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Overview. District Planning Local Public Health System Assessment Mark Griswold Office of Local Public Health Maine CDC, DHHS Central District Public Health Coordinating Council September 25, 2008. District Planning Local Public Health System Assessment.

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District Planning

Local Public Health System Assessment

Mark Griswold

Office of Local Public Health


Central District Public Health Coordinating Council

September 25, 2008

District planning local public health system assessment
District PlanningLocal Public Health System Assessment

  • Goal: Identify observed assets and gaps in the delivery of the 10 Essential Public Health Services in all corners of the District.

  • Conduct three meetings of roughly 6 hours duration, including coffee and lunch, with an expert-facilitated discussion

  • Use the National Public Health System Performance Assessment Local Instrument, with District public health system stakeholders.

Activities of lphs assessment committee
Activities of LPHS Assessment Committee

  • Review materials:

    • 10 Essential Public Health Services

    • Materials and stories on LPHS assessment

    • LPHSA reports from Bangor and Portland

  • Identify coordination contact person for state planners and task delegation.

  • Discuss the process and principles for this planning process. How will you assure this process is seen as inclusive for all PH stakeholders across the whole District?

Activities of lphs assessment committee1
Activities of LPHS Assessment Committee

  • Identify a core group of individuals who will attend all 3 meetings. They will be

    • Informed representatives from organizations and sectors that represent key components of your regional public health system from throughout the District.

    • Invitees should be ready to contribute their knowledge of the activities going on their part of the District related to some or all of the 10 EPHS.

  • Develop an expanded list of individuals to be invited, based on the EPHS topics covered in each specific meeting, who can speak to what’s happening in their part of the District.

Activities of lphs assessment committee2
Activities of LPHS Assessment Committee

  • Help plan meeting logistics (dates/times, the basic agenda, etc.)

  • Recruit as much in-kind and donated support services for the meetings as possible

  • Ongoing technical assistance and consultation will be offered by the Office of Local Public Health and the Maine Center for Public Health

Post assessment activities
Post-Assessment Activities

  • Holding a discussion with the full DCC to identify next steps.

  • Scheduling a meeting to review/discuss the results with core stakeholders.

  • Determining the best way to disseminate the results to all District PH stakeholders.

Time work commitment
Time/Work Commitment

  • Suggest 1-2 planning meetings within next 6-8 weeks to establish the key steps needed soonest: (1) select proposed dates - 3 proposed dates with 2 backups - and (2) develop a list of invitees.

  • The greatest communications burden is likely to occur between now until meeting dates are confirmed and invites issued; then within the week leading up to each meeting.

  • Sample templates for invites, agendas and thank-yous are available online or in the MAPP User’s Handbook. OLPH can arrange planning telephone conference calls as requested and address other supports as identified.

Time work commitment1
Time/Work Commitment

  • Identify DCC organizational partners for logistics (ie basic agenda; making nametags, order food, and helping MCPH facilitators at the meetings, followup, etc.)

  • All the meeting dates for all 8 districts should be coordinated between January and June to meet both the schedule needs of all DCCs and the contracted facilitators; please be ready to be flexible on dates.