Gray bats
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Gray Bats. By: Tiffany Wells Ecology September 21, 2009. Gray Bats Myotis grisescens.

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Gray bats

Gray Bats

By: Tiffany Wells


September 21, 2009

Gray bats myotis grisescens
Gray BatsMyotisgrisescens

  • The gray bay is not seen in Virginia! Most of these bats hang out around Kansas and Oklahoma. The gray bat roosts in limestone caves, near streams, and around ponds. The bats habitat is not just the home for the one bat but also for million others that need a place to stay.

About the gray bat
About the Gray Bat

  • Life History---the average bat weighs 7-9 grams. The bats don’t eat much. Their daily food consists of mostly all insects. The bats tend to reproduce in the summer.

  • The Gray Bat is a loaner type animal.

Why is this mammal endangered
Why is this mammal ENDANGERED????

  • The gray bat is endangered because it share its habitat with not only its family but with million other families of bats too.

  • There are only about 8-9 caves that these bats have for a home. Living in one cave are about (125,000-1,500,000) other bats and theirs not enough room for the bats to produce and have space.

  • These bats were listed endangered in 1970-1994, then again in 1996-2004.

Population today
Population Today

  • Today’s population of these bats range from about 87-97% near and around the caves in Oklahoma and Kansas….

How to stop these bats from being endangered
How To STOP these Bats from being endangered…

  • People are trying to keep the areas in Kansas and Oklahoma clean and construct more caves for the bats to reduce the amount in one cave.

Questions for you
Questions for YOU

  • How big is the average bat???

  • how many caves have been found for the bats??

  • Where are the bats seen the most??

  • How are people trying to get the bats out of extinction??

  • What do the bats tend to eat a lot of??

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