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Unit 4 Wildlife protection Grammar PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 4 Wildlife protection Grammar

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Unit 4 Wildlife protection Grammar

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  1. Unit 4 Wildlife protection Grammar

  2. I. Warming up Look at the following sentence paying attention to the words in blue. We are being killed for the wool beneath our stomachs.

  3. Warming up Sentences using the same structure: Line 10: Our fur is being used to make sweaters for people like you. Line 11: I wonder what is being done to help you. Line 14: Daisy turned around and found that she was being watched by an elephant. Line 24: So good things are being done here to save local wildlife. “be being done”

  4. II. Practice Now you are visiting a zoo. In the zoo, there are a lot of people doing various things. Make a dialogue and tell us what they are doing. Example: Who is studying the rhino? The rhino is being studied by John. 1. Who is feeding the Tibetan antelope? The Tibetan antelope is … 2. Who is taking photos of the panda? The panda is …

  5. Practice 3. Who is chasing after the whales? The whales are … 4. What is being done for the Milu deer? They are being kept in … 5. What is being done for the rhino? It is being … 6. What is being done for the monkey? It is being … …

  6. Practice Work in pairs and discuss what you should do in the following situations. Example: Teacher: What should you do if your car is being stolen? Student: If my car is being stolen, I should call the police station.

  7. Practice • What should you do if your friend is being attacked? • What should you do if you are being followed by a stranger? • What should you do if you are being kept waiting? • What should you do if you are being asked difficult questions? • What should you do if you are being bitten by mosquitoes? • What should you do if you are being run after by a dog? • What should you say if you are being punished by your parent for something you did wrong? • What should you say if you are being praised?

  8. III. Summary Read the passage on p. 65 and find out all the sentences with passive voice. Line 8: Milu deerwere often hunted for food or sport in the past. Line 9: The Ming and Qing dynasties did not protect them and many were killed. Line 12: Luckily before all of them were killed, some were taken to Britain to improve the environment. Line 20: There are now so many of them that a new park has been opened for them in Hebei Province. Line 20: At the moment the Milu deer live in centres where they are beingwell protected and cared for. Line 21: It is hoped that one day there will be enough animals to let them live in the wild again.

  9. Summary

  10. Summary

  11. IV. Exercise To prepare for the 30th Olympics, a lot of money ____________ (spend) by the British government. New buildings and sports venues __________ (build). New large areas of grassland will appear and the environment ______________ (improve). More people _________________ (encourage) to become volunteers for the Olympics. The city of London will take on a new look in 2012. will be spent will be built will be improved will be encouraged Present Future Passive Voice

  12. Exercise Over the past ten years, a great many changes have taken place in my hometown. A new park ____________ (build) for villagers to do exercises. The muddy roads _______________ (repair) and a lot of flowers _______________ (plant) on both sides of the roads. In a word, the village has become tidy and clean. In order to increase villagers’ incomes, some new factories ______________ (set up). Many villagers without jobs before _________________ (employ) by the factory, so the quality of their life has improved. Now, many old houses __________________ (tear down) and a lot of new buildings ______________ (build). has been built have been repaired have been planted have been set up have been employed have been torn down have been built Present Perfect Passive Voice

  13. Exercise Pandas are the mascot of WWF and ______________ (protect) both by WWF and the Chinese government. However, they are not the only animals in danger. Other endangered species _______________(discover) in China by WWF on a regular basis. One example is the porpoise (江豚) in the Yangtze River. They ________________ (now study) as their numbers decrease. Another is the tiger in Northeast China, which ______________ (observe) because it is almost extinct. (to be continued) are being protected are being discovered are now being studied is being observed

  14. Exercise Over the years WWF has won many prizes for its work, but now it will be given the task of presenting prizes of its own. Prizes will be given to the organizations that protect wildlife well. People in the world ___________________ (encourage) to give more importance to wildlife. are being encouraged Present Progressive Passive Voice

  15. Exercise • Use summary • 被动语态一般用于正式文体中,陈述论点、论 据或者看法。 • 当不知道或不必要提出动作的执行者时。 • 当强调或侧重动作的承受者时。 • 为了避免指出个人责任时。

  16. V. Homework • 1. Do exercise 1 on page 64. • 2. Group work: • Surf the Internet and find some information about some other endangered animals. • Choose one animal and prepare to tell your classmates in the next class what happened to this animal in the past, at present and in the future. • Try to use passive voice in your presentation. • You can use PPT to help you present your work. Your presentation will last no more than 5 minutes.