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Egyptian Culture. And stuff. Gods and Goddesses . The Sun God – Amon -Re Judge of the Dead – Osiris Goddess of Nature and Women – Isis Another Judge of the Dead and Protector of Mummies – Anubis God of the Sky – Horus . Mummification . What is the point?. It’s kind of a big deal.

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Egyptian culture

Egyptian Culture

And stuff

Gods and goddesses
Gods and Goddesses

  • The Sun God – Amon-Re

  • Judge of the Dead – Osiris

  • Goddess of Nature and Women – Isis

  • Another Judge of the Dead and Protector of Mummies – Anubis

  • God of the Sky – Horus



What is the point?

It s kind of a big deal
It’s kind of a big deal

  • Preparation for the afterlife

  • Done before burial

  • Preparing the body for its awakening

  • Supplies were needed

  • The more important you were, the more stuff you got

Being buried
Being Buried

  • Your tomb would be decorated with all your life’s accomplishments

  • So you better do something with your life or else your tomb will stink

  • What are our modern day funeral rites?

Daily life

Daily Life

In Ancient Egypt

Highly stratified
Highly Stratified

  • You don’t really move around in society

  • Born a peasant – die a peasant

  • Peasant workers could be contracted by state for public works



In Egypt – Isn’t what you think

How slavery worked
How slavery worked

  • Small scale

  • Most slaves were convicted criminals or prisoners of war

  • The number of slaves increased through the years


Varied greatly according to social class

Pharaohs lived very differently than peasants

You get the idea

Pharaohs could marry 1,000 women if they wanted, Egyptian males could marry only 1

Staying cool

Staying COOL

In Egypt

Staying cool in egypt
Staying Cool in Egypt

  • Rule 1

    • Get a hair cut – if an Egyptian did not have good hair, they would shave their heads and adorn a wig

  • Rule 2

    • First impression is everything – perfume and makeup were common for men and women. No one wants to be “that guy” who stinks. The eyeliner was pretty and doubled as a sunblock

  • Rule 3

    • More clothes, – the richer you are, the more clothes you wear. You can tell by looking at someone where they fall in society – kind of like today ja?

  • Rule 4

    • Don’t be cheap – if you want to look good, buy fine linens – whatever the cost

Staying cool in egypt1
Staying COOLin Egypt

  • For kids

    • Who cares? You’re a kid, run around naked until you hit puberty – Because they did

Art writing and science

Art, Writing, and Science

They were around for 2000 years after all


  • Detailed and colorful

  • Represented daily life all the way to Gods

  • Statues were powerful and imposing


  • We’ve already discussed this so,

    • Tell me about it

Math and science
Math and Science

  • Arithmetic

    • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide

    • Geometry too

  • Engineering

  • Medicine

    • Great healers

    • Surgery was common

    • Understood and recommended hygiene – bingo