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Environmental Sustainability (PD4024) PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Sustainability (PD4024)

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Environmental Sustainability (PD4024)
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Environmental Sustainability (PD4024)

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  1. Environmental Sustainability(PD4024) Lab #1

  2. Overview of Lab #1 • Discussion of Environmental Sustainability (E.S.) • Company Presentation & Case Study for Environmental Sustainability in Engineering. • Incremental Steps to Environmental Sustainability. • Group Work : Environmental Sustainability Activities

  3. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability • What is Environmental Sustainability (E.S.)? • Discussion – Students opinion! • History & Implications of E.S. • Why E.S. in Business, Manufacturing, Schools etc. etc.?? • Discussion • Environmental & Sustainability Aspects. • Group-work : In teams, identify various aspects.

  4. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability What is Environmental Sustainability (E.S.)? “I don’t like the word sustainability very much actually. It’s useful because nobody knows what it means, it’s long, it can go everywhere, therefore travels well, so that’s good.” William McDomough, 1998 “…development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” WECD, 1987

  5. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability What is Environmental Sustainability (E.S.)? …..managing energy and resources so as to minimise the environmental and ecological impact of human activities now and for the future.

  6. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability History of E.S. “I recognise the right and duty of this generation to develop and use the natural resources of our land; but I do not recognise the right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, the generations that come after us.” Theodore Roosevelt, 1910 1987, Sustainability came into the global spectrum as a result of the Brundtland Commission, formally the World Commission on Environment and Development (WECD) with the report ‘Our Common Future’.

  7. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability History of E.S. In "Our Common Future", sustainable development was defined, and the path for this was also outlined, one that would sustain human progress not just in a few places for a few years, but for the entire planet into a more foreseeable future. Despite the best intentions however, ambiguity still remained with sustainability. It was found that in Northern countries, it was understood as a new environmental concept, while in the South, it was taken as meaning poverty alleviation and economic development.

  8. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability History of E.S. 1992: Rio - United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The EU and other states committed to Sustainability and outlined 27 specific principles helping to define sustainability. Agenda 21 outlined the programme of actions in reaching Sustainability. Specifically it outlined 3 dimensions (pillars) - social, environmental and economic dimensions. 2002: Johannesburg Summit - World Summit on Sustainable Development was held to adopt concrete steps and identify quantifiable targets for the better implementation of Agenda 21.

  9. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability History of E.S. & Implications: Increase in EU Directives & Irish Legislation WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. ROHS – Restriction on Hazardous Substances ELV – End-of-life of Vehicles. IPC – Integrated Pollution Control Licence (Ireland only) EPA – Irish Environmental Protection Agency Responsible for Enforcement of environmental legislation. Companies to practice self-governance EPA – Conducts random audits & responds to complaints.

  10. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability 5 Principles of EU Legislation

  11. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability Why?? Drivers & Benefits in Business, Manufacturing, Schools Pull Factors: Competition? Economic Savings? Status? Push Factors: Customer and/or Legal Requirements?

  12. Discussion:Environmental Sustainability Environmental & Sustainability Aspects. Write up a list of (Group-work): Environmental, Economical & Social Aspects to be considered. Environmental EmissionsEco-EfficiencyDischarges Social Equitable PoliciesEase of DisposalWork Conditions Economic Raw Material CostsProfitMarket Success

  13. Company Presentation Case Study for Environmental Sustainability in Engineering Use this Presentation to provide an Insight into Assignment #2 due in Week11. Identify Activities, Products, Processes. Identify the Steps which were taken.

  14. Incremental Steps to Environmental Sustainability 5 Environmental Sustainability 4Environmental Performance 3Environmental Management Systems 2 Environment Management 1 Environmental Compliance No policy Tools Techniques

  15. Incremental Steps to Environmental Sustainability 0. No policy No policy within the company at any level. No checking legal compliance. No responsibility. 1. Environmental Compliance Establishing legal environmental compliance. Environmental Policy and commitment register. Keeping legal aspects at ‘bay’.

  16. Incremental Steps to Environmental Sustainability 2 Environment Management ‘Best Practice’ Identification and Implementation. Sectoral Benchmarking. 3Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) Commitment and Planning Implementation and Management Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators of Performance Ongoing Review and Continual Improvement

  17. Incremental Steps to Environmental Sustainability 4Environmental Performance Environmental Performance Evaluation (ISO 14032) Basic Life Cycle Assessment Environmental Reporting 5 Environmental Sustainability Ecological Foot-Printing and Back-Casting Emission and Impact Reduction Strategies Innovation and change of thinking

  18. Incremental Steps to Environmental Sustainability Small Steps Firstly! “Low hanging fruit” • Environmental Awareness Programme • Initial Environmental Review • Strategy Development • Environmental Policy • Environmental Aspects & Legislation • Objectives, Targets & Programmes

  19. Environmental Sustainability Activities Map – Plans (Ecomapping) Mini Audit for all Staff/ Employees Process Mappings – Inputs & Outputs. Sustainability Matrices

  20. Environmental Sustainability Activities Map Plans(Ecomapping)

  21. Environmental Sustainability Activities Mini Audits

  22. Environmental Sustainability Activities

  23. Environmental Sustainability Activities