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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation. Kelley Dixon 2007. Open PowerPoint.

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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

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open powerpoint
Open PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint is a Microsoft Office Application. To open a new presentation click Start, choose All Programs, point to Microsoft Office, move your cursor to the left then down and click on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

WHAT WILL I SEE?....If you have entered the program properly, your screen should look like the screen below

choose a background
Choose a Background

Design Shortcut


  • This white background is pretty boring. PowerPoint has many backgrounds for you to choose from. They are called DESIGNS. To add a DESIGNS to your presentation click Format, then move your cursor down and click on Slide Design… or click the Design shortcut button
you re screen now looks like this
You’re Screen Now Looks Like This

These are the background designs provided by Microsoft. Click on a few and see how your screen changes….the design you choose will be applied to all your slides


PowerPoint has many different SLIDE LAYOUTS. The one you currently have open is called Title slide. It is the layout most commonly used for the first slide in a presentation. Lets add some information to our slide. It’s easy….just do what PowerPoint tells you to do…click “Click to add title” and add a title for your presentation….click “Click to add subtitle” to add a subtitle (ex. Name, Date, Section)

creating a n ew slide
Creating a New Slide

New Slide



  • To create a NEW SLIDE click Insert, move your cursor down and click New Slide or choose the New Slide shortcut button.
slide layouts
Slide Layouts

On the right hand side of your screen you see the wide variety of Layouts used to create presentations

choose a layout
Choose a Layout
  • To choose a Layout click on it. If you do not like the Layout, click another layout. The most commonly used Layout is the one used in this slide. It includes a title, clipart and text.
how did i create the previous slide
How did I create the previous slide?

First, I chose this Layout.

how did i create the previous slide1
How did I create the previous slide?

Next I did exactly what PowerPoint is telling me to do…”Click to add a title”, “Click to add text”, and “Double click to add clip art”

practice makes perfect
Practice Makes Perfect

You’ve now created two slides. I know this because we just finished creating them, but you can also look at the left hand side of your screen to see how many slide you have in your presentation.

Now let’s practice what you have learned. Create three New Slides. Use a different Layout for each new slide. In a few minutes we will learn to add transitions to your slide, rearrange your slides, and view your slide show.

how to save
How to Save
  • Don’t forget to save. Click File then move down to Save As…
  • You need to tell the computer where you want to save the file. MCSD give us each our own personal z:\ drive. If you save to this drive, you will be able to access this file from any computer in MCSD.
  • Click the down arrow next the to Save In box.
  • Choose the location that lists your user name. This is your Z:\ drive.
  • Before clicking Save, look for the box that says file name and give the file a name that makes sense (ex. First PowerPoint)
  • Click Save