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Unit 4 Wildlife protection. Reading. what are they?. Polar bear. Milu deer. Milu deer. rhino. panda. Tiger. Crocodile. C r o c o d I l e. Tropic fish. leopard. K o a l a. K o a l a. Giraffe. Elephant. e l e p h a n t. E l e p h a n t.

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Unit 4

Wildlife protection



C r o c o d I l e

K o a l a

K o a l a


e l e p h a n t

E l e p h a n t

lack of food

bad environment

human beings endless killing



1. Why are they in danger of disappearing?

2.Do you know any wildlife that has disappeared?

Developed knowledge

WWF: The World Wildlife Fund

It was founded in the UK in 1961. It is an organization that works to save endangered wildlife.

The WWF has three aims:

To protect endangered species.

To conserve endangered species.

To try to find solutions to threats to the environment of the world for the benefit of people and nature.

Step i fast reading decide whether the following statements are true or false
Step I Fast reading: decide whether the following statements are true or false.

Only one


1.Daisy saw many antelopes in Tibet.

2.Daisy’s sweater was made of sheep wool.

3.In three years the antelope may die out.

4.The elephant used to be well protected in Zimbabwe.

5.In Zimbabwe, tourists love to see the rhinos and elephants.

6.The farmers in Zimbabwe get nothing from the elephants and rhinos now.

7.This is a real story in Daisy’s life.


much money

There are three ways in which animals are are true or false.being destroyed. Where would you put the antelope, elephant and monkey?




Animals that are being hunted

and killed



Animals that have not enough food


Areas in which the environment is being destroyed and animals are dying out



What does the passage mainly talk about ?(pay attention to the title)

Daisy learned to help wildlife.

Main idea of each part : the title)

Part1(para 1) : With the help of the flying chair ,Daisy came to Tibet and learned what was happening to antelopes there from an antelope .

Part2(paras 2-3) : Daisy flew to Zimbabwe ,where she knew what was being done to protect elephants and rhinoceros .

Part3(paras 4-5) : In the rainforest Daisy understood how animals lived together in the rain forest .

Step II Fill in the blank the title)


One day, Daisy______ a strange dream. She flew in a wonderful ____ to ____ with an ______ in Tibet. The antelope told her they were hunted because of their ______ which can be used to make _______ like hers. In three years they may all be _______. Later, she ______ to Zimbabwe where she talked with an ______ and got to know the farmers there no longer ______ them. That’s because the _________ decided to help and the farmers finally made a lot of _____. At last, she _______ at the thick rain _____ where a monkey told her “No rain forest, no ______ and no ______.” Although finally everything was ______, she had ______ so much!


















Step III Carefully reading and discussing the title)

Read the story again and answer these questions.

1. Who is hunting and killing the Tibetan antelope?

2. How did life improve for the farmers in Zimbabwe?

3. In what ways does looking after the

rain forest help with wildlife protection?

The people who want their fur and wool under their stomach.

Allow the tourists to take photos and hunt some for fee . Farmers can get money and no longer hunt animals.

For example, paying attention to the rain forest can bring you money.

1 she turned round and there was an antelope with a sad face looking at her

Language points: the title)

1. She turned round and there was an antelope with a sad face looking at her.她转过身就发现有一只羚羊面色凄惨的望着她。

句中有with的复合结构: with+O.+O.C.(现在分词)表示做宾补的分词与宾语之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,除了现在分词外,adj./p.p./adv./prep.phrases都可以做宾补。

Eg. The boy came in , with a dog following him.(现在分词)

The thief was taken in, with the hands tied back.(p.p.)

He would like to sleep, with the door open.(adj.)

A lady got on the bus, with a baby in her arms.(prep. phrase)

The door was locked, with nobody in.(adv.)

2. suggest sth/ doing sth. the title)提议; 建议

I only suggest the plan. You decide.

I suggest taking part in the singing competition.

suggest (that) sb (should) do / be(虚拟语气)


His secretary suggested that_________________ __________________

we (should) come next Monday.


Her expression suggested that she was angry.

He came to my class every week, but his attitude suggested he______ not really interested in the class.


A. is B. be C. was D. were

3 about 70 after bamboo areas set up to help them grow area n
3.About 70 after bamboo the title)areas set up to help them grow.Area n. 地区;范围;面积


What is the area of …

Have /cover an area of


1) ______________(面积是多少) of this temple?

It ___________________two square kilometers.

2)The two parks are different in shape, but are the same _______(在……面积上).

What is the area

has/covers an area of

in area

zone表“地带,地区”, 常可与area换用。但zone更侧重表示具有某一特征、目的或用途的地区。在表示“(地理名词)寒带、热带”时,常用zone。如:time zone时区,the torrid zone 热带。

4.get dressed the title)穿上衣服

get hurt 受伤 get married 结婚 get lost 迷路

get +过去分词相当于be +过去分词,表示被动,但get +过去分词更着重动作意味,不可延续,因此不能与表示一段时间的状语连用。而be +过去分词表示穿着状况,可延续,可以与一段时间连用。

eg.His shirt got caught on the nail and a button went off.

5.would like“想,愿意”,是表达主语意愿的委婉用语(1)would like 接n./代词

(2)would like to do

(3)would like sb.to do 表达“愿意某人做”

(4)would like to have done“过去本愿意做(但实际没做)”

6 in three years we may all be gone in be gone gone
6 the title).In three years we may all be gone.in +一段时间“多久之后”,与将来时态连用,表示动作将在多久后发生。begone是系表结构 “消失,不见” gone做“消失,不见”解时不能做定语,可以做表语补足语.

If you will wait for a moment, the

doctor will finish the operation in a minute.

When I got out of the cinema,I found my newly bought bike_____________ .

was gone

即境活用 the title)

1.大朗镇的面积是多少? 它有120平方公里.


What is the area of Dalang town?

It has/covers an area of 120 square kilometers.


  • 2. Sarah, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to ____ before the party.(04NMET)

  • get changed B. get change

  • C. get changing D. get to change


3. ____ you ____ to have a coffee with me? 4. It is not polite to sit_________________. (脚指着别人) 5.the teacher stood in front of us, __________________.(脸上带着微笑) 6. Suddenly, a cat jumped out __________________________ (从门后). 7. He did a great deal of work __ three hours. 8.Some animals will be_______ in the near future.

Would like

with your feet pointing to others.

with a smile on her face

from behind the door



7 apply to sb for sth apply to apply to be applied to apply oneself to
7. apply to sb. for sth polite to sit_________________. (. 向…..申请apply…to … 将…涂抹于,将…使用于apply to; be applied to 适用于,适合于 apply oneself to 很专心

apply for

I will __________the job today.

are often applied to

Scientific discoveries __________industrial production methods.

be applied to

The rule can not _____________every case.

8 this protects me from mosquitoes
8.This polite to sit_________________. (protects me from mosquitoes.

protect … from …

protect … against …



keep sb. from doing

stop sb. (from) doing

prevent sb. (from) doing


在被动形式 be kept/stopped/prevented 后的 from 不能省,但在主动语态中stop和prevent可以省略 from 。

1. He is wearing sunglasses to____ his eyes from the strong sunlight.

A. protect B. hold C. stop D. prevent

2. Strong social supports from your families, friends or coworkers help people ____themselves ____illnesses.

A. stop; from B. prevent; from

C. keep; against D. protect; against

3. The great difficulty ____ him achieving what he wanted to achieve.

A. kept B. protected

C. defendedD. prevented




9. sunlight.affect v. (=have an effect on)影响

effect n.(指affect影响)的结果


Smoking affects health.

He felt sick from the effect of weather.

I will effect my purpose.


10 but what an experience
10.But sunlight.what an experience!一次多么奇特的经历啊!

experience n. (c) 经历 (u) 经验

have experience in/at doing… 在(做)……方面有经验

know from experience 根据经验知道

learn by experience 从经验学习

be experienced in doing sth. 在做某事方面有经验

C sunlight.


1.Jumping out of___ airplane at ten thousand feet is quite _____exciting experience.

A. / ;the B. / ;an C. an ; an D. the; the

2.Our English teacher has ____.

  • Twenty years’ teaching experience

  • Twenty years’ teaching experiences

  • Twenty year’s teaching experience

  • Twenty year’s teaching experiences

    3.American natives are experienced____ underground springs.

    A. at finding B. to find

    C. in finding D. of finding


Homework sunlight.

1. Revise the Book 1

2. Finish the exercise in Page65 in the Workbook.