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______________________________________ Career Management & Transition Specialists

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______________________________________ Career Management & Transition Specialists. Services & Program Review. Who we are … “I have no clue what I want to do next …” “I don’t know where to go or how to look for an opportunity …” “Who would hire me …”

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career management transition specialists

______________________________________Career Management & Transition Specialists

Services & Program Review

who we are

Who we are …

“I have no clue what I want to do next …”

“I don’t know where to go or how to look for an opportunity …”

“Who would hire me …”

“Why would someone hire me – I don’t have …”

“I know what I want to do – but how do I get there …”

Common questions that we can answer for you. We are career management & transition specialists – committed to helping people identify their ideal career “next-act,” developing and executing a strategy & plan to pursue and land that next ideal opportunity. We provide the tools one needs, resources that are required, along with guidance & support that is backed by over 30 years of experience & expertise.

Who We Are …

I am very proud of our company and our legacy of experience in helping others mitigate career anxiety, achieve clarity, and achieve their ideal next act – their career goal. Since 1988, we have helped thousands move on to new and better jobs, careers, and even their own businesses.

-Dan Moran, Founder & President

our experience the difference

Our Experience – the difference …

When it comes to helping others achieve success in their career or job, or moving on to a new opportunity, it takes experience to provide the proper tools & guidance. Experience on both sides is imperative – as an experienced career counselor and as a human resources executive who has driven organizational change, improved hiring processes, and improved employee culture.

Our Founder, Dan Moran, contributes over thirty years of combined experience in successful career consulting and as a senior human resources executive. He knows what employers look for in people and understands their needs. He also knows how to help people understand their true “career calling” and then motivate, drive, and give them the tools to succeed. He is a recognized authority on career matters and is often quoted and interviewed regionally and nationally.

We also employ a team of career professionals to work with specific clients with their unique situations. In addition, we have developed strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations who provide other services that may be required as one moves through this change process.

For more information, please see our Biography page at

Our Experience – the Difference …
who we help

Who we help …

If one of the following situations is what you are experiencing, we can help:

… Very successful in your current job – but ready to move on

… Been there; done that – ready for a new career challenge

… Concerned over your company’s or your job stability

… 40-50-60 years old – too young to retire and ready for your next career “act”

… Ready to strike out on your own in your own business

… Retired – but ready for more and willing to continually contribute

Next-Act contributes years of experience and expertise in helping people who are committed to change and personal & professional growth. Many of our clients are happy in their current situation, but want to plan for their future now. Some are just bored with the same-old, same-old – and want more out of their career.

Still others have accomplished careers, but know there is so much more that they can do to help others while helping themselves. Still others, after successfully running or establishing their own business, want a change. And last but not least, someone who is ready for their own business – and is ready to Get Clients Now!®.

Who We Help …
how we help

How we help …

Each individual’s needs are unique and different and are driven by many factors including:

… Personal situations

… Financial situations

… Personality, drive and motivation

… Interests and abilities

… Market conditions and opportunities

…Other unique factors

Given the number of factors that can influence your specific situation, which could be one-two-or-all of the above, Next-Act will develop a plan and approach to meet your needs. Our process is generally four-fold and may include all processes, fewer or more, depending upon situation and need.

To review our four-step process …

How We Help …
step one


Utilizing proven-effective and valid career assessments supported by our discussions, we help you discover your ideal next job, career or endeavor – be it in the corporate world, in your own business, or simply doing good for others or pursuing that “dream” endeavor. This is where we “open your eyes” and work to remove fear and achieve clarity.

In addition, we will conduct a detailed and comprehensive Career Situation Analysis (CSA) to better understand all the factors and situations that may affect the services you need, focus on the next steps and lead you in the direction you desire. All assessments are conducted with complete confidentiality and discretion.

This step generally takes 5 – 7 days, depending upon your schedule. With this understanding, many clients move to the next step …

Step One
step two

Planning: Career Strategy Plan (CSP)

Attempting to achieve something or get to another level without a plan & strategy is just about impossible. This critical step incorporates your specific situation (gathered through a complete situation analysis), interests, personality, skills and desires/dreams and other factors. With this information, we will present our Career Strategy Plan (CSP) that will be the tool to guide you to your next opportunity. The CSP will include specific targets & employer groups, business opportunities/options, industries and other specific information, which will be critical to answering these burning questions …

… Where do I go …

… Who needs me …

… How do I achieve clarity & focus

… How do I present myself …

Armed with your CSP, you can embark onto the next step …

Step Two
step three

Communication & Marketing

As someone once stated to us, this is where the “rubber meets the road.” Without a carefully prepared and executed communication and marketing plan, any amount of discovery & planning will be wasted.

In this step, we work with our professional writers and consulting team to develop the tools you will need – transferable skills & accomplishment driven resume(s), targeted, action-driven letters and other presentation tools. No ordinary cookie-cutter resume will do. To get results, you must stand out in the crowd and do what you likely don’t like to do – sell yourself. We do it for you. Our team has years of experience in creating highly effective career marketing tools that deliver results.

With your career marketing tools in hand, you will be ready to make critical contacts, confidently knowing that you are prepared to market & sell yourself on any level.

With this, you are ready to land your next act …

Step Three
step four

Executing for Results

Getting results is the end game for everyone.

With our guidance & support, you will carefully execute your plan and be ready to evaluate opportunities, initiate effective follow-through, make the right contacts and learn – learn – learn. You will have professional guidance each step of the way and with every contact you make. Our team understands search methodology and certainly protocol, as well as what works, and what does not.

During this step, we work with you on a continual basis to direct and guide you as your coach & confidant – and celebrate your success as well. We will work through the changes and challenges that occur, and ensure thatyou follow the right path for you. Expect to be challenged – and motivated!

Step Four
if the need arises

Given schedules, needs and priorities, we can also provide:

… Successful Interview Training – Ace your informational or direct job interview.

… Market Monitoring – Monitoring what is happening in the market and on-the-job boards can be a

full-time job in itself. We watch for you – and with you, and work together on opportunities we


… Strategic Posting – Getting your skills and accomplishments in front of hiring managers is critical

and we can manage this process for you; being certain that your credentials are being seen by the

right people at the right time.

If the Need Arises …
introducing get clients now

Ready to strike out on your own in your business?

Get Clients Now!®

Increase your sales and marketing success by combining the Get Clients Now!® system with the coaching, accountability, perspective, and support provided by a 28-day program. In this highly effective action group format, you and a team of other independent professionals use the power of group coaching to help each other get more clients.

Learn to create an endless stream of clients by doing 10 simple things per day!

The Get Clients Now!® Program is for …

If you develop and want to grow your business and get the best results from active, time-dependent marketing strategies, such as outreach, networking, and referral-building, rather than passive, money-dependent strategies, such as advertising alone, then Get Clients Now!® is for you. Who can benefit?

Accountants • Attorneys • Bodyworkers • ChiropractorsCoaches • Consultants • Counselors • Designers • Financial PlannersFreelancers • Health Practitioners • Insurance Agents & BrokersIT Professionals • Photographers • Realtors • SpeakersTherapists • Trainers • Writers • YOU!

Introducing Get Clients Now!® …
introducing get clients now continued

What you will learn …

… What really works to market a service business, and what doesn't

… Over 100 different tools & tactics for marketing your business

… What's the difference between a marketing tool & a marketing tactic and why it matters

… How to diagnose your marketing ailments with the Universal Marketing Cycle

… Discover the missing ingredients that have prevented your marketing from being successful

… Break out of "analysis paralysis" and make the right choices about spending time & money on


… How doing ten simple things per day can bring you all the clients you'll ever need

Introducing Get Clients Now!®… continued
introducing get clients now continued1

How it works …

Four options:

… Attend a Get Clients Now!® live seminar in the Capital Region of New York and not only learn, but network with others – some who may be your best referral partners.

… Continue through your 28-day marketing and client developing strategy – filling your practice or business – working in small groups with your Certified Facilitator guiding and challenging you!

… Keep the momentum going and make your business what you truly want it to be through ongoing Get Clients Now!® coaching and consulting.

… Bring this highly-effective program into your business and have this training delivered to your team.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and our schedule for Get Clients Now!® seminars in our area.

Introducing Get Clients Now!®… continued
to review our individual services include

To review, our individualservices include:

… Career Situation Analysis (CSA)

… Career Strategy Planning (CSP)

… Resume & Marketing Tools Development

… Career Consulting & Counseling

… Interview Planning & Assessment

… Targeted Research

… Market Monitoring

… Posting Management

… Get Clients Now!® Training to help you launch a new business and get clients fast

To Review, our Individual Services Include:
how and where we work

How we work …

Our services are provided on an individualized, one-on-one basis. During our initial conditional consultation (see ‘next steps’ page), we will determine if it is best for us to work together to help you reach your goals & objectives.

Once we have made the decision to work together, we will schedule a pre-determined number of consulting sessions, based upon your needs and requirements. Based upon your schedule, a series of one-on-one meetings and frequent “touching base” calls will be scheduled. Concurrently, we will initiate the very important intake & assessment process, which will provide valued insight and direction while concurrently developing any required marketing tools (resumes, letters, biography, etc.).

Where we work …

For our clients in the Capital Region of New York State, our office is located at 125 Wolf Road, Colonie, NY, just minutes from I-87 and I-90. Office hours are by appointment only.

For our clients who are not in our area, services are available via teleconference, web based access and through e-mail.

How and Where We Work
next steps

Ready to move forward …

Please contact us to arrange and schedule an initial conditional consultation. Our initial consultation generally lasts 30 minutes and is an opportunity for both you and Dan Moran to determine if you should work together to reach your goals. At the end of 30 minutes, we will collectively make the decision to move forward and begin the consulting process.

To contact us:


Career Management & Transition Specialists

125 Wolf Road, Suite 128

Albany (Colonie), New York 12205


Next Steps …