the best we can be! This is what the Super Crew will and is going to do!

  4. Character Traits • Layla: Trustworthy, responsible, kind, hard working, dependable. • Julia: Orderliness, self control, dependable, purpose, kind. • George: Respectful, accountability, communication, purpose, loyalty. • Emma: Hard working, kind, dependable, respectful, communication. • Michael: Happy, concerned, communication, confident, lively.

  5. Pictures

  6. Some Variables

  7. Day One • Made our bottom of the cruiser and started with little wheels in front and big ones in back. Cut straws and taped then onto the bottom. TRIAL ONECar went 287 centimeters and the right wheel in the front was rubbing against the plastic. Also we had the big wheels in front and little ones in the back. It took 3.17 seconds.TRIAL TWO Car went 278 centimeters and took 3.79 seconds.TRIAL THREE.Car went 281 centimeters and in 4.13 seconds.TRIAL FOURNow the little wheels are now in the back again and the big wheels are in the back. Car went 275 1/2 centimeters in 3.685 seconds. AFTER we are fixing tape on the Car and we think if we fix it then it will make it better

  8. Day One Cont. • TRIAL FIVEAll big wheels went crooked to the left.TRIAL SIXAll big wheels; tape on the front and back crooked to the left to. We found out that the tape was lose.TRIAL SEVENPut wheels more equal to each other. Went 287 centimeters in 1.655 also the tape was lose.TRIAL EIGHTHad Dominic help us re-tape it. Car went straight and went 7 ft. in 2.8 seconds. Last bit went slightly to the left.

  9. Day Two • We started to construct the top of the car, cutting and measuring to make it perfect. Starting trials with just the top two panels. We also switched to all big wheels for our car.TRIAL ONEWent to the left right away after the first meter.TRIAL TWOWent strait until about seven meters.TRIAL THREEWent to the left slightly until about four meters.TRIAL FOURWent Strait. TRIAL FIVEWent the tiniest bit to the left.TRIAL SIXCurving to the left trying to fix something about it...NOTES:Figured out our tape was the problem going to fix it. Instead of using duct tap we are trying the clear tape, maybe it will work better. we also figured out the axles weren't parallel. TRIAL SEVENNot far but actually went strait.

  10. Day Two Cont. • NOTES:Changing the tape to make it go farther. Fixed the parallel problem.TRIAL EIGHTWent to the right even after fixing the tape on the side of the wheel. We also noticed that the tape was lose so that's why it wasn't working.TRIAL NINECrooked to the right.NOTES: Fixed it again and changed the axel to make it more to the left to see if it made it better.TRIAL TENCurved to the left.TRIAL ELEVENWent sixteen feet and went straight.TRIAL TWELVECurved to the right again.

  11. Day Three • Today is the day we are making the lever part of our Gravity Cruiser, but we just did one test without it first. We had to do 5 tests without pennies and 5 with them. The first 5 are the ones without pennies.TRIAL ONE Went strait and went really far!NOTES:We are making the lever by examining a prototype.NOTES: We are about to start testing with the lever we builtTRIAL TWOWent slow but went far and without the ramp anymore.TRIAL THREEWent strait but stopped at 338 1/2 centimeters

  12. Day Four • Today is just another testing day we are going to start our PowerPoint for presenting.TRIAL ONEWent really far today.TRIAL TWOWent straitTRIAL THREEWent straitNOTES:Going to try adding another vile of pennies to our cruiser.

  13. Day Five • Starting our testing first.TRIAL ONEWent straitTRIAL TWOWent to the left and didn't go farNOTES: Fixing axle for the wheels, found out one of the wheels is too small thinking of replacing it.TRIAL THREEAfter fixing the wheel it went strait.TRIAL FOUR Was going strait then fell over.TRIAL FIVEIsn't moving we don't really know why.TRIAL SIX Now its going far and strait.NOTES:putting another vile of pennies on the back.TRIAL SEVENWent strait and went far.

  14. Day Six TRIAL ONE Mr. Bishop helped us add ‘good friction’ to our Gravity Cruiser TRIAL TWO It works! Taking off pennies for less weight

  15. Design Specifications The vehicle name is Charlie. Our primary goal is to make our vehicle travel safely for the kids and to make it fun! Our travel goal is to make our Gravity Cruiser go 7 meters. The wheel diameter is 7 cm. The axle diameter is 19cm. The distance from the fulcrum to the string attachment is 54 cm. The distance from the fulcrum to the weight is 27 cm. Weight of attached pennies is about 72 grams. Some other features include 2 sets of weights and ‘good friction’.

  16. Design Specifications cont. The ‘good friction’ makes the wheels turn at a slower pace but, make the Gravity Cruiser grip the axle better to make Charlie go farther. While the extra weight will propel the Gravity Cruiser to go farther.

  17. How did we change the Gravity Cruiser? We did many tests to test the wheels, string, pennies and, plastic. If the Gravity Cruiser went to the left or right we checked the wheels to make sure that they were parrell. If the wheels went slowly we checked the tape to make sure it was not creating friction. If the weight was not going up or down we added more pennies. We had to do a lot of changing but, it was worth it… to fulfill the goals of the Super Crew!

  18. Questions? Where did you get the ideas to create the Gravity Cruiser? We looked at a prototype and discussed with our group to get ideas. What was the biggest challenge? Probably coming to a census and listening to everything because, we all had ideas. Anything else? Fell free to ask!

  19. Mission Statement Cont. Have you noticed? The Super Crew has worked as a team to record data. Help each other out and listen to each other’s ideas. If we did have any problems we tried to work them out together and maintain self control. We worked together on everything from the wheels, to the weight. Even this PowerPoint shows it! We worked on it at the weekend and at school. How? As a team! Because, that is what Super Crews do.

  20. Thanks For Watching THE SUPER CREW