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Unit 4 Wildlife Protection PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 4 Wildlife Protection

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Unit 4 Wildlife Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 4 Wildlife Protection. Unit 4 Listening. Answer key for Exercise 2:. Unit 4 Using Words and Expressions. Answer key for Exercise 1: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 Answer key for Exercise 2: fur, endangered, die out, mosquitoes, secure, in peace. Suggested answers to Exercise 3:

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Unit 4 Listening

Answer key for Exercise 2:


Unit 4 Using Words and Expressions

Answerkey for Exercise 1:

1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2

Answer key for Exercise 2:

fur, endangered, die out, mosquitoes, secure, in peace


Suggested answers to Exercise 3:

1 Susan burst into laughter when she saw the monkeys running after each other in the dust of the game reserve. They looked so funny.

2 My grandpa longedfor the return of Milu deer so much that he could hardly contain hisexcitement and burst into tears when he saw them in Nanhaizi Milu Park return to China.


3 The WWF inspects the panda reserves regularly so that the pandas there are well protected. They make sure that anyone who hunts a panda will be punished with no mercy.

4 After the loss of so many antelopes, the game keepers began to employ new methods for catching the hunters.


5 The scientists knew that their experimentwouldsucceed when the panda babiesbegan tobiteand eat bamboo all bythemselves.

6Incidents with oil spillsharm many sea birds, this has encouragedsocietiestocome into being, whose aim is to savethe birds.

7 Many people go to a neweconomic zonelike Shenzhen to look for a new job, hopingto increase theirincome there.


Unit 4 Using Structures

Answer key for Exercise 1:

1 I’m afraid that the road to Wolong Nature Reserve is being repaired.

2 How much money we should spend on endangered tigers is being discussed.

3 The side effects of the new drug are being researched.


4 The request to buy a video for each classroom is being considered.

5 The project to make a new home for pandas is being developed.

Answer key for Exercise 2:

are being protected, are being discovered, are now being studied, are being encouraged


E, A, B, C, D


Unit 4 Reading Task

Suggested answers to Exercise 2:


Unit 4 Listening Task

Suggested answer to Exercise 2:

It’s saving wild birds covered in oil.

Answer key for Exercise 3:

raincoats, cold, water, flows, stick, together, get, cold, may, eat, oil, get, sick


Suggested answers to Exercise 4:

Step1:We comfort the birds.

Step2: We clean the birds.