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How to create effective powerpoint presentation

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How to create effective powerpoint presentation

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  1. How to create an effectivePowerPoint presentation Your creativity adds essence to your work

  2. Four basic points

  3. Simple: Size • Size of font, must be such that it is clear, visible and simple, even from a distant. Headings must be larger in size than rest of the text. Size Size Size Size Preferred size

  4. Simple: Font style Font used in the text must not be too complicated. Moreover, simple font like Arial helps to view the content of the presentation more clearly. Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Preferred font style

  5. Simple: Color • Color of the text must co-ordinate with the background color. Use of many colors in single line or sentence must be avoided. Moreover, the color must be pleasant to the eyes. Presentation Presentation

  6. To the point • The content for any presentation must be to the point. Lengthy explanation or very less explanation must be avoided. It would be rather better to frame the content in points. • Helps to develop focus on studies. • Persuade students to establish. • quality bond with their teacher. • Immediate solution to their doubts. • Updated with all the classroom work. We will usually take time to recall that information back. So, applying logic and trick of daily life in academic curriculum would be of great help to remain updated with the syllabus and memorize things easily without lots of hard work. Moreover, it’s not your brain, but it’s your learning style that is to be improved in order to make learning and memorizing worthy. Not convincing convincing

  7. Image wherever necessary • Add image where it is necessary. Don’t use image unnecessarily, use of too many images can distract the viewers from actual subject of your presentation. Add content

  8. Animation only when required • Avoid using sound effect if it is not necessary. In fact any animations though seems pleasing can certainly distract the viewers from your presentation.

  9. Points to remember: • Presentation with only few slides. • Visible text with accurate size and clear shape. • Use of eye pleasing colors. • Information to be expressed in points. • No unwanted effects • Use of image wherever necessary. • Overall, PowerPoint presentation must be simple, clear and explanatory.

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