by eric lester stephanie becerra n.
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By: Eric Lester Stephanie Becerra

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North CobBean Café. By: Eric Lester Stephanie Becerra. Logo. Logo. fghdfhgfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. North . CobBean. fffff. Café. Slogan. g. "No need to freeze, we aim to please.".

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by eric lester stephanie becerra

North CobBean


By: Eric Lester

Stephanie Becerra









  • g

"No need to freeze,

we aim

to please."

  • The location of our business is in the gymnasium between the two concession stands
how many people will we need to run the business
How many people will we need to run the business?

5 People

  • Supervisor-runs the store. Orders new supplies when running low
  • A cashier-takes orders and the money
  • 2 baristas-fulfills the coffee orders and recommends products
  • Baker-makes and sets up the baked goods on the counter.

Compensation Packages for

North CobBean Café

  • g
code of ethics
Code of Ethics
  • Honesty: tell the truth
  • Passionate: about serving and helping other people
  • Trustworthiness: the ability to trust someone. (without having to watch them all the time)
  • Self-Motivation: being motivated to do work and give more than the minimum
  • Loyalty: not betraying the company’s trust
  • Commitment to job responsibilities
  • Applying one’s self
  • Dedication to the customers
  • Not sharing company coffee secrets
ways north cobbean caf can be socially responsible
Ways North CobBean Café can be Socially Responsible

Social Responsibility:

  • Purchase only (RED) products: (RED) is a not for profit organization that raises money to help prevent the spread of aids in Africa.
  • Use bio-degradable only cups and other utensils required for coffee consumption
  • Provide discounts to customers that use their bike to travel to our store


  • We would purchase our coffee from product (RED).
  • We would only provide our customers with bio-degradable materials to help the environment
  • We would monitor the bike riders and provide discounts for those people
what will we produce
What will we produce?
  • Cinnamon Chip Scone
  • Assortment of Coffee Cakes/ Cookies
  • Latté
    • Syrups
      • Cinnamon Dolcé
      • Pumpkin Spice
    • Additions
      • Drizzles
        • Caramel
        • Hazelnut
        • Chocolate
  • Variety of Teas
cost of products
Cost of Products
  • Lattés………………………….$3.50
  • Syrups………………………...$0.50
  • Additions……………………...$0.75
  • Bakery Products……………..$2.00
  • Teas…………………………..$2.00-$4.00
import export from mexico
Import/Export from Mexico
  • Since we will be supplying our business and services to Mexico they will in return be exporting furniture that has been assembled in the maquiladoras, to be used in our Cafés, to our company (North CobBean Café).
how we will increase demand for our product in mexico
How we will Increase Demand for our Product in Mexico
  • Churros
  • Dulces De Leche
  • Flan
  • Cocadas
  • More wood furniture in the coffee house to make it fell more homey
  • More paintings
  • Hispanic workers
we could do well to merge with grupo aeroportuario del sureste s a de c v
We could do well to merge with Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste, S.A. de C.V.
  • We could open North CobBean Cafés in airports all across Mexico
  • We could also bring the coffee house feeling to the air by opening cafés on the airplanes
  • This merge would generate more money for North CobBean café because there would be more money
north cobbean caf will be a partnership
North CobBean Café will be a Partnership
  • Our business will be a partnership. This will be good for us because we get along well and can run the business in a way that will provide profit for both us and the school.
  • Some of the benefits will be the fact that we get direct reward and it is also easy to form and the flexibility that it provides is also a plus.
  • Some disadvantages would be the risk involved in making a partnership and also the business would suffer if the partners ever got into a disagreement.

Our Business will be a Partnership




Throughout the creation of this project, we learned the importance of working together and what it takes to create a business. Though it was a challenge creating North CobBean Café, we had fun in the process!