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  1. Q6: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? CLICK ME!

  2. About our prelim.. We had two days to complete our preliminary, one hour to film and one hour to edit. (I stayed after school to edit our prelim as we had no sound effects during the task). We were given a brief of what to go by (stated previously in my preliminary post). We abided by the rules of this task and developed a prelim which featured me (Georgia), George and Mariya. Our preliminary task consisted of a young school boy (George) who skipped assembly and was getting told off by his teacher. And his friend (Georgia) is waiting for him and is told some devastating news. We had two different locations that we based our prelim in, the dining hall and the corridor before the lunch court.

  3. How did creating a preliminary task help you develop ideas for your final thriller opening? Our preliminary task helped us develop ideas for our thriller and helped us understand how to use the camera and to arrange the camera at the best angle. As we had more time to decide a thriller opening and be as creative as we want our thriller is a better outcome then our prelim. And as we had to all come up with a idea for the prelim we understood our strengths and weaknesses between the three of us in the group. We worked very well together in the preliminary task so we were confident to be working for a longer period of time, to film produce and direct our thriller. A lot of time was dedicated to our thriller opening so more ideas every time were developed, whereas in the preliminary task it was a restricted time amount.

  4. What new skills have you learnt from the software you have used to edit your prelim? In year 11 I used the Mac computers to edit my pop video, so I knew how to log in, where to find the software etc. Final cut Pro is a new software that had been downloaded to the media area, but it wasn't that hard to wrap my head around, as I was the editor. The struggle I faced was the rendering individual sections/ scenes. As even it was done the next time I would log into the Mac, the selection would have been changed. I enjoyed changing the colour of the clips as I would have to view the different options. I enjoyed the ‘slice’ tool as it was easier to crop the clips, and delete the sections that we would not need. I developed a better skill of time management, and understood the importance of time, for example the amount of time it took to render, so I would need to begin the rendering before the lesson so it would reach 100%, if this was not done, the whole hour (the entire lesson) would be taken over.

  5. What was your reaction to your final prelim/ other peoples reaction? I really liked my thriller opening and so did my group. I was really pleased of what was produced, in the amount of time, and how well it flowed, for exam specifically targeting Dominic’s scene, that shifted upwards right, and taking over the whole screen. Everyone that I showed, including Dominic himself, Daniel his partner, my mum sister and dad, my cousins and my friends. They all praised it and said it was very creative.