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The ADDIE Model

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The ADDIE Model. My experience and impressions Lindsay Jones, M.S., SLP. My Background. First year speech-language pathologist Population Typical sessions. OVERVIEW: participants. Two 7 th grade female students Severe expressive/receptive language delays Below average full-scale IQ

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the addie model

The ADDIE Model

My experience and impressions

Lindsay Jones, M.S., SLP

my background
My Background
  • First year speech-language pathologist
  • Population
  • Typical sessions
overview participants
OVERVIEW: participants
  • Two 7th grade female students
        • Severe expressive/receptive language delays
        • Below average full-scale IQ
        • Slow processing speeds
        • Low verbal and reading comprehension
        • Difficulty comprehending oral/verbally presented directions
        • Around 2nd grade reading level
        • Interest Survey: dislike reading curricular material, do very well with visuals
  • IEP goals address:
        • Deficit in reading comprehension affecting ability to function in general education curriculum
overview goal
  • Elaboration of student’s IEP Goal:
      • Within one year, [after reading a multi-paragraph curricular-themed passage] students will identify the main idea/supporting relevant details and will accurately paraphrase the material verbally.
  • Connection to the core:
    • Reading: Literature Standard 2: Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text; provide an objective summary of the text


overview plan
  • Instruction was to take place in the speech-language classroom for one 45 minutes session/week in a group of two
  • Pre-Test: knowledge of terminology, ability to locate target items independently and paraphrase the material
overview plan1
  • Incorporation of various subject areas:
    • Language goal
    • Science and Social Studies Text
    • Calculate Percent correct towards goal
  • Sequence:
    • Train the terminology
    • Teach strategies
    • Practice identifying with choices from short material
    • Practice identifying without choices
    • Etc.
implementation pilot
  • Pilot Test (BOMBED)…
  • What didn’t work
  • Modification of lessons
implementation first session
IMPLEMENTATION: first session
  • Unusual circumstance (an additional group member)
  • How it went? {Let’s just say nothing ever goes as planned….]
    • Learner Likes
    • Learner Dislikes
    • Did not conform to lessons (way too overambitious)
implementation second session
IMPLEMENTATION: second session
  • The new plan continues…
    • One thing at a time
  • How it went?
    • Some straying and tweaking were needed
      • Not a bad thing necessarily..
    • Never enough time
  • Criterion:
    • In a field of 3 choices, able to ID the main idea with around 50% accuracy
    • Utilized strategy independently across activities!
  • Learner likes
    • Participating in the learning process
  • Learner dislikes
    • Subject matter
    • reading
  • My likes
    • How thorough ADDIE is
    • Explicit framework/hierarchy for language goals
  • My dislikes
    • Time
    • Tedious process
  • Overall
    • Helpful, but not the most feasible…