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  1. NRCS - WebCAAF & SCIMS NRCS & eGovernment Opportunities The Components & their Relationships How the Customer works with USDA (NRCS) SCIMS - USDA Customer database WebCAAF eGov Opportunities for the Customer

  2. INTERNET Other USDA Offices NRCS Office NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV Customer Web Farm WebCAAF USDA Office Work Queue Notification Message

  3. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV Customer or other Business entity Currently contains material that requires password as well as material that is available without an ID and password If a Customer has any intentions of doing business on-line they must obtain a WebCAAF ID & log-in This process may be completed by any USDA employee This process will require that the customer exists in SCIMS The URL to initiate this process is: Will likely contain material that requires password as well as material that is available without an ID and password Will likely contain material that requires password as well as material that is available without an ID and password Future Web-Based Applications

  4. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV • Definitions & Explanations: • WebCAAF - Web Based Centralized Authentication & Authorization Facility • This application will be used in many NRCS (and USDA) web based applications where • there is a requirement to both insure you are who you say you are (authentication) AND • you are authorized to use that particular application, form, service. This applies to anyone, • federal employee or customer. This application requires a unique ID and password. • CAMS ID & Password - The CAMS ID & password are used ONLY by federal employees as • as the ID and password for use in WebCAAF (for the present). • WebCAAF ID & Password - This is the ID and password required by WebCAAF - for an external • customer it is the ID & password that can be obtained by using Webreg. For a federal employee • it is that individuals CAMS ID and password. • Webreg - Web Registration (, for use in obtaining an ID and • password for individuals other than federal employees. This application requires an • authorized WebCAAF ID & password, which for federal employees is their CAMS ID & • password. • SCIMS - Service Center Information Management System that was developed by FSA and • has become the shared customer database for FSA, NRCS, & RD. • SCIMS ID & Password - The authority to enter and edit data in SCIMS requires specific training and a • unique password that is currently issued by FSA (not the CAMS ID). First name.Last name for the ID • and the special 9 character password (State SCIMS coordinator has details).

  5. Steps to obtain: • WebCAAF ID & Log-in for USDA Employee • None - CAMS ID and password serves as WebCAAF ID & password • WebCAAF ID & Log-in for USDA Customer • Webreg is the application that results in a producing an ID and password that is used for sites that • use WebCAAF for authentication ( • 1. USDA employee uses Webreg application to enter customer into system resulting in a • temporary ID and password being issued • 2. If customer already has his/her name in SCIMS, the process is completed in Webreg. • 3. If customer is not in SCIMS, employee must exit Webreg and then enter customer into SCIMS • before the Webreg process can be completed. • Note - it is strongly recommended that this process be completed by two different employees • when ever possible. • 4. When customer has both temp. ID and password must go to • to activate for permanent ID and password. • By providing a customer with an ID and password using Wegreg, that customer will have what is • needed to access and do business online with USDA where there is a need to insure the person is • who they say they are and are authorized access to that application. • By providing a customer with an ID and password NRCS employees will have insured that this • customer exists in the SCIMS database.

  6. NRCS - eGOV Customers might use the “Register” link off of this page. It provides the customer guidance but does not provide details that would be helpful for the employee. The customer will find 6 instructions that basically have them go the service center and ask to be ‘registered’. The employee should have sufficient information to process that request.

  7. NRCS - eGOV Customers might use the “Register” link off of this page. It provides the customer guidance but does not provide details that would be helpful for the employee. The customer will find 6 instructions that basically have them go the service center and ask to be ‘registered’. The employee should have sufficient information to process that request.

  8. Step 1: Visit your local Service Center Customer goes to the office and asks to apply for a log-in and password to be able to do business on-line (this is the WebCAAF ID and password) Step 2: Complete and sign a simple form, AD-2016. The service center should use the automated application, WebReg, that is initiated from the following web site; https:// webreg . When this application is used, and all the information is available (including the customer name and address from SCIMS) a form AD-2016 will be generated. The customer would also have the option of accessing the form online, from the link on the online services page (, complete it online, print it and then bring it into the local office. NRCS - eGOV Following are the items listed on the USDA web site for ‘registering’ along with an explanation as to what each step might mean for an NRCS employee: Applying in Person

  9. NRCS - eGOV

  10. NRCS - eGOV

  11. Employee & Customer complete registration, customer obtains temp. ID, employee reminds customer of mailing of temp. password (Step5) Customer requests access to “e” applications (Step1) NRCS Employee Enters WebReg w/CAMS ID & Login Enter Webreg Webreg check against SCIMS Talks to SCIMS check for Customer Enter SCIMS Exit Webreg NOT, not in SCIMS using unique password obtained from FSA YES, in SCIMS Complete registration process (Steps 2, 3, & 4 completed here) SCIMS Data entry application Customer goes to ‘activation’ site to set permanent ID and password (Step 6) Complete data entry process Exit SCIMS .gov/activate

  12. NRCS WebCAAF USDA Customers may obtain their passwords in one of 3 ways: Request an account at the local Service Center (described in the following slides) Mail in request (to the local Service Center, the AD - 2016 must be notarized) Fax in request (to the local Service Center, the AD-2016 must be notarized) If a customer chooses to mail or fax the AD-2016 then the receiving USDA employee will still need to follow the steps to enter that customer into Webreg in order for them to obtain a log in and password for online access.

  13. CAMS User ID & Pswd NRCS WebCAAF

  14. NRCS WebCAAF

  15. NRCS WebCAAF

  16. NRCS WebCAAF

  17. NRCS WebCAAF If customer does not show up in the check in SCIMS, the employee must exit Webreg, and have the customer enter his/her data (name, address, etc.) into SCIMS by another employee whenever possible (for security reasons). Once the customer’s data is in SCIMS the employee can re-enter Webreg and complete the registration process.

  18. NRCS WebCAAF Note: An AD-2016 is printed at this time

  19. NRCS WebCAAF

  20. NRCS WebCAAF For NRCS purposes, when the this window is reached - select the ‘Next’ button and move to the next screen.

  21. NRCS WebCAAF

  22. Customer NRCS WebCAAF Temporary ID

  23. Customer (Temporary User ID) (URL Address) NRCS WebCAAF

  24. NRCS WebCAAF

  25. NRCS - SCIMS SCIMS is the Customer database that NRCS will begin to integrate with in the future. As various applications come on line using SCIMS, those applications will provide specific details (as needed) on what (if anything) an NRCS employee may need to do in SCIMS (i.e. modify a record, add a specific data element, check RSNO data, etc.)

  26. NRCS - SCIMS How will SCIMS be implemented in NRCS? Several NRCS applications that will be using SCIMS data Technical Service Provider Registry (01/03) PRMS (First quarter ‘03) ProTracts (Second half ‘03) Customer Service Toolkit Check In/Out Utility (Late ‘03)

  27. NRCS - SCIMS In addition to customer name and address: Tax ID and ID Type Gender* Entity Type Disability Birth Date Marital Status Citizenship Country* Veteran Status Voting District* Receive Mail Program participation Language Preference*Employee Type* Limited Resource Producer Ethnicity Race* Phone Number (*indicates required core data entry to create a customer record)

  28. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV SCIMS Screens The SCIMS process is accessed through the USDA Intranet home page by entering the following address on the URL line: Access to SCIMS is based on NRCS state office guidance and is limited to only those with authorization. The log in and password will not be the employee’s CAMS ID and password.





  33. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV After selecting "SCIMS" option, a Security Screen applicable to SCIMS users will be displayed requiring the AUTHORIZED user to enter a User Name and Password NOTE: When an active session is completed and the ‘log off’ choice is selected, as long as the same browser session is open, the user will not have to log in again to re-enter the SCIMS database.


  35. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV Selecting the Customer • All users must first search the SCIMS database for a customer in order to add, modify, delete, or perform any action for a specific customer that will impact the database. The search may be conducted by either method: • a local basis through the home Service Center as selected (i.e. those customers for that Service Center) • on a nationwide basis (national search) • Customer Search may be initiated by entering any of the following: • Full Tax ID and Type • Last Name or Business Name • First Name with Last Name Included • Zip Code and Whole Last Name • Phone Number *Hint - Users are encouraged to include all known customer data when conducting the search to narrow the search process.

  36. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV • Search Results • Matches an existing record, • system will display customer record • Initial search may identify a potential • of 20 possible matches - At this point • user must enter additional search criteria

  37. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV Process for Adding a New Customer Continued ... If tax ID is not available, a list of possible matches will be displayed based on individual name, business name, common customer name, and mailing address. • When a duplicate record is found, the system will display the message, “Customer already exists”. (exact duplicate) • If potential duplicate records are found, the system will display the message, “The customer entered will result in a potential duplicate with another customer on the database”. (almost a duplicate, i.e. same name - different zip code) If potential matches are found, user will be presented with a list of existing entries in the database having similar names • The user is responsibility for the prevention of duplicate entries of customers when creating the new customer record • SCIMS is designed to prevent the user from creating records that result in duplicate customers




  41. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV Race Determination: Required Entry if Race is recorded Description; A code to indicate how the individual's race was identified. Customer Declared Employee Observed • Race Type: A designation of Racial Heritage Required Entry; one or more • Black or African American • White • American Indian or Alaska Native • Hawaiian Native or Pacific Islander • Asian • (entry optional if ethnicity is recorded)

  42. Disability Information: Required entry for customers flagged as employees Disability Determination: Required entry if Disability is recorded NRCS - SCIMS • Core Customer Address Business Rules Required Entry • Customer must have one or more addresses -One must be a mailing address and current address • If multiple addresses are recorded, one address must be flagged as the current and mailing address


  44. NRCS WebCAAF - SCIMS - eGOV Phone Number: (Optional Entry) Description: Telephone information relating to a specific customer. The Phone Type Code describes the location and function of the telephone. • Email Address:(Optional Entry) • Description: This is an optional data field for the user to record the email • address of a customer who wish to communicate via E-GOV. The user • must identify if the address is a home or business email. • If two or more email addresses are recorded, one shall be listed as primary

  45. NRCS - SCIMS • Customer Notes: • Description: This field is a free-form space with a maximum • of 225 characters in which employees may record specific criteria regarding a producer. Program Participation Link Description: This field indicates USDA programs in which the customer is currently participating or has ever participated. If the customer has dealings with more than one office regarding the same program, multiple records will occur.

  46. NRCS - eGOV - eForms

  47. NRCS - eGOV NRCS - eGOV - eForms

  48. NRCS - eGOV NRCS - eGOV - eForms