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Civil Rights Movement PowerPoint Presentation
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Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

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Civil Rights Movement

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  1. Civil Rights Movement Which leader most influenced African Americans to stand up against discrimination and demand equality? • Booker T. Washington • John W. Brown • Plessy V. Ferguson • W.E.B. DuBois

  2. Civil Rights Movement How did Booker T. Washington’s ideas differ from W.E.B. DuBois? • Washington wanted African Americans to demand equal rights. • Washington only wanted equal voting rights for African Americans. • Washington was strongly against job education for African Americans. • Washington believed equality could be achieved through education.

  3. Civil Rights Movement “I have a dream that one day, out in the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves…will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.” • Dr. King’s message is that slavery should end. • Dr. King’s message is that Americans should dream. • Dr. King’s message is that Racial discrimination must end. • Dr. King’s message is that Racial discrimination will never end.

  4. Civil Rights Movement If a golf course refused to allow African Americans to play, which action would Martin Luther King Jr. most likely have approved? • Burn the golf course down • Quit playing golf and take up another sport • A sit-in protest at the golf course • Physically attack the golf course’s owner

  5. Civil Rights Movement The Montgomery bus boycott was a direct result of - • Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. • Increase in bus fared in Montgomery • Rosa Parks’ refusal to move to the back of the bus • Unsafe bus transportation

  6. Civil Rights Movement Which of the following Supreme Court cases ruled that segregated schools were unequal and unconstitutional? • Plessy vs. Ferguson • Brown vs. Board of Education • Marbury vs. Madison • Miranda vs. Arizona

  7. Civil Rights Movement Which of the following examples BEST describes racial segregation following the Civil War? • A woman was arrested for trying to vote at a local election • A fifty-year old man was not hired for a job based on his age. • An African American was forced to ride in a separate railroad car. • A woman working in a factory made less money than a man doing the same job.

  8. Civil Rights Movement African-Americans were forced to ride in separate railroad cars. This was an example of - • Jim Crow Laws • Anti-lynching Laws • Southern Railroad Act • Homestead Act

  9. Civil Rights Movement Why did the Civil Rights movement oppose the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court ruling? • The ruling desegregated schools • Public facilities were never equal • The ruling supported women’s suffrage • The ruling integrated public facilities

  10. Civil Rights Movement The main purpose of the Jim Crow laws was to - • Encourage black and white citizens to help each other • Encourage boycotts • Encourage the growth of black-owned businesses • Encourage the separation of blacks and whites

  11. Civil Rights Movement What was the main difference in how Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois responded to racism? • DuBois supported a Back-to-Africa movement, and Washington opposed it. • DuBois wanted African Americans to attend blacks-only schools, and Washington wanted to desegregate education. • DuBois wanted to attack racial discrimination head-on, and Washington preferred to ignore it. • Washington thought better education was the path to equality, and DuBois disagreed.

  12. Civil Rights Which president ordered the Armed Forces to desegregate? • Franklin D. Roosevelt • Richard M. Nixon • John F. Kennedy • Harry S Truman

  13. Economics After World War II, how did Americans purchase cars and other costly items they could never before afford? • Credit • Layaway • Barter • Trade

  14. Economics What types of goods were more factories producing after 1945? • War materials • Consumer products • Military uniforms • Tanks

  15. Economics According to the law of supply and demand, farmers would be able to obtain the highest price for their product when - • Both supply and demand are high • Both supply and demand are low • Supply is high and demand is low • Supply is low and demand is high

  16. Technology What impact do the newest technologies have on American life? • Increased travel for business and pleasure • Greater access to news and information • Greater access to heating and air- conditioning • All of the above

  17. Technology Which of the following is associated as a newer technology? • Internet • Space exploration • Jets • All of the above

  18. Technology Which industry has benefited most from new communications technologies? • Automobiles • Entertainment and news • Food processing • Steel industry

  19. Technology What has been one result of technological change since 1990? • Cheaper and faster forms of communication • More cultural differences among the nations of the world • More traffic accidents as driving becomes increasingly unsafe • Increased likelihood of a nuclear war