vietnam fansipan mountains n.
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Vietnam, Fansipan Mountains PowerPoint Presentation
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Vietnam, Fansipan Mountains

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Vietnam, Fansipan Mountains - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vietnam, Fansipan Mountains
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  1. Vietnam, Fansipan Mountains By-Stevie

  2. Intro The Fansipan Mountains have lots of features. It is around about 3143 m high and is extremely cold, rainy and very muddy! The mountain is well known for its mountain hiking facilities and its eye opening animals & plants.

  3. Snow Leopard The Snow Leopards is a beautiful species of wild cat that lives in Southeast Asia.The snow leopard has three main features. The tail is extremely long.This helps to keep the cat balanced when walking and climbing through trees. It’s coat is beautiful and the pattern is great for the cat to camouflage . The leopard has “Canine teeth” that are the long teeth at either side of the jaws at the front. The upper canine teeth can be longer than 4 centimeters. Did you know that animal experts think that all leopard species can’t purr. WOW!

  4. Plants and Animals The plants and animals are extremely beautiful. There are a number of animals in these mountains such as, Snow leopards, toads, tigers, bears, monkeys, hares, squirrels, snakes, and lizards. There are so many amazing animals that have lots of details, and that are worth taking a photo of! There are so many pretty colors and patterns the animals its incredible!!!

  5. Weather As I said earlier it is extremely cold, rainy and very muddy! The place is surrounded by fog and in winter, snow! It may sound great but the weather can reach up to 34°C and thats usually the max! THAT MUST BE REALLY COLD! High = 34°C Low = 26°C Chill = 20 °C

  6. Plant Adina is a plant of seven species of in the Rubiaceae family. It is native to Southeast Asia and is a shrub/small tree. This family is very rare and is one of the largest plant families, Some other familiar members of the family are Buttonbush, Coffee, Gardenia, Firebush and Ixora. It flowers in July and struggles to survive in summer so it needs lots of water and a good shelter!

  7. Natural Disasters Vietnam suffers from many different horrific disasters. The main ones are foods, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, and droughts! When a disaster occurs people return to underground shelter where they can’t be affected. The underground shelters were built specifically for that reason. Apparently the 1971 Vietnam floods where one of the deadliest in Vietnam.

  8. Conclusion I hope I have teached you a bit about the Fansipan Mountains in Vietnam and If I haven't, then read this again because there is some good information in there.