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Quarterly Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Quarterly Update

Quarterly Update

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Quarterly Update

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  1. Film4 Quarterly Update Q1 2014

  2. Film4 Highlights Film4 consistently performs well for light viewers, with January being Q1’s best month with an index of 117 Film4 is now the 7th biggest digital channel, in terms of share, for ABC1 Men and 5th biggest for Men Film4 reaches more ABC1 Men on a monthly basis than competing media (cinema, National Geographic, Empire & FHM) Film4 is by far and away the biggest film channel, watched by more people than all of the Sky Movies channels put together Across Q1, Film4 had an average monthly reach of 24m for individuals, beating Sky Movies average monthly reach of 10.7m Film4 viewers are commercially receptive. They find ads interesting to talk about (index=141) and often notice products/brands in TV programmes/films (index=138) Sources: BARB/Advantedge Q4 2013/GB TGI 2013 Q4 (July 2012 – June 2013) base = adults, viewers defined as all adults who state Film4 as 1st favourite channel

  3. Our Programming

  4. Film4 offers more than double the combined reach of all Sky Movies Source: BARB/Advantedge. Q1 2014, reach condition = 3 consecutive mins.

  5. …and has a higher monthly reach than competing media ABC1 Men avg. monthly reach (000s) Q1 2014 Source: BARB/Advantedge Q1 2014. GB TGI 2014 Q2 (Jan – Dec 2013) base = ABC1 Men (cinema reach defined as ABC1 men who state they visit the cinema once a month or more)

  6. Top Rating Films Adults Source: BARB/Advantedge, Q1 2014, Highest Occurrence

  7. Film4 viewers are commercially receptive & career minded • Film4 Viewers… • Are commercially receptive and enjoy TV ads as much as programmes (index=152), find ads interesting to talk about (index=141) and often notice products/brands in TV programmes/films (index=138) • They also tend to go for premium rather than standard goods/services (index=135) and are influential amongst peers, buying new products before most of their friends (index=114) and usually being the first to know what’s going on (index=118) • Film4 viewers are career minded, agreeing that work is a career, not just a job (i=106). They want to get to the very top of their career (index=130) and they like to take risks (index=106) • They are also image conscious. Film 4 viewers like to stand out in a crowd (index=118), have a very good sense of style (index=118) and like to keep up with the latest fashions (index=111). Source: GB TGI 2014 Q2 (Jan – Dec 2013) base = adults, viewers defined as all adults who state Film4 as 1st favourite channel

  8. Other Research

  9. A clear, distinctive brand image “Film4 feels more highbrow. Rather than watching a blockbuster on ITV, it feels a but more credible watching a film on Film4. It’s got a bit of a stamp of approval on it already” (Female18-29 London) “Subtle, quirky, cerebral, intelligent” (Male 30-54 London) • Film4 films are more accessible than often expected • Credibility of the brand elevates the status of the channel • Intelligent but not elitist • Enables a relationship of trust • It stretches experience – new discoveries with Flim4 Film4 brand values Expertise Passion Creativity British Source: TW Research ‘A qualitative performance and brand review of Film4’ 2012

  10. Consumers are spending more on in-home leisure ‘We see no reason why film TV watching at home will decline. Indeed the quality and appeal of film watching in the comfort of our living spaces is only set to rise as ownership of high quality screens that ever more impressively rival the cinema increase and as access to films at home multiply.’ Source: Future Foundation ‘Film and Cinema – Consumer engagement with films at home and in the cinema (May 2013)

  11. Film4 has a strong male profile Source: BARB/Techedge, Q1 2014

  12. What’s coming up Q2 2014

  13. Handsome Devils The Lincoln Lawyer X-Men: Wolverine Limitless The American Film4 shows off some seriously good-looking films, starring some of Hollywood’s hottest leading men Haywire

  14. Champion Action Top Gun Red The Gray The Three Muskateers The Transporter Colombiana Shooter Film4 airs some powerful, hard-hitting action films including The Three Musketeers, The Gray and Colombiana GI Joe The Rise of The COBRA