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THE PONY EXPRESS . A Publication of the Upper Midwest Region of The Shelby American Automobile Club. President’s Corner. April 2012. In this issues President’s Corner Car cruise The Steg Spy shots Getting ready for spring .

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A Publication of the Upper Midwest Region of The Shelby American Automobile Club

President’s Corner



  • In this issues
  • President’s Corner
  • Car cruise
  • The Steg
  • Spy shots
  • Getting ready for spring



President:Mike Boulka(612) 940-4457

Vice Pres.Pam Flaten(952) 890-0080

Treasurer:Carole Ackerman

Secretary: Scott Sokol (952) 368-7262


Dan Mattila (763) 784-8668

John Greenwell (651) 459-4904


John Greenwell (651) 459-4904

Ericke Rosquist (612) 522-7451



Dave Smith (952) 914-9260

John Greenwell (651) 459-4904

Scott Sokol (952) 368-7262


Mike Boulka (612) 940-4457

Steve and Pam Flaten (952) 890-0080


Carole Ackerman

Bill Cochrane

Jeff Condon

Dan Mattila

Paul Tuveson


Dues are $26 for a one-year membership. New members pay $ 2.00/month through June 30th then $26 per year. All memberships expire every June 30th.


Club shirts $18, Caps $10

Snap Jackets: Winter $70 Summer $70

Zipper jackets add $4

651-766-0143, Amy Davis, Merchandise Manager


Apple Valley Ford -15% Off Motorsports

Ask for Chad at (952) 431-5900


Please send any directory changes to:

Roger Stolley email:


Dave Smith


Rolf Erickson:

Dave Smith:




  • April Meeting April 4 Ft. Snelling Officer’s Club
  • 4th Saturday breakfast April 28 Original Pancake House
  • May Meeting May 2 Ft. Snelling Officer’s Club
  • 4th Saturday breakfast May 26 Original Pancake House
  • Apple Valley show setup June 2nd 5:00pm Apple Valley Ford
  • Apple Valley Show June 3rd Apple Valley Ford


The club data base does not have e-mail addresses for 21% of our membership. You may be missing club information by not having an e-mail address listed in the database to receive club email broadcasts.

If you would like to be included in UMRSAAC Broadcast please e-mail to have your e-mail address added to the database.


Editor’s Note: Rolf and Jean Erickson will be editing the newsletter again beginning with

The May issue. Please send all submissions to them at:

UMRSAAC Car Cruise this June

  • Earlier this year I announced that I would be planning
  • a car cruise. I originally planned to do it in May, but
  • Between the holiday weekend and a graduation day I
  • am planning for June instead. Here are a few details:
  • Saturday June 23rd
  • Breakfast (optional) at the Original Pancake House
  • at 7:30 AM (our regular 4th Saturday breakfast)
  • Cruise departs the restaurant at 9:30 AM
  • There is a gas station very near the restaurant
  • We’ll head west (route and stops TBD)
  • Cruise winds up at Dave Smith’s house in Eden Prairie
  • Burgers, hot dogs, beverages, etc. at Smith’s
  • I’ll plan the route for about 100-125 miles
  • Hope to arrive at Smith’s in the early afternoon
  • I’ll have sign ups at the meetings and the June Show
  • - Dave Smith

"Where Is The Steg"???

You must identify where The Steg is in each picture. The more exact the better. To the first person who can tell me the exact location of each month's picture, you will win a prize. Please send me your guess via e-mail at: You can also call me on my cell phone, 612-940-4457, and leave your guess as well, for those of you who don't do e-mail, or are as technologically challenged as I am. The winning guess will be based on the date and time it was received, even by voice mail.

Mike Boulka



Want to see the newsletter in color? Newsletters are posted on the Club website

and may be viewed in color there so you can see the pictures in color!


2012 Minnesota Antique Motorcycle and Classic Car Auction

April 27-28, 2012 Minnesota State Fairgrounds Grandstand

1265 Snelling Ave North

St Paul, Minnesota (car auction begins at 1:00 PM)


In Search of….

The Club received an inquiry from the brother of the former owner of Bill Cochrane’s 1966 Shelby. His brother is looking for any of his brother’s personal items that went with the car. Please read the email we received below and let Rolf Erickson or Dave Whittlesey know. Dave’s contact info is at the end of his email…thanks

Hope all is well with you.  Question, after my brother, Craig committed suicide in ’91 a couple Shelby Club members bought and were given his car stuff by my parents.  I believe one was named Mark.  Any chance he’s still around?  The Club even sent a small commemorative wall plaque to my folks in Craig’s memory which I now have.  I’d be interested in getting or purchasing some of the personal things they got including a gold-colored statue of a cobra snake if they’d part with them.  How’s Bill’s wife?  I remember you said she was having health issues.  I sent him & his family a Christmas card too but have never heard from him.  I look forward to hearing from you.   


Dave Whittlesey

Bella Vista, AR


  • It’s that time of year when car shows and cruise events are popping up all over and you’re itching to get your classic car out of storage and ready to shine. Here are some tips to help show you the best way to get your car ready for cruising season.
  • First things first: Assuming your car was stored with a full tank of gas and fuel stabilizer, you can skip this step. If not, you must drain the old gas and replace with new.
  • Spots give it away: Look under the car. If there was a problem, spots on the ground would be a giveaway. Color or location of the spill is helpful in finding out where the leak is coming from.
  • Red fluid usually indicates the transmission is leaking
  • Green-blue fluid means the radiator might be leaking
  • Oil on the floor under the front seal indicates your oil seals should be checked
  • Brake fluid under the master cylinder indicates a brake issue
  • Pop the top: Once you’ve inspected the floor, pop the hood. You’ll then want to check the wiper fluid, brake fluid, radiator fluid and oil. The oil should be down as low as it can go; the brake fluid should be high. If the brake fluid is dark brown, that’s an indication it’s dirty and needs to be changed, or the brakes need to be bled. With the hood still up, check the hoses:
  • Pinch the heater hoses to ensure they don’t show cracking or hardness
  • Squeeze the radiator hoses to make sure they haven’t rotted
  • Check the fan belts – try twisting them left and right to check for cracking
  • If the antifreeze hasn’t been changed in the last 24 months, this is the time to do it. Also, as the car has been sitting for months, change the oil and filter.
  • Spark it: If your car has been stored for more than four months, next on the list is to remove the spark plugs. Be sure to mark the order when removing. Then spray oil into the cylinder walls, lubricating them so when you start the car, the walls won’t get scratched.
  • Fully charged: Place the fully charged battery back in the car. The ideal way to store a battery is outside the car, somewhere off the ground where it’s not cold.
  • Get it started: Now comes the fun part – put the key in and turn the engine over until the oil heats to temperature. Then put the spark plugs back in place. Once that’s completed, get back in and start it up. After checking all lights and the brake pedal, back out of the driveway and take it for a loop around the block. Listen for squeaks or rattles. You will also want to check the defroster, fan, heater and radio to make sure everything is in working condition.
  • Shiny clean: If you don’t see any problems, park it in the driveway and give the car a thorough cleaning – wash and vacuum the interior, remove and clean floor mats, shine the windows and wax the car.
  • Sit back and cruise: After putting air in the tires, you’re officially ready to head off to the first car show of the season to show off all your hard work. Enjoy!

UMRSAAC monthly meeting minutes

March 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. by President Mike Boulka

New Members: Dave Hackman returned to his first meeting since his surgery.

Officer’s reports: VP: no report

Treasurer: Carole Ackerman detailed the financial report.

Secretary: no report

Merchandise manager: Amy passed around pictures of the proposed Club T-shirts. She is checking on flags for car antennas.

Committee Reports:

Non-Show Events Committee: Gary Curtis from BIR will be at the April meeting and will have a Club discount available.

Charitable Donations Committee: no report.

June Show Committee: Dan Mattila spoke about the Spring Show (Sunday June 3rd). Move cars Saturday 6/2 with cookout and beverages. A signup sheet was passed around for helping with the show. If interested, call Dan Mattila to sign up. We’re looking for more door prizes and donations. Troy Krueger designed the show fliers and they look amazing! Show fliers have been printed and were folded by the members in attendance at the meeting. Thanks everyone!

Roger Stolley is starting the new Club Directory. He hopes to have it completed by April. If you have changes, please call or email him.

New Business:

Rolf Erickson is looking to train someone for the Newsletter Editor position, Dave Smith to run through April.

The Winter Party will be held Saturday March 24th 4 - 8:30 pm. at the Ft. Snelling Officer’s Club in the ballroom. (4 pm social hour, 5:30 pm dinner and 6:30 pm Black Jack tables) Contact Pam Flaten to sign-up. Dress is casual. We will have our own bartender—cash bar, buffet style dinner. There will be Bingo for the kids.

Dave Hackman thanked everyone for the support and books the Club dropped off for him while he was in the hospital. He also brought a letter thanking the Club.

Vintage racer Bob Youngdaul passed away due to a car trailer accident. Memorial service will be 3/10 (10am) at the White Funeral Home in Lakeville.

Dave Smith will organize a cruise in June that will end up at his house with a BBQ.

The “Steg” was outside the Hyland Ski Jump in Bloomington. Mike Ackerman was the first to call in.

50/50 Drawing was won by Mike Ackerman in the amount of $25.

Upcoming Events:

March 10-18th: Minneapolis Auto Show at the Convention Center

March 24th: Breakfast at Original Pancake House in Maple Grove 7:30am.

March 24th: Club Winter Party at Ft. Snelling Officer’s Club (4 - 8:30 pm)

April 4th: Club Meeting at Fort Snelling Officer’s Club, Meeting at 7pm, order dinner by 6:30pm

April 7th: Cars & Café- AutoMotorPlex in Chanhassen

April 21st: All Ford Cars & Café- AutoMotorPlex in Chanhassen (9am)

Secretary Scott Sokol

2012 Minnesota Antique Motorcycle and Classic Car Auction

April 27-28, 2012 Minnesota State Fairgrounds Grandstand

1265 Snelling Ave North

St Paul, Minnesota (car auction begins at 1:00 PM on Saturday)


Want Ads-Buy and Sell

Send your ads, changes or renewals to Rolf Erickson jre280@comcast.netDeadline for next issue:

December 21, 2011. Ads will be dated and run for 6 issues. Non-member ads will be run for 1 issue.

FOR SALE: Lots of cool club merchandise. New styles and colors. See Merchandise Manager Amy Davis . 651-766-0143 or

For Sale: Full set of 2007 Mustang (Fan Blade) Wheels - 8.5” wide BFG’s 235/50/18. TPMS sensors are intact. I did the chrome exchange last year and they have absolutely no curb rash. $500.00 Contact: roger@stolley.us7-11

For Sale: Complete set of front seat belts (left and right buckles and clasps). They fit 1965 Mustang, black color. Includes original bolts and washers. They work fine and look good. Front Left and Right wing-window frames (chrome, Ford parts# C4ZB-6522222-C and C4ZB-6522223-C)--these fit 1964-66 Mustangs. Damon Laudahl 612/871-2904 9-11

FOR SALE: 429 cylinder heads DOVE-C Both are 9K30. Full Rebuild by Total Engine Service.

429 cast iron intake DOVE-9425B. OF26 date code. Restored, painted and prefect for immediate use. $800 for all. Dan LeVesque 651-768-9536 11-11

FOR SALE: 4 Mustang GT Rims $225. They are 16" x 7.5" and in like new condition. I'm near Madison, WI. Kathy 608-370-3862. 7-11

WANTED: 2 barrel stock carb for a 67 289, even a newer 302 would work- KEN LAURSEN 1729 AVOCET LANE MOUND MN 55364 612-735-8955 7-11

FOR SALE: Large floor standing stereo speakers, Cerwin-Vega Model D-7E. Driver Suspension has been redone. Dan LeVesque, 651-768-9356 12/11

For Sale: Custom laser cut wood auto logos for your bar, garage or what have you. Approximately 1 foot

diameter. (picture next month) Available for Mustang, Ford Pickup and other makes. $35.00

Contact Gale Epettee, 651-210-9502

For Sale: Art Carr AOD Transmission, non-electric version. Fits 429-460 motors. Wide Ratio gear set, Kevlar

Clutches, Custom Billet Torque Converter-2200 stall. Brand new in shipping crate. Asking $2,000

Dan LeVesque, 651-768-9356 9/11

For Sale: 1966 Mustang coupe, 289 2bbl, auto. Night mist blue w/white vinyl top. Approx. 86,500 orig. miles. Show condition inside and out. Torque Thrust II wheels w/BFG Radial TA tires. I have all receipts for parts and work done since I bought it in 1995 plus a journal documenting what was done when. Includes stock rims, wheel covers, original AM radio and speaker, extra carburetor. $13,500 Maury Vanden Burg (612) 861-5534 eves or email


“…no, really, it’s totally stock!!”

  • Next Meeting 7:00pm
  • Dinner at 6:00 on
  • Wednesday April 4th
  • Fort Snelling
  • Officer’s Club

Upper Midwest Region SAAC

P.O.Box 390453

Edina, Minnesota 55439