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Marketing presentation

Marketing presentation

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Marketing presentation

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  1. Marketing presentation By Cassie Treacy, ShannenFriel, Niamh O’ Shaughnessy and Lee English

  2. Demographics Cassie Treacy

  3. What is demographics? • Demographics can be defined as a statistical view of a population, generally including age, gender, income, schooling, occupation and so on. • Demographics basically tell a marketer who might be interested in a product. Understanding who your customers are isthe first step in trying to reach them. • From a marketers point of view it is much more cost effective to target your message to the people who have a greater chance of buying it.

  4. 75% of American children have access to a smart phone or tablet • Three quarters of American children now have access to some sort of smart phone or tablet at home which is a 52% increase from 2011. • 38% of children under 2 have used a mobile device more than once and the percentage of children that use a mobile device on a daily basis has more than doubled from 8% in 2011 to 17% in 2013.

  5. What are the consequences? • Due to this rapid increase marketers have had to adapt their strategies in the way that they market their products to the younger generation. • Instead of showing advertisements for their products at peak times on a children's television programs they must now adapt their ads and put them in apps. However not all apps have advertisements included so it can be difficult for marketers.

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  7. technology ShannenFriel

  8. technology • Technological macro environment factors can influence how an organization does business. A new type of machinery, computer chip, or product created through research and development can help a company stay modernized and ahead of the market curve. Owners must be able to accurately identify which new developments will be truly useful, and which are just fads. • New technologies create new products and new processes, mp3 players, computer games, online gambling and high definition tv's are all new markets created by technological advances. Online shopping, bar coding and computer aided design are all improvements to the way we do business as a result of better technology. Technology can reduce costs, improve quality and lead to innovation. These developments can benefit consumers as well as the organizations providing the products.

  9. Dot London: City launches own domain to boost online presence • ICANN has givenLondon  the go ahead to launch there very own internet domain name from 2014 along with New york, Berlin, Vienna and brussels. This will release a whole new set of web addresses/URLs for example or • A DotLondon web address will enable people to identify products, content and services with london. • As well as the financial, promotional and branding benefits for the city and businesses and expanded consumer choice, Dot London will create new jobs. • Dot London promises increased awareness and development of the London brand, including London's positioning as a digital leader globally. It will offer new marketing and business opportunities for London-based organizations.

  10. Natural enviroment Niamh O’ Shaughnessy

  11. The Natural Environment • Interest in environmental concern and awareness has grown steadily over the past recent decades, and marketers are realizing, the need to remain aware of trends in the natural environment. • Concerns about the natural environment affect business decision-making. These include decisions about the natural resources that are needed. • Marketers need to be aware of the threats and opportunities associated in the natural environment: the shortage of raw material, the increased cost of energy, and the increased levels of pollution.

  12. Ikea to buy second wind farm from Mainstream • Swedish furniture giant Ikea bought a wind farm in Leitrim in August of this year. They are planning to spend €16m to build it and it’s going to power its stores in both Belfast and Dublin with renewable energy. • Ikea has teamed up with Irish energy firm Mainstream Renewable Power. The energy company will construct and operate the wind farm in Leitrim and will ensure that Ikeas power requirement in Ireland is always sourced from wind energy.

  13. Ikea plans to buy second wind farm from mainstream as part of its plan to invest €17billion in wind & solar programmes by 2015. • Ikea plan on becoming completely energy independent by 2020. • Mainstream is currently building the 20 turbine wind farm in Alberta, Canada at €63 billion. • “This wind farm will deliver power to the Alberta grid at the prevailing market price, and is a clear demonstration that wind generation is a viable form of electricity production and one that cannot be ignored.” Ikea Canada president Kerri Molin said the Alberta wind farm, along with existing solar installations at three of the company’s Ontario stores, marked a significant step in achieving Ikea’s global ambition to be energy independent by 2020.

  14. Ikea is a prime example of a company becoming aware of the natural resources in the natural environment and using the renewable energy the benefit them.

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  16. The Political Enviorment Lee English

  17. The Political Enviorment • The Political enviorment is made up of government and state influenced institutions. As a result it is a major influence attracting business and the growth of any business because of its influence on taxation. • In Ireland the most significant aspect of this is the Oireacthas, because of its role in creating laws that allow business to flourish or fail. • Ireland is a reatively stable political enviorment, this along with its low corporation tax makes it attractive for business.

  18. China To Reform Their Market Policy • Last Friday the Chinese Communist party has vowed to make significant reforms in order to create a more market friendly economy, the plan is to phase out state controlled prices. • The changes in policy were decided at the end of a four day meeting and announced in a rare policy pronouncement. • This is in line with President Xi Jinping’s approach to economic expansion. Within the decade China’s economy and social enviorments will have changed drastically. • The first of these changes to be seen will be the easing of their one child policy in stages along with other changes in state control being relaxed.