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How to Conduct an Effective PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Conduct an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

How to Conduct an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

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How to Conduct an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

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  1. How to Conduct an Effective PowerPoint Presentation French Broad River Projects

  2. Brainstorm ideas before you begin • Start with a hand-written outline • Use the outline to guide your research • Write out exactly what you want to say about each topic. Then, divide your topic into slides and put information relevant to each slide beneath it, where it says “click to add notes.”

  3. Take Good Notes • When researching your topic, take notes from internet sites, books or magazines directly to your notebook • Credit the source for each piece of information you use • Use your own words: do not plagiarize! • When your notes are completed and all research questions answered, begin your PowerPoint with embedded notes

  4. Refer to your Rubric • Is your problem identified and fully described? Have you looked at all the different angles? • Are your proposed solutions clearly presented? Are multiple solutions considered? • Is your material well organized, correctly documented, and free of grammar and spelling errors?

  5. Data • Is the data in your presentation appropriate to your topic? • If you use somebody else’s graph or chart, do you understand it well enough to explain it in your own words? • Is the data you use recent?

  6. Example of Data cite the source of the graph here

  7. Group Effort • Does everyone in your group participate in the presentation? • To get high marks for group effort, it helps to assign a portion of the presentation to each group member. You should include your name in the embedded notes to make it clear who did which portion of the work. • There is no minimum number of slides, but each group member should do enough slides to contribute to a meaningful presentation. 10 slides per group member is not too many if lots of pictures are included.

  8. A compelling picture might take up a whole slide

  9. Make Your Slides Appealing • Include pictures (credited) • Do not put too many words on each slide. Just include a few key points and put the rest into the embedded notes portion that you can read to us (or maybe you have it memorized) • You can print out your PowerPoint with embedded notes (select “handouts” with 2-4 slides per page and notes included)

  10. Practice your Presentation • Remember, this Presentation will be graded on delivery! You will most likely take a Public Speaking course at A-B Tech, and this experience is meant to help prepare you. • Please dress nicely. No jeans or ripped clothing; no dress code violations!

  11. Works Cited • Include a works cited page at the end of your presentation. You should also cite each idea in the embedded notes section of your PowerPoint (the script). • Follow Ms. Covington’s format for citing various sources