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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign

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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign DTV Transition Today’s Agenda Station best practices and examples Converter box program developments DTV Transition campaign updates Webcast Archives DTV Transition Best Practices Spots DTV Road Show

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Presentation Transcript

Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign

dtv transition
DTV Transition
  • Today’s Agenda
    • Station best practices and examples
    • Converter box program developments
    • DTV Transition campaign updates
  • Webcast Archives
dtv transition3
DTV Transition
  • Best Practices
    • Spots
    • DTV Road Show
    • DTV Speakers Bureau
    • DTV Town Hall meetings
    • News coverage
dtv transition4
DTV Transition
  • Spots
    • NAB has produced and distributed three spots
      • “Get the Facts”
      • “Revolution”
      • “Trekker”
      • Three more spots in early February
dtv transition5
DTV Transition
  • Spots
    • Station-specific spots
      • Anchor-driven spots
      • Produced spots
dtv transition6
DTV Transition
  • DTV Road Show
    • Grassroots marketing initiative
    • Great visuals
    • 600 events nationwide in 200 markets
    • Swing through Virginia
      • Four cities: Richmond, Charlottesville, Chesapeake, Roanoke
      • Coverage by 22 news organizations
    • Station-specific events
      • NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo
dtv transition7
DTV Transition
  • DTV Speakers Bureau
    • 956 speakers registered from 554 stations and state broadcaster associations
    • Average audience: 167 attendees
    • Host: Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) hosted four regional meetings featuring DTV
      • Average attendance: 3000-5000
      • Significant news coverage
dtv transition8
DTV Transition
  • DTV Town Hall Meetings
    • Community event to stress importance of DTV Transition
    • Can serve to fill the 30 minute television program requirement of NAB plan
    • Best practice: Chicago Univision event
      • December 8
      • On air promos
      • Attendance: 700
dtv transition9
DTV Transition
  • News Coverage
    • Converter boxes begin hitting shelves in February
    • NTIA begins distributing coupons on February 17, 2009 (two week turnaround)
    • Some retailers won’t be carrying converter boxes (Tweeter, high-end consumer electronics stores)
    • Converter box coupons won’t last at this rate

Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign

dtv transition11
DTV Transition
  • Government Update
    • NTIA Update
    • Coupon update
    • DTV Challenges
      • Coupon timing
      • Full power/low power
      • Antennas
ntia update
NTIA Update

2 million households have ordered 3.7 million coupons (as of January 24, 2008)

ntia update13
NTIA Update

More than 10% of total coupon allocation

Demand for coupons now averaging 70k/day

60% of applications through

40% through phone (888-DTV-2009), mail and fax

Applications: Roughly 50% broadcast-only households, 50% cable plus OTA

coupon distribution
Coupon Distribution

NTIA currently taking orders – will start distributing coupons on 2/17/08

Two weeks to process applications

With coupons, consumers get list of localretailers, webretailers, and catalogs accepting the coupon

Coupons expire 90days after delivery of coupon

Consumers cannot re-apply for coupons

coupon demand
Top 10 States

Texas (21%)

California (16.5%)    

Michigan (14.5%)

Pennsylvania (9.6%)

Illinois (17.1%)

Ohio (15.9%)

Florida (8.9%)

New York (9.5%)

Indiana (18.6%)

Missouri (20.9%)

Coupon Demand

NOTE: Percentages refer to the total number of OTA households in each state. Numbers available by state and zip at

ntia retailer certifications
NTIA Retailer Certifications

Certifications: Retailers

250 retailers, representing 15,000 stores have “expressed intent” to participate in coupon program

NTIA is “fully confident” that boxes will be available instores by lateFebruary

Retailers association and companies privately echo NTIA on boxes being available

ntia retailer certifications17
NTIA Retailer Certifications

Includes 8 of 10 top retailers

ntia update18
NTIA Update

Certifications: Boxes

34 DTV converter boxes are certified for purchase with coupon

EchoStar box will retail for $39.99 (Coupon is $40)

Three boxes have analog “pass-through” option

Certified boxes cannot have analog tuners

ntia update19
NTIA Update

NTIA has committed to making coupon data public

By state


By zip code

challenge coupon process
Challenge: Coupon Process
  • Coupons take two weeks to process
    • Issue: Consumers who wait until the last two weeks will lose TV reception unless they buy box without coupon
    • Survey: 25% of coupon applicants will wait until the last 30 days
    • Industry could receive blame for viewers not upgrading, and will also lose viewers during sweeps
challenge coupon process21
Challenge: Coupon Process
  • Solutions
    • Spots: NAB will produce a “lastchance to get your coupon” spot, for release in January 2009
    • Spots: NAB will urge “kill date” on all coupon spots as of February 1, 2009
    • Coverage: NAB will promote issue heavily in Pulse and through station communications
challenge low power
Challenge: Low Power
  • Low power stations stay in analog
    • Issue: NTIA prohibited analog tuners and neglected to require analog “pass through” for certified boxes
    • Boxes without “pass through” option block analog signals – must be disconnected for viewer to see analog programming
challenge low power23
Challenge: Low Power
  • Low power stations stay in analog
    • Low power stations – community broadcasters, Class A, translators remain in analog
    • Cross-border stations remain in analog
      • Spanish speakers in El Paso will have American programming in digital, while programming from Mexico is in analog
challenge low power24
Challenge: Low Power
  • Low power is confusing
    • Little public awareness on whether stations are FP or LP
    • NoNielsendata how many LP households exist
    • Extremely complicatedmessage for low power viewers – community broadcasters and translators
    • Low power message, if disseminated widely, can and will confuse full power viewers
challenge low power25
Challenge: Low Power
  • Solutions
    • Consumer solution:
      • Buy a new TV set, with analog and digital tuners
      • Buy a converter box with a “pass-through” option
        • At least three “pass-through” boxes will be manufactured
      • Consumers who purchase a box without “pass-through,” must purchase an A/B switch and splitter
        • Cost: ~$15 at Radio Shack
challenge low power26
Challenge: Low Power
  • NAB Action
    • Meeting among broadcasters in DTV Coalition scheduled for February
      • Released a document explaining problem to stations and state broadcaster associations:
    • Produce and distribute two minute spot explaining low power issues to community stations
    • Work with FP stations that use translators to create market-specific messages on issue
    • Work with FCC to allow original content (issue-specific spots) to air on translators
challenge antennas
Challenge: Antennas

Antennas maximize reception…

But in some cases, are necessary to upgrade

Problem: 1295 stations relocating to a channel different than their NTSC channel; many across bands

UHF antennas can’t pick up low VHF, and vice versa

Stations moving from UHF to VHF, or from VHF to UHF need to talk about antennas

Solution: Market-by-market and station-by-station approach

Solution: Promote antennas that receive both UHF and VHF

disposing of old sets
Disposing of Old Sets
  • TV Recycling
      • CEA maintains Web site with recycling locations –

Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign

dtv awareness
DTV Awareness

Awareness jumps from 49-83% after TV spots

Source: NAB surveys, Aug. 05, Jan. 07, Sept.07, Jan. 08

outreach dtv action spots
Outreach: DTV Action Spots
  • Three spots released thus far
    • Fed by satellite
    • NAB alerts stations six times:
      • “DTV Action Item” e-mail
      • E-mail to state broadcaster associations
      • E-mail to group executives
      • Story in NAB “Pulse”
      • Reminder e-mail day before feed
      • Reminder e-mail day of feed
outreach dtv action spots32
Outreach: DTV Action Spots
  • Next spots: Distributed before 2/17/08
    • 30, 25/5, 15 second versions
    • “Just a Box,” “Future is Here,” “Digital in the Air”
    • Produced January 22-23 in Los Angeles
    • Focus: Converter box option, coupons
  • 10-12 spots distributed March ’08 to February ‘09
outreach tv program
Outreach: TV Program
  • 30-minute educational TV program
    • Producer: Park Hill Entertainment, Los Angeles
    • Focus: A-Z of DTV transition, with special focus on converter boxes
    • Shot and distributed in HD, SD
    • Produced in English, Spanish
    • Includes interviews with FCC Chairman Kevin Martin; U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez
    • Distribution: Mid-February
outreach speakers bureau
Outreach: Speakers Bureau

Purpose: Utilize industry’s grassroots and personnel resources as a “ground campaign” to compliment “air campaign” of spots and news coverage

Goal: 8,000 speaking engagements

Audiences: Rotary clubs, Kiwanis clubs, retirement centers, manufacturing plants, schools, etc.

outreach speakers bureau35
Outreach: Speakers Bureau
  • 977 speakers registered thus far from 596 stations and broadcaster associations
  • 1152 engagements booked
  • Plan in place for further media promotion when 1000/1000 is reached
  • 262 engagements completed
  • Average audience: 167 (Goal is 125)
  • Running ahead of benchmarks
  • Register at
outreach dtv road show
Outreach: DTV Road Show

600 Events


First Step:

We Contact


DTV Trekker stop at Totally Tejas event in San Antonio, TX

outreach dtv road show37
Outreach: DTV Road Show

How NAB promotes DTV Trekker

News Alerts

Phone contact with news desks of stations, newspaper reporters

E-mail alert to GMs of stations in market

E-mail from NAB to group executives (beginning January)

State broadcaster associations notified

Participation by local broadcasters maximizes events

outreach online
Outreach: Online

Launched in March 2007

Best consumer Web site on DTV

Link to or use copy for station Web sites

Banner ads to promote site available at

Station tools available at

outreach online40
Outreach: Online
  • DTV Transition info available:
      • Article about DTV transition
      • NAB promotional DTV video
      • Spots, photos, etc.
      • Spots, photos, etc.
outreach nab to stations
Outreach: NAB to Stations

NAB Station Outreach

“DTV Action Item” e-mails

Only with action-related materials (like satellite feeds)

“DTV Update” e-mails

News and information – passive and less often

Station Checklist:

Best Practices:

Marketing collateral available

New brochures: February 2008

outreach nab to stations42
Outreach: NAB to Stations

Other Station Tools

DTV Style Guide and Messaging Toolkit

Produced by Peter Martin

Distributed electronically 1/25/08

Hard copies delivered to station GMs in February

Graphic elements available for stations (

All station tools available at:

antennaweb org

Website to help consumers select an appropriate over-the-air antenna

Increased popularity as DTV transition moves forward

NAB partnering with CEA to update and co-sponsor the Web site

dtv transition44
DTV Transition

383 Days Left!