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  1. Agenda

  2. Agenda

  3. Agenda

  4. About the Conference (1/3) • In the last 10 years the region of SE Europe (which includes the Republic of Macedonia) represents an undeveloped and unstable region. Although the societies and the people from the region are faced with identical problems, they are rarely united and with mutual approach towards solving concrete problems. The problems that concern young people from all societies in SE Europe, and at the same time are problems that slow down the Euro-Atlantic integration and achievements of democratic standards are: corruption, crime, non-efficient institution of the system, strict visa regime (around 70% of the young people in SE European countries have never visited European state).

  5. About the Conference (2/3) • Exchanging mutual thoughts, ideas and experience is necessary for the creation of serious youth platform whose members, using different mechanisms of lobbing, will influence and speed up the process of European integration. In this context, we would add the important fact “The EU can not be an entire until it integrates the countries of SEE”.

  6. About the Conference (3/3) • The initial motives for the development of the conference are: - The fact that, even from long time ago, our people were and still are recognized by their traditional democratic values, which, although proclaimed before its time (as proclamation of different national-liberation movements), are seen as basic principles of EU. - The need of active involvement of youth leaders from RM and the region of SE Europe in mutual acting towards speeding up the process of European integration.

  7. About Youth Alliance (1/2) • Youth Alliance- Krusevo is non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization. • Target group of the organization are young individuals aged 15 – 31 years old. • It was established in 1999 and at the moment consists of 71 members.

  8. About Youth Alliance (2/2) • It is the only active youth NGO in Krusevo. Furthermore, Youth Alliance cares for popularization of the rights of young people, their active integration in the processes at local level, faster democratization and acceleration of the Euro integration process of societies from SEE. • It is actively participating in the creation of a youth platform for three years.

  9. Past conferences

  10. 2003 - “Promotion of European values and tolerance on the Balkans” • We had our activities accepted by the official state board of celebration of 100 years of “Ilinden” (the biggest Macedonian holiday), like organizers of international youth conference “Promoting European values and tolerance on the Balkans” with 150 participants.

  11. 2003 - “Promotion of European values and tolerance on the Balkans” • The outcome was transfer and intercultural learning and moreover establishment of permanent co-operation. • supported by German Embassy- Skopje, Konrad Adenauer foundation- Skopje

  12. 2004 - “European values in Southeast European countries” • Continuance of the previous year activities • In partnership with 42 NGO organizations we are initiators of NGO youth network of “European Youth Cultural Capitols” – centers in the region of southeast Europe like a “European cultural capitols”

  13. 2005-2006 - “European values for the future of Southeast Europe” (first conference) • Promotion of the new values: tolerance, democratization, and multiculturalism. • Development of youth movement and creating alternative connective forms, which will help for the promotion of the European values as support of the European integration in the region.

  14. 2005-2006 - “European values for the future of Southeast Europe” (first conference) • Young leader education that are going to be ambassadors in their society and will present the necessity of accepting the rules for democratic, integration and corporation.